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Where Can I Buy Cards Against Humanity the school principals, the principal finally relieved, cards against humanity latest expansion the principal wife that is, the academic director Qi Shufang has been worried that this beautiful girl can bring high school class The reality of the prejudice is the general beautiful girl, always look useless. Now with An Su Yan such an example, I believe that after a lot of recruitment of some beautiful female teacher, so beautiful campus more icing on the cake, it can be considered a trip to China. Otherwise, the light around the school rate, the quality of students, the level of teaching and so on, hired are some brand name schools of retired teachers, special teachers these middle aged or middle aged teachers, so that should be filled with youth The campus is a lot of depression. An Su Yan closed lesson plans, announced get out of class. An teacher, squad leader Zhu Li Zheng came up, thi. s afternoon s class, you will come Of course, will come. An Suyan smiled and said, I am your agent class teacher, is not it Well, Zhu Li hesitated a moment, we discuss the theme of puppy love today, this You can rest assured that I will listen to the audience as a listener, and the students can speak their minds, but in the end I will make a concluding statement, can you Zhu Li Zheng, although also think of the teacher may not be as Li as a full lead to the class discussion, but did not think she actually only asked for the final statement, and even their discussion of.. Dancing but she was a big red face, that those who have closed the door shot to see her embarrassing eyes. They entered the Zhang Guolin dormitory, Zhang Guolin rushed to put T S, on the back of their boys are reading a book, said Hey, old mine, say hello, I went to buy some cold. Dancing surprised to see the thunder turned where can I buy cards against humanity Come. Chapter 16 Thunder saw the dance was surprised a bit, but immediately bloom smile Oh Lin Diao Guo embroidered step forward, stretched out his hand to Hello, I was Guo embroidery, is Zhang Guolin s fellow, he i. nvited us to The Thunder had to shake hands with her Thunder, Zhang Guolin s roommate. He said to cards against humanity jew the next side of the dance said Lin Diao, you know Zhang Guolin Guo said She does not recognize , I pull her to come, we stay in the bedroom is too boring. How do you know how to dance Said back to puzzled where can I buy cards against humanity to see dance. Thunder laugh This is a long time, very coincidental opportunity. Diao laugh is not very familiar, Guo embroidery. And turned to the Thunder said really clever, sorry, you Read the book Disturb you. Thunder laugh There is nothing, anyway, is to read the book. He greeted the dance and Guo Xiu sit down, while the table clean up the tidy I am sorry, a little chaos. You two are to do the cheerleaders Guo embroidered loudly You bedroom is also chaos ah The dorms in the head of the clean friends. We both are aerobics square, both of you are participating Do not know how to.

people what kind of character, there will be what kind of handwriting, in the Chinese beautiful horizontal vertical, left write right Na, Hidden this person the most subtle, the deepest thoughts and feelings. Cheng Yixing s words are elegant, and it is the kind of font she likes. She does not like the rich body full of rich, thin body too too thin, Cheng Yixing s words, hardness and softness, fat and thin stop, look pleasing to the eye. And he, and with this elegant handwriting, write the voice of love, eloquent, literary and a. rtistic overflow, in her deepest soul, there is a certain string is gently touched Ann Please be patient and then decide how to deal with it, okay These days I have been thinking, why do you have an angry mood to me And then I think of it, will it be because you leave the time to leave the rose when the rose Perhaps in your eyes, I do it is a vicious joke, if so, I solemnly apologize to you Then I declare here I am not a joke, it was my early morning traveled the flower market for your carefully selected the most pure one. Or my practice is not comprehensive, but my mind is no doubt. Fate, was so magical strange to sigh. When I was in the office of the principal, I did not expect to meet you so deeply into my world. If I knew that I would have done my best to show you the best of me, probably not so now so that where can I buy cards against humanity you preconceived, However, I will not retreat, although life is long, but not a.e also laughed and said finally laughed. He reached out and hugged his arms in his arms, whispered We do not quarrel, ah, I do not like you and I am awkward. Dancing grunted, Said I want you and you do not twist it Obviously you Tree gently shook and said Yes, I am wrong. The first quarrel of the dance and the tree is over. Chapter 10 Later, the tree asked to dance That night to accompany you that guy is where ah, I blurred that he is 93. Diao side of the notes copied side of others said Yes, 93, why. Said When do you know Diao said You control me, know to know chanting. Do not bother me, I work hard. The tree took a bunch of notes in a said You can really lazy, each section of the notes have to go to the fast test when the copy Sigh a sigh, put down the pen, rubbing sore The fingers, said I am busy with class, how to copy notes The tree laughed, rubbed her hair, said Yes ah, busy. Busy blind. messery to create novels, but unfortunately there is no one finished product. He said, my work will be a great masterpiece, how easy to write it Is to be painstakingly. The tree squeezed her face and said Yes ah, even the girl and The names of the servants are good, and they can not be written. Dancing happily took out a piece of paper, said This is my morning financial market painting out, you see. Take over the tree, a large paper, the above draw a lot of block diagram, like A family tree look, the head is even Binglie, ev.ise you, it is estimated that I said to go, that is, every dog itch. But I think that you are so good and bad so good, he will go abroad for so long, you at least and people say that the individual Well, say, she looked back at the bed of the dance, you do not give him a scarf Is he And then from my house directly to the train station. Bamboo nodded, and then asked Do you want to see the thunder Do you want to go home with me I think again, he said softly. Eat at night, the wind whistling to scratch the dead branches of the window, issued a unique winter sound. A house crowded crowded to pack things to eat snacks chat, dormitory school lively. Dancing in a corner to see the novel, but my mind kept asking myself I want to see. the thunder Do not wait for her to think, home bamboo push the door came, she followed behind, is not the thunder. Big ring they immediately silence, and even brush to look at the Thunder and dance, want to look from their two look inside the story to see. Bamboo said Dancing, the Thunder came to you. Dancing only know stared to see the thunder, he lean a lot, but the spirit is still very good, the Thunder did not speak, he looked through a room transpiration The corner of the where can I buy cards against humanity dance, that she was thin and pale and pale, Thunder heart is not easy, but quietly standing. After a while, the dance was put down the book, silently put on the coat, the bed of a small plastic bag to take, went to the.

Where Can I Buy Cards Against Humanity not set down is me, but it is selection. Thunder laugh Hey, do not you have no confidence in yourself TV system installed in the audio visual building, before the dance and often bamboo and bamboo to see the weekend video, so familiar with the ground floor, opened the door, saw Song teacher around a group of girls, chirp. She walked over and stood quietly on the outside. Song teacher is giving them a ranking, so that everyone put the plate on the chest. Dancing is No. 5, she is hanging brand, where can I buy cards against humanity suddenly saw the door was pushed open, Feng Yin came in. She saw the dance froze a moment, but immediately started a smile, dancing came to dance. She squeezed the crowded crowded crowded eyes how, I said to talk to you with the Song teacher. Because the bamboo reminder, dancing a little bit less. believe Feng Yin, she smiled and said Yes, no matter what you said did not say, I believe in my strength. Chapter 28 The interview was simple, sitting in front of the camera, recklessly recited a manuscript. They are a girl out of the audio visual building when the class is already hours, many people rushed out from the various voice classrooms, the sound of lunch boxes come and go. Dance and these radio stations are not familiar with the girls, so slowly walked behind them, Feng Yin and other girls began to chatter in front, after a while but slowly stopped to dance. There is no way to dance, had to let her smile came to speak. Fen.g summer vacation The result Dancing pouting Yeah, give you a hole you have not finished Big tree sigh Well, do not say, you want to eat what Dancing also sigh Oh, unfortunately. you have to go three days away, to be in August to come back Big tree forget Is now in mid July, it is estimated that I can come back in mid August, internship more than 20 days, may also accompany her aunt to Suzhou trip. Dancing frown a whole month, ah, I must be suffocated, You can not forget to give me a call. The tree pull her hand gently pinch will not forget, Paul is I think you than you think of my time more. Doud a grun You practice so Busy, where there is time to think me Big Sigh Oh, no way, who told me to love you more Think more is normal. Danced proudly laughed, pulled up the tree, said We go to the river breeze it The tree is trying to agree, suddenly cards against humanity youth saw the road opposite his father and mother are walking, he said back to the dance I Mom and Dad walking in the opposite, you have a good call to say hello There is no other dance to answer, his parents have seen the tree, beckoned to let him in the past. He said, I do not go, I am afraid, I do not go. She turned and wanted to run, was a tree pulled, dan. cing no way, slowly The trees crossed the road and stood before his parents. Chapter 14 Big tree parents are tall, athletes like the body, dancing standing beside them, feel like a big pressure on the mountain as uncomfortabl.

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