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Review Of Cards Against Humanity he action can be really ugly. Side laugh that does not matter , The results are not in the process. Home bamboo said That we go. Fang said Hey, do not come out of the results Do not look at my medal Home bamboo laugh I see hanging, say And it is not really gold and silver, who would rather ah. She pulled back and walked away. Dancing and laughing, home bamboo said laughing, eat laughter Diao said home bamboo I really have not seen you so embarrassed it. Bamboo said I do not where Do not laugh, he said, Look at the side get your own cards against humanity of the party, he said, Very popular Yeah, their class girls all eyes shot knife. Home bamboo hated her, he could review of cards against humanity not hold his laugh. Suddenly danced to stop the pace, home bamboo strange, looked at her in the direction of the past, see the child in front of the trees standing in front of the plane trees, stared at the dance. Home bamboo quickly look back to see dance. Bitter bite. the lips, softly said home bamboo, I would like to say a few words with the tree. Bamboo thought, loose the dance of the hand You go, do not be too weak. Turned back to her pull the mouth, facing the trees went over. The tree saw the dance came, look becomes panic, and sometimes do not know the escape or the face. And so danced in front of him, he cleared his throat, that bitter bitter. Said The tree is a cry, caught a leaf in the hands of rubbing, bow without a word. He looked up and looked at him, and said Your body is a.s, two people looked at each other, laughing, dancing said I really like to sit here, too much like. Thunder said I am not as good as you fe. el dizzy Duo laughing at him, tiptoe for him to fall to the forehead of the hair line and up, two people smile. They swung to the east and shook the West, all the items can play all play again, only to buy ice cream to sit down to eat. Thunder said Today people really much, hot not hot Dancing shook his head, the sweat on his forehead are rub in the Thunder s sleeves, big mouth to eat ice cream. Thunder a hand holding ice cream, the other hand to continue to take the guide map to her fan, dancing said Well, do not fan. Thunder said Do you want to play elsewhere Dancing looked around I would like to take a roller coaster. Thunder ah a cry, said with a wry smile Really Dancing his arm twisted cards against humanity second expansion his arms Well okay, and then accompany , Okay Thunder wrapped, but had to stand up and accompany her to line up. Out of the playground, the weather is dark down, thinly drizzle drizzle, thunder, said Let s find a place to hide it. Diao said What kind of rain, you see people are astigmatism, here The scenery is so good.We slowly w. alk. Diao look up to see the sky, is the ink of the Qingming day, cool breeze, rain came from the rain. She was intoxicated for a long time, looked around and found a small road on a person did not, and smiled and said You back I was okay Thunder laugh on the ro.

d play well, and I ve been there for 88 years and I have not been here. The tree hugged her shoulders I ll give you a call, fight back early, ok I was 88 years to go to Shanghai when the summer vacation is a primary school, living in the father of the review of cards against humanity father of Shanghai, their family lived a house in Shikumen, every night to do a big table delicious. But I. always feel the taste of a Huangpu River. Big tree laugh I grew up do not know how many times to aunt home, how can I eat rice in the taste of Huangpu River Duo grunted You are the standard cow chewing peony, what the taste can not tell, mixed with the oil is also expected to eat happy. Think of these words interesting, laughing and laughing. Trees do not know how to refute, see the dance of the black hair in the breeze in the first lift that ah review of cards against humanity lift, who light blue dress also followed the wind up, the heart could not help but soft, hand with a small thumb hooked the little thumb. Dancing back to see him, the eyes of the trees are gentle light, who was sweaty white T S and denim shorts set off his disheveled hair. Dance like a tree like this lovely, could not help but also keep the tenderness, she tiptoe to help the tree straighten out the hair, gently smile. Two people hooked the little thumb in the summer evening on the road slowly walked, did not speak. See the rosy sky gradually deepened, replaced by the sapphi. re blue color. Many people on the street, cro.se out, said You go to a trip, snow days, do not let people run around again, and then how pique do not be too self willed. Dancing ignore her, go to the water room, home Bamboo took her washbasin, put the cotton coat for her, made good and evil to push her to the stairs. Dancing slowly downstairs, saw the thunder standing in the hall, look haggard. Her soft heart, nose a little sour, hesitated or went to his side to go. Thunder said What s the point It seems ve. ry pale. Dancing nodded and whispered Well, the thunder bowed his mind and said I m glad to see you again, I heard You are very anxious fever. Thunder looked at her, eyes flashing, for a moment to say Well, you go up, this hall has a temple. Diao looked up at him, for a moment before saying We go out. Out of the door, the snow stopped early, the campus of a piece of silver wrapped, the wind sandwiched with a warm call from the head. Cuddle cut a bit, the Thunder to take off his scarf, tightly to the dance of the head wrapped. Two people muffled away for a while, dancing said Thunder, you tell me the truth is good Joe boss is not because his daughter like you are willing to help you go abroad Thunder said he Not afraid of Joe Wei a person to study, I hope I can help. Dancing stopped, looked up at him help Thunder smiled Dancing, you do not want to, as I was Joe The boss hired it. Bite bite his lips What is it He hired you as a paternity Thunder frown, his.e great space may be preserved bones for future generations to pay tribute, in the end who is not a handful of loess, a box of ashes, neither the name of the ancient ages, can not live forever. This life is no more than this just one side of the pillow, a meditation case, that s all. Now, and have the affectionate affectionate as you, has been far more than my he. art in the deepest hope ah So far enough Say that the woman is water, if it must be water, I only wish the mountains a stream of spring, do not have magnificent, do not have to accommodate rivers, since the self purification, self singing, there are breeze phase, This is a place between heaven and earth harmony. Everything is natural. I thought that the trickle of the distant long, is the eternal love forever the only way ah. Living in the hustle and bustle of the city s reinforced concrete jungle, could not help but think in this eyeful of floating light after the glance, there are a few people believe in love, and silly do not change this truth I m afraid there is not much left Because of this, this life has you, to the great fortune Hing, do not know if you have said This life of this world, the most moving my heart of the sentence is the highest level of love is loyal to the waiting. Those who can die for you may not be waiting for you. what you said in the first letter you wrote to cards against humanity question and answers me. Hing, let us wait for eac. h other loyalty Area two thousand mil.

Review Of Cards Against Humanity n see her and Xi Hee and Yan Yan Yan Yan is fuel, did not think now she also said so insignificant words You told me to close your dirty mouth He shouted, Do you think anyone is as lonely as you I did not come a few days She was trembling No one is optimistic about us, why do we have to take the world of defiance As soon as possible to shoot two scattered, we all come easy From now on, you love Take care of your sister, sister worth mentioning, everything has nothing to do with me You go You go now She pointed to the door roared. Go away You are not worthy of my girlfriend I do not believe it This world in addition to you, I will not find people love He roar finished, rushed to Turn the handle in front of the handle. An Ruyan angrily fell in bed, chest ups and downs. Saw him really twist the handle to go out, her heart and suddenly a burst of st. rong reluctantly. However, ruthless has been out of the mouth, and then difficult to recover Cheng Yixing turn the handle, hand trembling because of angry, even turn several times did not turn open, angry kicked the door kicked. Bang a loud noise. Please you care for the school public property, kick the bad but also my review of cards against humanity compensation An Yu Yan cold voice came. Cheng Yixing kicked a big kick, the heart of the anger finally vent, and then a loud noise, in his heart as if also sounded the alarm how is this you I m out of control What are we talking about And then he remembered.t is naturally unhappy. This kind of unhappy is also unable to speak, no place to vent, only laugh at home bamboo and dance in order to review of cards against humanity earn a little self confidence. Home bamboo simply ignore, she is my own, very comfortable. Bitter dance, the old feel in vain Tam name, the tree is angry and no move. Dancing did not move on the tree. T. he tree is too much toss, and the skin is thicker than the wall 3 points. Chapter 7 It was another Friday. Do not hesitate to take a bag to go home. My mother had to call to go to the spring tour, my father also travel to, if you go home, only her own one, but stay in school to do Dancing bored down on the bed, watching the bamboo in front of the mirror hair. Bamboo, talk about love is not the same, ah, you never had a mirror of the hair, grab a left, and now so carefully ah. Bamboo ignore her, continue to comb, clutching braids, in the drawer Touching hair ribbon. After the dance station to home bamboo, to help her holding the braids, said Well, with the yellow, home bamboo, Diqin recently how about you ah Bamboo said Also ah. That is how You like this love to talk about the strange, the original also eat dinner with water, now how only study Home bamboo said I have to study the test of Cambridge business English certificate, so I have to seize the time, with self study very good ah, I like two people together to l. earn. And then lie back to bed, said Hey, you love this is not r.

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