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Preorder A Cards Against Humanity d the opening of the tennis contest can go home. My mother, no one gave me a call Mother said ah, Tong tree to call you, I told him you went to school. Dancing ah a cry, silence down. The tree finally had the audio, dancing on the heart of a lot of words are rushing out, but there is a little foolish, it seems that everything is clear, and the tree of the diaphragm is really like. She went upstairs and walked back to the dormitory. Push the door of the dormitory, which is locked. Guo embroidery today said no headache to training, and now must be inserted in the door to sleep. Do not hesitate to wake her, but hungry cuckoo, do not have to go to get a meal card can not. Duo knock knock on the door Guo embroidery Guo embroidery Guo embroidery no sound, but inside something to send something to the ground of the boom. Dancing a little do not worry, but also attached to shouting several times, opposite the dormit. ory door is opened. Dancing turned to see the preorder a cards against humanity opposite side of the dormitory girl, said Yeah, Lin Lan, you know Guo embroidery is not in the inside Lin Lan spit tongue, waving to let go. Danced and puzzled to go over and asked What things ah, so mysterious Lin Lan could not help but laugh, whispered ah, I came back to see a 10 o clock came in. Surprised has not come out Lin Lan eat and laugh No ah, I have been watching it. Dancing bite cards against humanity buy the lips, his face slowly red. Lin Lan laughed You blush what ah, people d. foreach($txt as $text)

ith the Thunder say hello I was Gu There is no chance to meet you, he said, this morning is the home of bamboo waiting for me in front of me. Thunder, said We first meet, I treat, you want to drink something Home bamboo smiled and said Oh, to treat Well, we go to t. he island of the island to drink sour plum soup. Their school is the most famous is the artificial lake, in the center of the campus, although the lake area is not great, but the middle of the lake with a dredge of mud in a small island, the island is very narrow, only enough to build a small pavilion. Logistics Department know how to operate, in this kiosk selling colored drinks, there are a few small tables can sit down and drink. This little pavilion is the school s most romantic place, in the evening, the roof of the lanterns Yingying Yingchaochao, so that the lake surrounded by camphor trees become more vivid vision. There are many legends about the lake and the lake, and all the universities, the most famous is a variety of ghost stories, by a session of students preorder a cards against humanity word of mouth, add oil and vinegar, become the school s most interesting talk. Dancing and home bamboo in front of the trip, thunder and side column in the back guard, four people slowly walked through the path to the island of the island. Because the. trees, dodging on this how to get your cards against humanity path has a special feeling, so today, and my heart did not know what the taste, the mood becomes low, a little min.t hear the nightingale s voice In the dark night to talk sadly In a long dusk in the confusion The sun does not rise nor shines I may maybe I still remember you I may have forgotten you After a song, everything is calm, the water seems to sound a little, clear Lingling ring. Thunder said a long time ago Dancing, did not think you sing so nice, what is this song Diao said This is Xu Zhimo s words, Luo Dayou s song, I have a Zeng Yi s tape, The thunder said nice, this melody is very gentle stretch. He looked at laughing laughter, the moon has come up, dancing big eyes shining on the moon, bright face made white porcelain luster. Laughter, and sing sweet honey, you smile sweet, as if the flowers open in the spring breeze, open in the spring breeze. Thunder, said Aha, this I will sing. He also whispered where, where you have seen, you are so fa. miliar with the smile, I can not remember. Laughing listen, Then go and sing ah, in a dream, dream you have seen you, sweet, sweet smile, is you, you are, you are dreaming. Two people have received the sound, the atmosphere seems to be gentle sweet up, dancing a bit embarrassed, do not know what to say good. Thunder turned around to see her, suddenly said Dancing, my dream people will not have you so good. Dancing surprised to turn around to see him, do not know how to react, thinking what does this mean Did not wait for her detailed analysis, the Thunder Lanzhu her, gently in.o admire this kid, and in this era of e mail, he has won the beauty with the oldest and most primitive handwriting. Want to come back, this mysterious pursuit of you in the end you do not understand ah Do not be the disciples fake good Oh His love letters Maybe it is copied An Ruyan white at him, satirical chic to come when the big also become a fox Hey, and tell me who he is, I want to see this three pronged guy, actually a few letters can be a few letters, but also to the fool, Shake the millennium does not change the iceberg What is the thousand years do not An Suyan laughing and crying, small to, you are more and more demeanor Hei He and his mouth shrugged his shoulders, No way My pantothenic acid, but also to maintain the current demeanor has been reluctant to. Listen to him touch this topic, peace and contentment can not help but embarrassed, in fact, all the people who hit the nail here, to hee and is the best of the demeanor. Sometimes she also asked. himself, if you do not know his past history, whether she can have today preorder a cards against humanity s reason and sober Lai Hee and outstanding outstanding and cheerful optimism, for her do not have a little bit to attract it But, because of his superiority, at the beginning of his acquaintance, she naturally knew of his famous affair, so at that time she had clearly defined the maximum distance he could move forward. Her current behavior is only a clearer confirmation preorder a cards against humanity of this. Neiner f.

Preorder A Cards Against Humanity se words, Tears again and again, she had to bow his head, with a scarf to block the mouth, afraid of their own cry to cards against humanity vacation cry. Thunder and clinging to her forward, her lips kissed her hair, deeply breathing her hair on the fragrance, tears bubbling flow down, then speechless. For a while, danced gently to open his arms, take a step back, whispered I go home tomorrow, can not send you on the train, when tonight to bid farewell to you after you go to the UK Pay attention to the body, do not be too tired. She looked up again and again to see him, the thund. er of the hair, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, dancing all carefully read it again, his eyes on his face nostalgia to walk , Put him deeply into his mind. She noticed the eyes of the Thunder eyes bright tears, and my heart burst of sad, no longer control, hurriedly said I go, you take care. Turned to want to escape. Thunder grabbed her, bowed to kiss her, as if to take preorder a cards against humanity the dance to his body, like, dancing tears surging out, flow to the lips, two people s tears mixed together, feel full of heart Bitter. Soon enough to breathe, she pushed the thunder, tearfully looked at him, slowly back, the Thunder want to pull forward him, dancing shook his head Do not, you do not come again, I will hate you Thunder stopped, staring at her. Dancing step by step back, watching the Thunder standing in front of the stone wall of the stone, cold winds his hair, dance like a grass. Dancing f.or a long time, she finally came up with a saying Little, I really do not fit you. Hei Xi and seemingly easily smiled, In fact, I think, the world is not suitable for a pair of people do not fit, outsiders are very good in the eyes of the couple, a great deal to the point of divorce in. To get along for a long time, is not the beginning of the moment when the heart of the moment, but in the subsequent more important to accommodate and inclusive.Moreover, the fact is that there is a loss to have income, the more perfect and more fragile, of course, Said, maybe yo. u think I was in my past taboo, I admit that in the past I was really too light, but that is irreversible, why can not we look at it from the good side Sister, although the look Up, you ve got a lot of things for a lot of things, too, but in fact I think you re really too harsh, not just about love, but also for yourself. You re too demanding on yourself. Relax, and really need to relax.We are mortals, can not always do everything perfect, is not it An Su Yan stunned, this is her understanding of Hee He and since, he said the longest, most serious passage, she did not think, in the Hee He and the general shape of the body, but also own his own deep, sharp And calm, but he was accustomed to a group of optimistic and cheerful show people, and people have only seen him laughing and laughing a level. What happened to me Hee and probe to look at her look, but.

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