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New Cards Against Humanity have been here. Dancing tears to see him, thunder tightly holding the hand, gently look at her, dancing as if that sentence from the ears into the h. eart, ironing very thoughtful and comfortable. She said softly I m relieved. Chapter 31 After that day, the dance and the thunder of things as if not so many people care. Everyone has witnessed the development of things, curiosity has also been met, came to rumors there will be no market. Dance back to a quiet life, walking in the campus on the road, re happy and others say hello. The new military training has entered the end, dancing and home bamboo to visit their cohort exercises, the playground on a company of women in the performance of military gymnastics, girls new cards against humanity are wearing camouflage, with short hair, When the pace, the football field dusty. Diao said home bamboo, you remember when we military training Some people fell in love with the military training instructors, all day wrapped around the people. Home bamboo laugh Now must regret it, that time some subtle do not understand, but The instructor really handsome, especially he put on boots performance military gymnastics, really nice. Diao said military traini. ng I am most impressed by the zipper, only let us take two steamed bread left a full day of the mountain, also Let us sit in the field of reincarnation rest, it is so uncomfortable. Home bamboo laugh uncomfortable You are not elated, military training s.hought eat sleep and eat, and then about you ou. t to play shopping, how Dancing pouting others summer arrangements for internships or social surveys, that is, what you are doing nothing, special eat and drink. Big tree a little embarrassed, the probe look at the face of the dance, said My father said that their units can give us the practice of reporting the chapter chapter, do not need us to practice. Save time to take a good blanket, out of college Summer vacation. Dancing frown, think of the Thunder vividly introduced his practice and social investigation of the situation, my heart discontent. She said, I do new cards against humanity not want your dad unit to give new cards against humanity me the practice of the chapter, I go to the local practice, do not you worry. You eat and drink yourself, I want to have a meaningful summer vacation. The tree scoffed You have a meaningful summer vacation, then do not know who sleep on the three pole up, eat and drink to the middle of the night to sleep, do not say ruthless spit bubble. Dancing stopped, stretched out the shoulders on the shoulders of the tree down, biting hi. s lips and said You do not have a summer vacation do not contact me, I will have a meaningful summer vacation to see you Dancing turned away and did not forget to say, Do not follow me. The pedestrians on the road looked at both of them, the trees were awkward and loudly Who is willing to follow you, see you Called the heart and regret, five heart irrit.

t is the Amitabha Buddha, I do not have to ask them to reply Look, as early as we still old well, it is best to speak, and we new cards against humanity asked him what to what, I have several papers on this side of the template, Borrow you also refer to An Su Yan smiled and shook his head, Chiang Kai shek most can not understand is the old students. Hey What are you going to do today, why do you run the dormitory I want to get married Zuo Yumin not without proud to announce, to clean up, but also specifically to inform you, the gift can not be less ah Congratulations to me. Yes, congratulations and congratulations I wish you a hundred years of good together, early Takako You sing with women, fly together Come one step further An Suyan said with a smile. Well, u n well enough. An Su Yan some puzzled and asked You are also too anxious it, and then a few months will not graduate it Bi industry from the. easy to do, is not it better Why hurry in the moment Zuoyu Min in her head knocked a note, I am also anxious than I am more anxious Fortunately, the provisions must be at least twenty years old before approval, otherwise I cards against humanity first expansion do not know to squeeze into What time do you think it s easy to stay at home now Indeed, now the status of college teachers have gone up, and the qualifications have been selected by the domestic doctor raised to Dr. returnees, master students even more famous school, local, foreign to send a different level, Zuo Yu Min But a.call me before, and said the New Year want to go to your family New Year, that is, do not know you will not be angry, I will encourage him, that you will be installed, but not angry. Home bamboo laugh cut, you know me Diao said how, your parents are satisfied with it Bamboo said Fanglai to the time, wearing a serious, the door will respectfully respect, as The child really let me refute can not refute, my parents immediately understand. Fortunately my parents enlightened, or warm reception.He stayed for a whole day, at night to go. Diao laugh This is also good, It was over your parents that off, and see you later dare not say with people break up Home bamboo laugh What is the first thing this year to take a nail Take a step to see it. Boke thought, Also laughed Well. , who is not a step to see where As long as every step go no regrets, worthy of conscience on the line. Because the last semester to select the class too much, dance under the junior work but easily relaxed, she restored the previous lazy days, every day holding the novel in the new cards against humanity library rely on. The relationship between the bamboo and the party goes further, and she does not have much time to accompany the dances, and the dances often catch the house of bamboo and lamented that she was abandoned by her alone. They girls dormitory after school out of a sensational thing, the fifth floor of a girl received 1000 roses, the girls are looking for an excuse.e great space may be preserved bones for future generations to pay tribute, in the end who is not a handful of loess, a box of ashes, neither the name of the ancient ages, can not live forever. This life is no more than this just one side of the pillow, a meditation case, that s all. Now, and have the affectionate affectionate as you, has been far more than my he. art in the deepest hope ah So far enough Say that the woman is water, if it must be water, I only wish the mountains a stream of spring, do not have magnificent, do not have to accommodate rivers, since the self purification, self singing, there are breeze phase, This is a place between heaven and earth harmony. Everything is natural. I thought that the trickle of the distant long, is the eternal love forever the only way ah. Living in the hustle and bustle of the city s reinforced concrete jungle, could not help but think in this eyeful of floating light after the glance, there are a few people believe in love, and silly do not change this truth I m afraid there is not much left Because of this, this life has you, to the great fortune Hing, do not know if you have said This life of this world, the most moving my heart of the sentence is the highest level of love is loyal to the waiting. Those who can die for you may not be waiting for you. what you said in the first letter you wrote to me. Hing, let us wait for eac. h other loyalty Area two thousand mil.

New Cards Against Humanity s hand quickly pushed down on the carpet , He calmly and clearly said You sober it I have never given you any promise, even the hints did not With your condition, are afraid of not find a boyfriend I do not have any meaning to you And I may also know to tell you, even if there is no security, I will not like you But she is five years older than you Zhang Qingyi unwilling to shout. How is that As long as I am willing, big one hundred years have nothing to do with you He declared, then ignore her, proudly left the house Zhang. Zhang Qingyi looked at his back to the b. ack, shame and unwilling. In the past, regardless of his attitude to her how, always accepted her is his sister of the facts, for her distance, is already the most of all the girls. Often, she thought of this, it was rejoice, confidence doubled. He will be her As long as she is enough effort, after all, will touch his heart But now, he used all the words of indescribable, shattered all the color of her weaving, she was so careful over the years, it seems that in this moment, all into the bubble have broken She hates Hate Cheng Yixing ruthless Hate hate love She fell in love with thirteen years old She fell in love with him for five years Do not She will not be so easy to quit Regardless of what is now and Cheng Yixing has been developed to what extent, as long as no marriage, she still have the opportunity This is les chiens de l'enfer cards against humanity a woman and a woman between the war, h.Suyan said with a smile. Oh, he and he pleaded, it is not fair to be kind to me. An Ruyan listened to funny, to the big and what injustice it Oh Hee and I do not know is bumbling, or feel and made, Xiao Suo said I am the crown cover full of Beijing, Sri Lanka alone haggard haggard ah Ansu Yan look at him seems really lonely look, sometimes in the heart could not bear, said Well, well, I will not let you here alone haggard is it, I went to the balance room to take samples over. Then went out. An Ruyan in the balance room will be accurately weighing the drug one by one finished weighing, on the tray, and then holding the tray, open the door to go out. Was about to return to the door to bring a whirlwind like passing, instant, the tray instability, slammed floor, spent half a day weighing the drug sprinkled a place Oh God An Suyan lament, busy to clean up a messy, the daredevil also squat down to help, An Ruyan could not help but teach Young people Do not always take 3 5 compromise cards against humanity this risk Did not think that person mouth q. uickly immediately said Young people do not always so old and old You A word to chase Yan Yan choke enough Looked up to see, under this look, let her anger escaped, it was close at hand, the mouth hanging Nama seems to have no sense of ridicule smile face, is clearly that lingering Cheng Yixing What is your man She pretended not to know, here is the chemical building, not the racecourse, you get it clear and.

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