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How To Order A Cards Against Humanity Dancing and rubbed his hand a face, line and line up, took a deep breath, only to go forward. Thunder, I m sorry, wait a long time. Dancing a speech on the startled, his voice was dull like the original voice. Thunder turned around, grinning, but immediately found the dance look wrong, he convergence of the smile, asked Dancing, how are you Not happy Dancing quickly pulled the mouth smile ah, Nothing. Let s go. Thunder puzzled to see her, but did not continue to ask. Two people quietly forward, go for a while, the Thunder said dance. Dance ah a cry, turned to see him. Thunder smile You go the road is not the door. to the road, where are you going Dancing at a loss to look around and found himself standing on the fork in the playground, she embarrassed smile Yeah, it s wrong. Thunderbolt, slightly lower my head, study the look of dancing You must have a mind, a confused look.If you have something, we can not go, I send you back to the bedroom Dancing talked and said Back to the bedroom She bite the lips I do not want to go back to the bedroom, but do not want to buy books, you can accompany me in the big playground sit Thunder nodded, leading to the big playground to go. The sun just down the mountain, the heat has not disappeared, the evening breeze with a hot air to cover the face over the cover over. But the dance feel the body cold, she casually find a step to how to order a cards against humanity sit down, hot cement stool hot ass, dancing but fee.ere and frankly under the eyes, An Su Yan has been speechless. chapter Five New Year s Day arrived in the Beijing laborers school was speculation was the uproar of the New Year s Day speech began. An Ruyan also sat in the audience of the auditorium. She did not want to come, but Cheng Yixing found her research room, gave her a ticket, strongly urged her to be present because he also enrolled. You are so handsome and chic, just need to go to the stage, I believe that the audience will definitely have overwhelming majority of girls applauded for you, but also Why must I go He does not deny, I just show off what But, others do not drink cheers I do not care, I just want you to see my talent Aspiring to cover the cheek, my teeth have fallen He is going to look, she was hastily shining, he is not pursued, still can not say You listed those standard , in this world, that is me, and then there will be no second person can do it Oh, Oh, said An Ruyan, commented, At least gentle, so that you have no expectation. This is what you can not figure out He looks serious, to completely disagree with the age of education, she said Now what is the era of this thing is now worthless. Not as good as action , things dare to the world first Are you like this, waiting for Bole to find it Sister Maxima often, and Bole do not often understand So I said, you should let your heart Go back to earth, otherwise, even if you really pearl cast d.

I have gone through hard for the ideal, We have been crying also laugh together, I hope you will remember Forever remember, We used to have, Shining day. Began to sing her a person, and later people will sing to sing along, the sound is not, but the tears and hugs mixed together, this song seems to become a stirring echo. Singing for a long time, we did not say anything, all immersed in the atmosphere created by the song. The squad leader suddenly turned to dance from the chair to hold down. , excited to give her a bear hold, shy shame to retreat, because the alcohol because of the atmosphere, cheeks burned red, she was eager to hide in a corner, the Heart all the moving and sentimental are vented out. But the cake has been pushed to the huge square cake reads dedicated to the eternal 94 financial. We all grab up a piece of the piece, not wait to eat a mouthful, a cake war on the fight, all Of the people are looking around to how to order a cards against humanity attack the object, the room moment cake fly together. A boy who is not familiar with the dance is also laughing and laughing, he looks at the cake watching the dance, hesitated for a long time do not know where to wipe her, laughing and put the cake to his head, The boy dodged and put the cake in the skirt of the dance. Just now sad tears of people suddenly become a laughing child, dancing on the cheeks of the tears have not been dry, and everyone laugh together, for a while before they shri.switch to another new place. Suddenly, the bright red on the table attracted her attention, moved the pile of books stacked together, she found that red was originally caught in a card in the roses. Card Roses Is it for her Or someone else s She hesitated to pick up the card, some guilty to open, the card is a few lines of elegant pen words Wen Dao has successively, Xiangzhi no long and young. The enemy Mo guess, the situation can be treated. Ann Remember You ve been set up Oh God An Yu Yan Chaotian overturned, which is who joke with her The since the rise called security , then it should be to her. Who would be so boring Joke also have a limit, what is set She is not a commodity Besides, is she so low With a rose like. set her Who does he think he is Qin Shihuang or Emperor Wu what How is this phrase so familiar When did she say that She thought hard in my mind, and finally remembered in the high school 3 class meeting, which is her cold arrogant of the Cheng Yixing evaluation. Would it be him Do not impossible He is only a seventeen year old boy only, even if he is precocious, it is impossible for her big big teacher of his interest. Besides, they did not even have any positive conversations, how could he be interested in her As far as she knows, there are a lot of girls to his heart secretly, clearly in the dark cards against humanity preorder to show him, and this age boy, the most tempted temptation, although the campus did not see him had.and said If you wait for another time, he feels better you go to him, this time things have not completely calm it. Dance even grace, even the ice cream are not interested in eating, in his hand, to see it a little bit of the open, melted cream drops at the foot of the mud. Di Qin things do not. want to say, dancing suddenly felt, as long as the home bamboo like Di Qin, know Di Qin on the bamboo, the original everything to say it They sat on the flower bed, heard the distance came a gentle song, April spring breeze blowing in the face, with do not know where to come from the rich floral. So they think cards against humanity 90s pdf of going to self study time, has 10 o clock, the classroom has been out of the light, black whirring. Said how do ah My notebook is still in the classroom. Home bamboo said We get up early tomorrow morning to get good, can not wait until the class, or else was removed. The next morning to dance up early on, home bamboo is also busy to clean up, said to accompany her to get the book. No, you are busy with you, and Dickson is waiting for how to order a cards against humanity you. I m going to go. She picked up something, took the lunch box, went to the classroom, all the way to the morning exercises, the girls chirp to the canteen, a few big boys pedal kicked over her side, dancing feel in the shock. To the teaching building of the turn, dancing sud. denly was taken from behind a bit, she turned around and looked, the original is Jiang Chengzhen. how to order a cards against humanity Do you s.

How To Order A Cards Against Humanity to the room, see Feng Yin still sleep. Guo embroidered in the past to. push the book pushed her Feng Yin, how to order a cards against humanity get up, no longer late. Feng Yin whispered I am uncomfortable, you touch is not a fever Dancing also came, Bent over his waist touched her forehead, and touched his own, said to Guo Xiu seems to be a little burning ah. Guo embroidered squatting, with his forehead close to her forehead tried, loudly said Is not Well, strange hot. Feng Yin eye socket a red, tears fall out of his eyes. Dance slowly sit down at her bedside, bow asked What is you crying, it is sad Feng Yin whispered Dancing, give my mother a phone call, let her pick me up, I want to Home to. Diaoqi asked That practice how to do the square Feng Yin sighed I do not care, I want to go home. Doud asked Feng Yin to the number, went to the first floor to call. Feng Yin s mother replied that immediately came. Danced and ran upstairs, with Feng Yin said Your mother immediately came, I went to help you with the teacher leave it.You stay in the bedroom waiting for her can Feng Yin pulled her hand Do not, Let Guo Xiu help me leav. e it, you stay with me so good I am uncomfortable. Guo Xiu laughed God, Feng Yin you really squeamish. Dance had to say Guo embroidery, you go to leave it, Help me with the teacher also say that I so Feng Yin mother came again. Guo embroidered after leaving, Feng Yin and drowsy sleep, dance from time to time for her to change the c.ng and shaking his head, feel warm heart, as if yesterday s mind disappeared The Thunder leap dance to the small restaurant to eat fried powder, dancing while eating and listening to the Thunder said they are the same with the door brothers interesting, suddenly looked up and asked You know yesterday s thing, is not it Thunder down chopsticks, handed to the dance A napkin, he wiped his mouth. Dancing continues to look at him, wait for his reply. Thunder watching the dance, gentle eyes, had a good time before nodding. Dancing as if to unload a super. burden, heart thump back to the original position, think of these two days of things, and then think of the performance of the Thunder morning, could not help but oppressed in the heart of grievances and apprehension released, tears without signs Scarborough roll down. Thunder quickly wiped her with a paper towel, smiled and said how can so cry, than the Yao Yao TV drama heroine can cry. Dancing did not speak, took their own paper towels printed dry face tears. Thunder said I know last night, but also know that Li teacher to talk to you things. Diao Zhang mouth to explain, Thunder laugh gently holding her hand, put her hand into his palm and then Cover it with another hand, and say, Do not say anything, do not think about it, he said, cards against humanity font when you have never happened, do not think about it. Said But it happened. Thunder pinched her hand Dancing, you can rest assured that I.

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