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Hawaii 2 Cards Against Humanity e a lot of subjects, school was found only too full schedule, had to complain, in particular, there are several courses arranged in Night, a night to sit down, back pain. At the beginning of the semester, Cameroon had studied the primary school of Cambridge Business English. This semester encouraged the dance to be intermediate with her. She said, It is not easy to dance with this course, but also with international trade. It s not going to have a half day weekend, and it hurts me to go home. Bamboo laughs and pulls her up from the bed Dancing, take it Half a weekend only, but I heard that the certificate is very helpful to find a job. Dancing the number of fingers I have a lot of certificates, the computer grade certificate, four six certificates, abacus certificate Oh, you said the unit really even want to count me Home bamboo laugh There is a certificate to prove that you have a certain level of business English is always good. So. rrows sigh Well , I told you a class, if not a class, I will not go, anyway, is directed at you. Home bamboo laugh Gee, do I have to read a girl to read Well, not all for you Big ring to push the door came cards against humanity expansion 5 release date in, dancing and laughing said dance, summer vacation you come to the school to engage in the tennis contest, you are not trouble what lace news Duo bass to sit from the bed, staring eyes What happened, who said what hawaii 2 cards against humanity Big mouth end of the water to drink two, laughing and said Guo emb.review their own behavior. He pumping Cigarette, nunu mouth You go. Dancing stood up and opened the door. Home bamboo quickly meet up Dancing, he find you what things Doudiao bowed, said The mother of the tree came to the Department of the teacher. Bamboo heard a cry, said Come on, I I m afraid to stand here again. Chapter 30 On the road home bamboo asked the matter of the ins and outs, incredibly, look back and see the silence to head down, could not help but said You Yeah, too no use, how to let the teacher say you Time to excuse the excuse, so you are so timid, the teacher is more open to you. Dancing embraced the bamboo arms home bamboo, you do not call me, and I have been the whole halo. Home bamboo sigh You are a good bully, and we are so bully you Usually eloquent, this time to speak to the tree mother really hate it, his son so unpromising, but also the nerve to promote everywhere , But also troub. le to the Department, really. Said do not know how the tree, and I went to see him when he was still hanging bottle. Bamboo said Do not worry about him Think hawaii 2 cards against humanity about yourself He is not a mother baby You first baby baby baby say. Dancing does not speak, but more tightly Lanzhu Zhu bamboo arm. After a while, she asked What time is it Home bamboo look at the table 8 o clock. Duo said Oh, had promised the Thunder today to the library to find him, the results But also cool about. Home bamboo said Well, hawaii 2 cards against humanity little aunt gran.

ad it. Diao grunted Alice nose, standing on the road along the road, smiling and watching the thunder. Thunder also looked at her smile, two people stalemate for a while, Thunder sighed, walked to reflexive stand, slightly squatting down, dancing jump to his back, fell on his side laugh for a long time. Thunder kicked two steps, said Well, let me down, stay will turn people more. Thunder laugh hum, since it came up, it is not so easy to go. He went faster. I will not turn right, please let me down, please you. Thunder is about to turn when she was Put down, grinning to ask her later dare to shameless it Dancing hug his arm, crimson face, whispered No longer. Back to school is the evening, the rain was bigger, the thunder off the vest, his hands holding to the. dance rain, she was sent to the bedroom downstairs, dance said You hurry back, rain so Big, do not come out at night. Finished turned upstairs, but was pulled by a thunder. Dancing asked how Thunder smile do not speak, the dancing on the forehead of the wet hair stranded hair clip to her ears behind, fingers gently sliding over her face, danced by him not The thunderbolt suddenly bowed his head, kissed his lips on his lips, and immediately turned and ran away. Went to the road before looking back to dance, dancing also Leng Leng to stand on the steps. See the thunder turned to see her, dance down and smile, quickly turned into the dormitory. Until the bedroo.text Chapter One Spring An Ruyan through the playground, along the corridor all the way to the principal s office. It is early spring season, turned warm again, the breeze was still cold and cold, branches of the green buds have no trace to follow. In addition to active students, the campus is not concentrated spring. At this point there are ten minutes from the class, the playground is often students. An Ru Yan s graduation practice will be here to start. Huayi Middle School is a private high school, that is, people called the aristocratic hawaii 2 cards against humanity school, there are beautiful campus, neat school buildings, wide playground, well equipped classroom, strong and competent teachers, of course, the most is born above the middle class student. An Ruyan this is holding the try to feel the mood to come here to contact the internship, did not expect the principal quickly informed her that agreed. Today is the first day of her formal internship. Stopped in front of the principal s office, An Su Yan gently knocked on the door. Come in. Said a polite voice inside. She gently opened the door, the principal Just called out, found inside the addition to the principal there is a person. It is a tall male student, back to the door, is listening to the principal instructions, Xu Zhenhua things the school will be properly handled, you do not blindly mixed in the inside You are the trouble, but the more chaotic things to chaos. They are two b.said Almost forgotten, Diqin came to you. Bamboo should. be a cry, did not pick up. Dance to see the family bamboo, and quickly stood up and took the lunch box, said home bamboo, eat go, we go to the big cafeteria, eat garlic fried bacon. Eat dinner, dance and bamboo slowly back Dormitory, suddenly saw the tree head came. Chuckle, naturally go up. The tree was a little expression did not, he took the lunch box looked at the cold chill a sideways past. Dancing there, and sometimes did not come back to God. Home bamboo pulls her away, and says, What is the nerve of the child The dance stopped and said, Why is this man so for me I m looking for him to ask. She turned to the cafeteria. Bamboo quickly pulled her and said, Do you want to quarrel with him in the cafeteria Said Bamboo, you go back, I do not argue with him, I asked him. To the cafeteria, danced around looking for a tree, saw him careers with cards against humanity and a girl sitting on the side of a table next to dinner. Dancing pound to go over and sit down. The tree looked up at her, did not speak, bow to continue to eat. Next to the girl a little. bit embarrassed, said I am a child tree class, my name is Feng Yin. Dancing smile at her and said ah, you are Feng Yin, I have seen you In the school published articles. Feng Yinzheng want to speak, the tree suddenly looked up and said I m dancing, you sit here do I and Feng Yin have something to say, you go first. stand up. Feng Yin also quickl.

Hawaii 2 Cards Against Humanity not sit, dare not jump up. Trees dumbfounding, hawaii 2 cards against humanity Trolley came You are really stupid enough, do not ride actually do not ride Dancing pout I have never been sitting in the car back seat Well, so high the car, if I jump on the short Hanging on the wheels, if I jump high from the back over, will be injured. The tree laughed and watched the hair on a circle of the sun s golden light, he bite his teeth Well, I am sick again, you sit in front of the bar up. Dance shyly smile I am so adults , But also sitting on the front bar, and others saw jokes. The tree said how to do it cards against humanity holiday 2016 You dare not sit behind, and can not sit in front, do we take the sun to go half an hour to the river Then you have heat stroke. Dancing sigh Wel. l Well, I sit right. She walked over to the front of the car standing in front of the bar, looking back at the tree, the tree smiled and gently put her a hug, put the bar, jumped on the car. Doubt giggle so adults sit here is not very comfortable ah. The tree said Dancing, please put your feet a little shrink, every step I met your feet. Shrink up, shout uncomfortable. Trees ignore her, treadmill. The chanting raised his head to meet the wind, long hair a strands are lifted the tree s face and neck, a touch of shampoo fragrance spread to the tree nose, he took a deep breath. Dad said Oh, really comfortable for many years do not have this car.When I sat my father s car front bar, he wrapped me inside the jack.the trees, and I kept a little bit of my heart, and I did not know what they were right now. She suddenly did not speak too much. The tree said TV things you do not want to ho. ld too much hope. Some things are not so absolute. You have to be careful. Dancing stopped, puzzled to see him What do you say Meaning the tree also stopped, bow puffed, a long time before said Feng Yin also want this position. Dancing sneer You are too worthy of her, she wanted to be able to either The tree whispered Anyway, you are careful, I do not know where you progress to the step, and if you have not signed the contract, they quickly signed down, justifiably. Dancing biting his lips looked at him You Who is the inside of it The tree looked up, looked at her, for a long time sighed I can not say too much, you do not hesitate to do it. Do not put my words when the wind on the line He threw a few mouthfuls, threw away the cigarette butts, his hands in his pants pocket, his shoulders, bowed his head, and stepped on the cigarette butts at his feet. Duo looked at him quietly, did not speak. She has not seen him for a long time, the people around are subconsciously help her to shield his message. The tree did not ch. ange much, just a little thinner. Wearing a mud coat that used to wear a coarse coat, hair shaved short, but the face of the look and before there is still a difference. Danced and looked at his face, slowly softened down and.

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