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Get Your Own Cards Against Humanity ontent will continue to be updated in the past five years Now, whether it is technology or life, rapid development of ever changing, and today and yesterday can be completely different The gap between them, not she would like to cross across the get They have their language of that age, have their common interest in the topic, those topics, perhaps as early as her college has been talked about, and more, get your own cards against humanity she did not even listen to have heard Now, she does not even understand their current language She looked at the front of the car, and the boys were talking and talking. Three little girls because it is Hua Yi s classmates, crowded together twitter, pushing and shoving and joking. Li Xiu Ge smiled and asked her An Su Yan, you really are their teachers This is only where she had not been to China. An Ruyan also smiled and nodded, I graduated from college to give them a half months of class. She looked to Li Xiugu, she was gracef. ul, much more generous than she, although she was here in addition to Wang Zhibin In addition, everyone is not familiar with. Li Xiu Ge listened to her affirmation, revealing a clear expression, I heard Wang Zhibin said, he was a special high school when the female teacher, did not think you You really different. I feel You are obviously with us, but it seems to be far away from us. Ansheng jerk surprised. Did she behave so clearly She hastened to make a smile, No, I just do not like to sp.stretched out his hand, waiting to take her small bag. Hua Yi Secondary School is still some distance from the nearest bus stop. And the boys followed her all the way, did not seem to go first. Walking in these taller than her tall students in the middle, oppression full, she felt very accustomed to. U, you have something to do, please go first. She finally opened the crowd. Oh, we are all right. Peng Yuan said. Oh, security teacher, how do your boyfriend to pick you up Xu Zhenhua asked. My boyfriend is still missing, she said with a smile. Wow Boys burst into noise. Ruffian ruffian Xu Zhenhua cards against humanity matches and not up, that the location of the Huhuashizhu temporarily non I must go Said to come over Ran Yan Yan s arm. Ansu Yan flash, do not want to escape the get your own cards against humanity Xu Zhenhua s wolf claw, but hit the back of a person who, the man quickly shot to stabilize her shoulders. She looked back, but it is Cheng Yixing Wow Xu Zhenhua cried, the old way you how to g. rab my seat Cheng Yixing let go of Yan Yan, Meng Lei Xu Zhenhua punch, you do not bad mother Xu Zhenhua bustling, What is it Fake You kid do not think I do not know Well The following words, was Cheng Yixing an old fist run. An Su Yan looked at them slapstick, surprisingly found Cheng Yixing s face even a layer get your own cards against humanity of flush. She smiled and persuaded You do not make trouble.I said Xu Zhenhua Yeah, you at least ten years late. What is the age of me My little mother, a few years older than.

ious things, and regret that did not eat a little more now can not slander it We all put down the cloth on the cloth, sitting down to eat brown beef and Jiaying son, danced secretly to squid silk hidden under the pillow, with the bamboo made a wink. Home bamboo could not help but laugh, she wrinkled her nose. Night dance and hom. e bamboo went to a small garden on the long stool to eat squid silk, dancing side licking ice cream side said home bamboo, this summer is really too many things happen, you say yes Bamboo sigh The tree is so strange.You can certainly be that Feng Yin told him Diao said I am stupid also stupid not to this extent, just come back the next day to know, and also used That kind of tone to ask me, you say that is not being instigated Home bamboo look back at her You really do not intend to re tree I always think you are so points, it is too useless Looked up and looked at the sky, pouting said The tree so do not have to be instigated, I was too lazy to care for him. Besides, he is good to me, I see so much, no big da da. Home bamboo laugh, rub her arms Well, dance, from then on you to collect and support, to be a good student. Dancing pushed her one cut, I have always been a good student, scholarship To ensure that there is no problem. Junior high school is a professional class, dancing last week, the minds of fever, deter. mined to finish the credits as soon as possible, all of a sudden electiv.lp but choke up. Home bamboo about what the beat of the quilt, said I also said last night to listen to Diqin, he is not 93 investment I told him why he came, he said what big fresh told you that There are girlfriends, but also the girlfriend s photo on the bedside shelves, many boys have seen, and his girlfriend sophomore time also came to our school, Di Qin said the feelings look good look The voice of the sobbing gradually lower, bite the quilt do not sound. Home bamboo sighed and then said Dancing, but fortunately you did not put how much, when accidentally fell it, hey, in fact, why people do not how, you do not how, the story did not happen, You do not cry why do not like how to do, but the family bamboo, I was uncomfortable ah. Home bamboo in the past She said Dancing, do not be sad ah, I know you are crying your hazy first love was strangled in the bud. Diao break through the tears laughed and said Bamboo, how do people joke me ah. Hey , the family of bamboo waved in her face for a bit, said really have you, this time also thinking about this. Dancing in the first day of 1996 swollen eyes over a day. Although the people are home bamboo, dance is also embarrassed to feel too sad, but in the evening to sleep in the quilt, dancing with his arms ring their own, softly said poor people ah, dance. Tears again Roll down. Chapter 3 Days and began a day off, dancing did not go to what to do, why did no. t come t.k blue sky sketched out the faint beauty of get your own cards against humanity the pattern. Zhang Guolin and Guo embroidered in front of chirp to speak, from time to time to hear Guo Xiu laughed. Dance and thunder back, dancing do not know what to say, had to walk around the sky, the sky inlaid with a bright diamond like the stars, flash, you can clearly see the Milky Way. Thunder suddenly asked What did you do in the summer vacation Sorrows sigh A little meaningful thing is dry, and a waste of 1 4 summer. She looked up at the Thunder You Thunder said I have been practicing to the ball, there is no meaning, but. fortunately the school library has been open, my draft of the paper is completed, and soon will begin to modify. Doubts asked Oh, how do you think of writing papers Thunder we laugh We have the task Yeah, a semester of a paper, we instructors more stringent. Laughing poor. I can read it Thunder said Of course you can. They shouted Dancing, Zhang Guolin said tomorrow to take us to swim, you go do not go Dancing quickly said You are welcome, I do not go. To the dormitory downstairs, we bid farewell to the Thunder out of a few steps and suddenly turned back to the dance said You did not say the last one of the ice and fire I would like to buy tomorrow afternoon to go to the door bookstore to see how Diao said Well, what time Thunder said 6 o clock, the sun is almost going downhill. Dancing nodded, pulled Guo embroidered upstairs. To the bedroo.

Get Your Own Cards Against Humanity she said home bamboo, you will wait for it I tell you something. Home bamboo turned over the letter, looked up and said Who do you think Dancing shook his head I do not know, I can not guess, hope is a handsome guy. The house bamboo laughed and pinch her one and said, Do you have this monkey. Do you intend to tell the t. ree I did not want to tell him that he was angry with a jar jar. Bamboo nodded Do not say Yeah, then you intend to see it No, he said. Home bamboo look at her yo, you live to live Dance stomp home bamboo, do not let you laugh at me This letter is so put down. Finished the afternoon of the test, danced up and down to pick up things, ready to go home. Bamboo ran into the bedroom, saw her busy sweating, said What do you tossing The account on the demolition You do not sleep at night ah Dancing the mosquito net into the bucket, said I Go to the bubble, wash tomorrow, so much gray can not take home to go to wash the box on the well. Bamboo help her sweep the hair on the soil, said to eat it, ah, you want With the tree out Dancing shook his head, unlock the hairpin, the hair scattered down and said The tree to go with the team with the people to eat, I get your own cards against humanity am free today. Bamboo laugh like people close You re like it. Dancing and pouting It s annoying to fall in love with love. She found out the washing clothes, said home bamb. oo, to take a bath, this time no one to wash the house, we eat a meal to go for.Yongye did not accidentally said. Xingxing love things, he has long been known by the high Tingya that probably, he is not so tall Tingya so fuss, boy Well, talk about a few times love what is strange, it is the inevitable process of life, did not experience enough Woman, how could there. be a mature man After the game, will naturally forget, like those who take the initiative to vote for their own women, with their scenes, but to find something exciting. And the reason why their marriage failed, I am afraid that because the experience of marriage before the experience too little. Moreover, Xing Xing himself never mentioned the matter, we can see that this is not worth mentioning, there is no need to fuss. In any case, for this son, he is very much appreciated and proud, from childhood to sensible and self reliance, never made his headache to worry about. Although the son of a bit too stubborn, after cards against humanity for students fighting him has been cold and faint, but they divorced, he chose to leave, that he was toward him, and their own industry, and ultimately have to pass to their most Trust people, in addition to the get your own cards against humanity son of the relative, but also to whom Cheng Yixing also did not accidentally say Yes When are you free Cheng Yongye smiled and said I see, see no need it. Girl Well, you look like you like, as long as do not. play too much fire on the line, do not have all let me help you judge Cheng Yixing said seriously She is not an or.

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