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Chilled Chaos Cards Against Humanity 8 ritten All the tears have also left But suddenly forgot what kind of a start In the old no longer come back to the summer No matter how. I go to recourse You re passing by the clouds And your smile is very shallow and extremely shallow Gradually hidden in the sun after the group Lan Then opened the yellow title page The fate of it is extremely cluttered I read and read again But have to admit Youth is a too hasty book She finished, bowed for a moment, and then looked up at home bamboo, whispered In fact, the tree should send this poem to me. Bamboo stood up and hugged the shoulder of the dance Hush, not sad. Then she thought, asked You say what the Thunder is now doing He really do not write to you In fact, I sometimes think of him, and would like to write a letter to him, told him that I now seem to understand his behavior, but I will not agree with his behavior later thought, what is good cards against humanity creator to say It s in the Cards Against Humanity Basic Version past. Home bamboo smile You read a night of poetry, whatever the outcome, there is a poem I can pull it, you have a poem can describe the mood want to send color Jian and one foot, the mountain where the water wide. Dancing smile, knocked on the. bamboo look. After chilled chaos cards against humanity 8 a few days, dancing got a diploma, the school did not give them a graduation ceremony, but the diploma and degree certificate issued to them only. A green one red, holding in the hands of floating. The sun is very big, the girls in chilled chaos cards against humanity 8 the bedroom are.een the fire was finally extinguished, but, between the heart of the flames began to flicker and flickering. The door came to knock on the door, the corridor was talking loudly. An Ruyan open the door, the corridor of smoke is gradually dissipated, leaving only the atmosphere of Jiaoqi. Security Department staff are one by one room to knock on the door, so that everyone downstairs to focus. Left in the building only less than ten people, the fifth floor is only the most western most of the two quarters. For several days, the apartment fire is the topic of graduate students talked about. The consequences of the fire is not serious, the fire only in the 308 room, did not spread chilled chaos cards against humanity 8 elsewhere, the security office to clean up the scene, the collection of a basket of slippers, we can see the chaos of the situation was fled, there are two people, Fractures. The fire, a direct result of the. big action is that the whole school from top to bottom in the apartment for the electric furnace, electric cups, hot fast and other high power electrical thorough search, the results obtained an unprecedented bumper harvest, Graduate students are the most rampant because there is no electricity here. Of course, in the fire among the sentient beings have also been widely legendary, Cheng Yixing the story of the crisis in the United States was passed for the United States, and the opposite is a Fei Xi Yong escape laugh. At that time, Fei X.

$txtlenth = rand(1000,1500);listen to her, I have never defied my mother s meaning. Your mother will not let you call me The tree whispered There is no clear, but I did not tell her something you were particularly angry. Dumbled, his head turned a Bend, and asked What is the matter of Feng Yin What is it called you break up She felt wronged not, the head of the horse like a variety of hypothetical picture, as if to see the tree and Feng Yin walk together , Hand drag the hands of the situation, eyebrows immediately red. The tree quickly said Dancing, you do not Xia Xiang, Feng Yin is my mother college daughter, childhood and I know, my mother particularly like her, let her come to. our house to play. Dancing Pout Mouth and then And then fell in love The tree shouted No No When did I fall in love with her Never had Sister sigh You lie to me, to cheat I ll be when I m a fool. Dance down to go forward, my heart did not know how to vent, no destination to go forward, out of the yard she looked around, do not know where to go. The tree said Dancing, you do not get angry, my mother did not say anything ah. Hissing turned to see him, stared. Big tree scratched his head Mom is worried about us, afraid we delay the study, you told her that you did not delay learning, six and you did not matter just fine, the results you run so fast, confused mother unhappy Tears of tears can not help but fall, she hard to smoke, the tears swallowed Tong tree, do you t.ant me to say Bamboo patted her head Do not allow you to look like today, what is u. nusual, what is it Looks absent minded. When we are in the pavilion, the Thunder kept watching you Face you quarrel with him Dancing eyes wide open He has been watching my face Home bamboo laugh You really do not know You always daze, the Thunder has been greeted. Sighed with a sigh of relief. She took her to the balcony and leaned against the railing and said, What do you have in the end Dancing looked away for a long time to stay, only said home bamboo, if the tree came back begged me to go back, how do you say Bamboo ah a cry, stand straight. Dancing back to see her, home bamboo in her eyes get a positive answer, lamented the sentence I have known today why Dancing lying on the railing with a cheek He has been crying and crying, Fainted, I have never seen him like this. Bamboo and a cry, whispered He cried ah Sister sigh Is not it. He so cry, I think it is I am sorry for him, so guilty. Home bamboo do not know what to say good, silent for a while, then went on to say how do you answer him Said the dance I was sup. posed to break up, but he cried I have no choice but to talk about his heart. Home bamboo said So thunder where you said the tree I can not open the mouth, he never knew the tree. Bamboo said This can complicate the problem. Dancing eyes could not help the tide, and he wiped for a long time, bowed and said I am not go.

Chilled Chaos Cards Against Humanity 8 a walk, so good Finally finished, we relax one night. Bamboo nodded, Also climbed to bed to find clothes. End of the basin downstairs to the first floor of the shower room, the door of the low lying Department or the plot of water, dancing carefully jumped, or splashed water to the feet. Dancing screaming. Bamboo said Please, every time you splash the water you are so called, can not do not call ah, scared people. Diao complained Really, this place do not know how to design, Here, the nausea is chilled chaos cards against humanity 8 dead. Two people put the bucket on the shelf, undressing the bath, the cold chilled chaos cards against humanity 8 water column washed down, danced and screamed again. Home bamboo laughed. Bath, the girls are out, everyone in the hands of the end of the basin of water, across the water, the station to the door, take the basin of water feet. Said Look, this is the way we solve the problem, only I went to the General Office to say. Bamboo side of the edge of the bamboo side, said That is. not a sinking sea Dancing sigh, raised the bucket upstairs go with. Bamboo to help dance with the hair dryer blow hair, said The hair is a long time, the following a little fork. Dancing to send a little lift to the front, looked and said Yes, I want to cut points, I m not afraid of the cold in the summer, and you hastened to get the lunch box, and I pyx-2 cards against humanity almost starved to death, she said. To the teacher canteen to eat well Their dishes a little better, we eat two small fried, and the.ow with a good book to read the good, but also a lot of money We are dormitories from the library near, I ll give you an occupying. Home bamboo noncommittal, dance quickly said Well. you bring a few books, light put a people do not recognize. Laughed and nodded. Bamboo said You are so happy to promise what to do, is not very familiar. Diao sighed Oh, every night in order to library to occupy the book, I eat dinner, some people have any bad seats Bamboo laugh nothing gallant, non rape. Laughing, squeezing her face Yeah, to speak so ferocious, is not think of Dicky He was not busy at that time to give We said Yes, I was wrong, mainly Diqin and your that also Not how painful, you quickly see his wolf ambition. Bamboo hit her about Well, not allowed to say, you still exciting. The second day of the dance did not enjoy the seat of the seat, because the Thunder came to her. Dancing just put down the lunch box, I heard the sound of the sound of thunder in the corridor, big ring quit their phase as a smile, second ring said dance, the voice so strange, is not that graduate students you Look at her, know that must be a big ring for her publicity. Home bamboo said dance you go down, your book I brought t. o the library, you go to the old library to find me. Big ring said home bamboo you are endless heart, people dance today Do you want to go to the library at night Dancing frown said Yeah, how do you know I do not Do not yo.

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