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Cheap Cards Against Humanity ly penetrated her coat also penetrated her body, in the heart of the cold repeatedly blowing, she bowed for a while, Looked up at the thunder and asked Thunder, you really do not consider it Really do not go out with their own ability Thunder holding her shoulder Dancing, you think ab. out it, this really Is a good opportunity You wait for me peacefully, so I come back.You want to have confidence in me, I really really love you. Dancing pushed his arms, looked at him for a while, tears have been Flow of a look, she sneer a cry really love me And then turned hard to run, let the thunder behind her name. The next week, dancing as usual, every day get out of class to study classes, but she completely refused any news of the thunder, she did not take the thunder of the phone, ignoring the thunder in the downstairs shouting, and even refused to receive home bamboo back Thunder s letter. Home bamboo looked at her worried, repeatedly asked to ask a clear, have been dodging in silence to respond. Christmas Eve is Tuesday, dancing in the bedroom to see the novel, home bamboo dressed to go out, leaving when she sat down at bed, holding her arm looked at her. Dancing down the book, smiled and said You stare at me cheap cards against humanity see what Bamboo said Dancing, you really strange, you really do not see the thunder of the lette. r I put you under the pillow 4 days. Douda buried reading, whispered I do not intend to see. Bamboo book out of the b.d does not belong. Bamboo softly said dance, how it seems not happy Dancing shook his head, rushed her barely smiled. To the pavilion, actually empty, selling aunt is yawning. Thunder to four cups of plum soup, four people picked the most side of the table sitting around. Although it is in September, the autumn wind or with a cool, surrounded by an insects, and occasionally heard the frog jumped into the water to the sound. Lake on the left planted the lotus, and now early thanks, there are fragrance residue, waves along with the wind to the pavilion. Home bamboo laugh This time does not rain, or else we have a school left to listen to the sound of rain listening to the rain view. Fang said What is listening to the rain Laugh you do not Asked, or the family of bamboo to say that you do not have a culture. Fang also insisted to ask What rain Thunder laugh is Li Shangyin s poem Stay. left to listen to the rain. He a Read a word to listen to the word list. Bamboo said side of the column, you do not ask, and see you do not have the culture of the way. Dodo laugh No, I know you will say that. Bamboo also laughed I say so What the first day of our class a boy do not know what is Jian Jia, you also laughed at the people for half a day. Fang column quickly asked What is Jian Jia The other three people are laughing, he had to laugh. Said I was not naive at that time, that people do not know the Book of Songs can not stand.

careful thinking and her unique elegance of the funny, surrender of private high school students difficult to wait Of the picky, but also completely changed his obedient little beauty awareness. He admitted that he had an interest in her. And that a class meeting, put his interest in her pushed to the extreme. Her speech, not only make him impressed by her elegant Vance spring, but also let him shocked the idea of her shocked the five body cast. He began to pay attention to her. He found that. although she always smile Yingying, but there is no matter or people can make her really heart. She does not catch the fashionable, only wearing a simple style clothes she does not love to inquire, only calmly to reach the immediate reality she does not like to get together, one month and a half months in practice, she and all the teachers are maintained close Not far from the interpersonal relationship, even if Zhao Li Min relentless Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack pursuit of her, she never put the relationship between the two closer However, this is a quiet low key to attract him, let him think she is so erratic, ethereal, and even mysterious. He wondered, in this world, is it really nothing to impress her heart She really like her performance as unreasonable What kind of environment has created her this ethereal indifferent character He has a lot of questions to ask her directly, but he knows that the class will have caused a lot of pressure on her, and.er. Diao said No, this thing must tell you. Thunder thought, said Then we go back to school, okay And turned around and danced with laughter facing the cold soup will be less romantic. Dancing as a thunder pulled back, back to school. In the evening, the school gate is always particularly lively, all kinds of small traders along the wall set up a variety of selling things, like a huge farmers market, from tomatoes to Walkman, all kinds of goods everything, lining the school entrance On the shuttle between the vehicles, very lively. Thunder jumped in the pile of people in the heap left and right suddenly, went to the school gate when he heard someone shouting da. nce Dancing Thunder stopped, and dance together in the direction of the sound to see the past, that person Three jumps and two jumps to run over. Diao said side column, you did not go to the library Fang column backhand pull, pull a person over, but it is bamboo. You are just going to eat Said Fang Zhai, who said, You have just gone out to eat Dancing nodding. Square column to see the thunder, said with a smile I do not tell us to cheap cards against humanity introduce the dance Thunder laughing hand and side column handshake I am a thunder, 95 financial graduate students. Square quickly hold his hand, Grinning and said I am a column, 94 financial undergraduate students. Back to the red bamboo crowded his eyes, smiled and said Kazakhstan, graduate students Oh. Home bamboo probe came w.droom to clean, to bring the mint bubble is ready to drink, Feng Yin came. Dancing before did not pay attention to Feng Yin, only know that the tree class girls, the article written very well, in the school published a column to write a movie commentary. Now because of cards against humanity internship the tree mother s words, f. ull cheap cards against humanity of curiosity on Feng Yin. Feng Yin pushed the dormitory door, smiled and greeted them. She cut the rules of the children s flower head, sharp chin, slender eyes and delicate mouth, laughing eyes bent into a crescent. If it is not because of her relationship with the trees doubt, just by this way, dancing will be very like her. Guo Ying asked Feng Yin you do what the square Feng Yin said We do the team to do the flower team, is holding a flower stand in a line, too boring you can at least learn aerobics. She turned to the dance I just can be friends now. Dancing only funny, and she greeted, helped her with a book, thinking Feng Yin cheap cards against humanity so naturally, and the trees do not have anything, they have to be generous, not small family gas is. When eating, Guo embroidery did not go, Feng Yin pull the dance of the hand and said We go, what do you want to eat Diao said Only a small cafeteria meal, go and then look. On the road, Feng Yin said dance, the tree is not to go to Shanghai his aunt there Dancing ah a cry, be the answer Feng Yin laughed I have seen the aunt of the tree you know my parents and big tree parents are good frie.

Cheap Cards Against Humanity uitors, only the bad milk of the cheap cards against humanity feather b. oy, is worthy of Ansu Yan Huoyue unique choice only Inside the door, An Su Yan quickly pushed Cheng Yixing, the door is not blocking it They removed the curtains in a row. After blocking, An Suyan asked Do you want to wash your face Good Cheng Yixing patted the body of the dust, went to her bed to sit down. An Su Yan looked at him to wash, so he was washed, she side of the washbasin towel bench back home, while complaining Why do you run up How dangerous you know The fire was burned, the vast majority You should know that my emergency ability or some say, not the third floor of the fire And so burned here, and have some time it the fire brigade must come soon, I There is no danger.You so furious, really what can happen Corridor what can not see, who knows you are there More dangerous ah He listened with a smile, his heart sweet, his mouth did not say I do not know, so you can so nagging, old can do Hate She grinned at him, You did not listen to me This time you ran up, it was unwise It was a real fire, not an exerci. se I know it s not an exercise He still does not mind, am I not right now Wait until something is too late Woman is so wordy He said, sesame can exaggerate into a watermelon You are my heart, is not it She was furious. No, he said, I like to hear you care for me. She was dumb, embarrassed and corrupt, smug Who cares about you You just finished, how do you as.n the floor, gazing for a while, then turned slowly walked back. He did not know the dance stand on the second floor of the terrace, quietly watching him leave the back. Chapter 20 Go home to dance down the package and rushed to the bathroom wash cards against humanity 5sos your face. Mother came with, smiling to see her. Dashing and drenched the sink of the table, my mother sighed, to help her catch the braids, with a towel to her wiping his neck. My mother asked How did the school live without dignity The dance said, Where do you know that the summer school has a lot of time So hot it At night had to open the door to sleep, greed through the wind, you go to the corridor turn around, each bedroom are lying on the clothes of the big girl. Mom Puchi laugh, said that the last sentence to describe the reality Is a bit shocking. Dancing to clean u. p their own after the air conditioning in their own room lying down, over and over again but could not sleep. She stood up and ran to the living room, saw her mother at the table spread out the stall to do the Chinese knot. Dodo scrape together, lying on the back of her mother, with his face affixed to the mother s face. My mother smiled and she rubbed the face how do you have to run out Not to sleep Dancing dragged a stool sitting next to her mother to see the knot knot, two people gently discuss the book on the play, my mother The rope around the nail plate and then gently picked up tightly, danced.

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