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Cards For Against Humanity nd your appearance is indeed my unexpected variables, until now, I still from time to time is not true Feeling, do not know how to deal with. He smiled and encouraged her Well, at least you want me to feel that you are really with me ah I also need your encouragement, have enough power to support my confidence. I am. very clear, the objective gap Can not be ignored, so you have to give me enough time to prove that our future is not a variable, but a necessity. However, An Su Yan always can not like him so free and easy, you can not let a cautious person who instantly become cheerful radical, right She only knows that in the course of the future, there will certainly be an unknown factor to come in and fix each of the key steps that will advance in the direction. This is the same as doing the experiment. That being the cards for against humanity case, everything can not be hasty. Even if their future is a necessity, the way to go is also a long, can not change the years of difference always exists, and it stirred up the waves, almost all of them is a serious test of the mentality of the young. Zuo Yu Min and An Su Yan fall generally escaped the ladder classroom. Ouch my mother also Zuo Yu Min exaggerated to the tongue, Western culture really is not our land leopard level can easily understand It does not mean that our country is becoming more and more inf. luential in international affairs. How can Chinese people admire Chinese culture, love.said. Jiang Chengzhen this person how Sad hearts whispered, but also pulled the stool to sit down and said We are friends in the bedroom Jiang Cheng Zhen Friendship bedroom This kind of thing is boring, just entered the university when the cards against humanity 2012 holiday pack boys and girls are a bit inexplicable excitement, all faculties and classes are popular one to one friendship, dance their bedroom is the girls floor 421, Jiang Chengzhen their bedroom Is the boys floor of the 421, Jiang Chengzhen on behalf of their bedroom to send a letter of confession, so so together. Although the friendship, but only to eat a meal, each other quietly looked at some of the girls here did not find a possibility, the boys seem to be not particularly interested in them, so fade down, we just meet When the polite some trouble. How the bamboo suddenly mentioned Jiang Cheng Zhen came Dancing sit still, and stood up, reached out and grabbed the bamboo ears, kneading ah rubbing. I told me to go out and watch a movie. Ah Danced excitedly jumped and said The first person to pu. rsue you Dancing has asked home bamboo, Greek do not want to love in college In fact, she is very eager to come to a real love in college. The whole story of love in the days of high school depression has long been described over thousands of times, even the dialogue are good. The best meet in the rain in the library, the air filled with grass incense, wearing a white dress holding the book sta.

he was happy to laugh, went up and said Hey, handsome, and so on Thunder laugh beautiful, reward the face to eat it He reached out and grabbed the hand, Slowly go outside the playground. Sunset and clouds, orange and thick lit the sky, the cool wind about the next pull the dance of the hair, her tan face in the wind lik. e a blooming flowers. She let the Thunder pulled, dragging the pace to go out, that the playground on the transpiration of the dust and heat are so comfortable. Leaves fresh atmosphere and the grass of the fragrant mixed together, smell the mind Shutai. The Thunder is better, the autumn of October is more like autumn, and it is the most beautiful time in autumn, and it is better than the autumn of September, said the Thunder, January is warm. Chuckle October is better not because of my birthday Thunder laugh have to be so obvious it Laughing, looking up at the sky, long hair in the waist drift. Thunder said What to see Diao said The sky is a variety of blue is beautiful, deep shallow, are good looking. I like blue. She pinching Thunder s hand What color do you like Thunder laugh I like color, whatever color can be. Diao laughed Oh, what is your chaotic character ah, the color of the book did not write the character. When you eat, the Thunder asked the dance How did you plan to go over it Diao said I did not plan ah. this weekend by the Games will account, the National Day must go home trip. Thunde.t You think about it, a meter of eighty big, from the second floor of the next floo. r, Take a step, down three down, even rolling to climb, no fart no fart flow Only two floors of high feed, he fell no less than twenty wrestling That in the end is how a downstairs law Oh Hey I can not I now really know, lifted up and down, but the aircraft oil the highest value of life You look downstairs, the wire rack to dry his single dripping big quilt, this erupted no ten days and a half The bed symbolizes the cards against humanity case great quilt of the feast for the feast, so that every passing person can not help but laugh, knowing that the teeth of the teeth. Or anger and kind words, with a smile, said aircraft oil students in the urgent moment, to maintain a high degree of sober mind, wisely choose the most correct escape measures, it is commendable he did To the ordinary people can not. Left Yu Min heard this, more laughing. chapter eight An Ruyan gently pushed a window, slowly blowing a small wind, clear cool, more and more clear days, and finally, there are oblique sunshine into the building and the gap between trees, and a The. sunny dawn came quietly. An Ruyan so quietly stood, watching the scenery outside the window, the mind is empty. She likes to see the sky gradually evolved, whether it is dawn or dusk. She still clearly remember those in the dawn of the dawn of the morning to read the hurry, it seems to be her high school life symbol o.desktop, quickly crossed the door. Just opened the door, a smoke blowing, choking she can not breathe. She looked simmering toward the corridor looked, what can not see, only full of smoke, there are some micro burnt taste fire Not an earthquake. However, the corridor has been completely occupied by smoke, this time out is not appropriate. She decisively closed the door smoke has been so Sheng, people must have reported a fire. Back to the room, An Su Yan has been calm a lot, calmly find the rags filled with the gap under the door, rag is not enough, and got up to go to bed before the small curtains. At this point, the d. oor came a heavy knock on the door, and then an anxious call Ann Open the door Is a small course An Ruyan spirit lifted, rushed to the door in front of the door. Ranging from the door full, Cheng Yixing will dodge into the back door by a rely on, get rid of the hands of the towel, a pull over An Yan, tightly clinging. An Ruyan any hold him, his heart is obviously some disorder, but her mind had some sort of uneasy but suddenly cards for against humanity swept away. Then she whispered how are you here There was a ball in the night, he said, and there was a small TV in Tianhai Nong, and he was out of his tutor, and I looked at him twice. On the third floor, Cook the night. Tian Hai Nong be the first to know the mysterious letter of the source from the outsiders. That was the last semester. He was a roommate at the time of en.

Cards For Against Humanity basic education as their own career. After returning home, he raised funds, recruiting staff, the couple finally worked hard to run this private school. In recent years, Huayi Middle School has. been favored by parents of middle class and above for its high quality teaching standards. After all, private schools have been charged for a variety of factors, and the fees are relatively high. From. And this is also the most sensible place for President Lin. cards for against humanity I am already in his class practice, is high school 3 classes. Li s wife found out breast cancer, the current Is in hospital, and soon to be surgery, so, just you can substitute for the teacher Lee. Well, good. An Su Yan know this, why Huayi secondary school to accept her to practice, the original is the reason. Oh, yes, Lin thought just thinking, just that student is high school 3 class, called Cheng Yixing, usually cards against humanity white cards in the academic performance is not slip, mess with the first class, is a headache role. Finished , With a wry cards for against humanity smile shook his head. An Ruyan also slightly smiled, see it Do not know why he is for this trouble Oh, but the puppy love is not him, but he was nosy, self righteous to fight the injustice, contradict the teachings of the director of the w. ords. Director Chen furious. On the old question, puppy love, As I was in the speech, he looked obediently, in fact, my heart did not care. The original principals are aware. Oh, the principal sighed again, n.a pair of body to go, and that two people end of a lunch box, with a spoon you feed me I feed you a mouthful, are happy to eat. Duo for them to feel dirty, and feel funny, one by one to secretly see, ineffectively smile slowly. Thunder. asked What are you laughing Dancing boo a cry, made a wink to see the Thunder, the Thunder also laughed. Said Oh, really, where the affectionate to this level, and even the lunch box spoon are saved. Do not dirty Thunder laugh You do not know what, this is called Xiangruyimo. laughing out loud. Eat the meal, danced to the lunch box pushed to the thunder, threw her to wash clean, stacked on their own lunch box, together with the end. Laugh Well, our school this dish do not know how to design, the momentum so much, I always rushed a water, your arm long, finally a little cards for against humanity advantage. At this time the campus is particularly lively, we all eat water, the campus bustling crowds. A boy carrying six hot water bottles in his hands, shouting and letting the road walk from the side of the dance. He said, Oh, I forgot to bring water bottles to fetch water. Thunder said Do not matter, you back to the bedroom to win, I help you play, the other people in your bedroom also brought it down. Dancing back to see him How are you so atte. ntive today Thunder laugh I heard the boy looking for a girlfriend, we must give the girlfriend all the girls in the bedroom to fetch water. Is not it so Laugh Anyway.

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