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Cards Against Humanity Youtube I never covet the heart The feelings are not measured with money, How much is the relationship. I pay attention to the communication of the soul, you can not believe, as long as I own letter on the line. You take care of me I will take the idea Gao Tingya pulls around and wants to go, You can not go now Did not you hear the words of the small instrument Do you want her to die again He said contemptuously she did not want to die Otherwise, you will not take advantage of when you are at home to play this trick Gao Tingya do not give up to continue to persuade him Xingxing, my mother has been young, completely know how love is going on, what life and death Xu things, all the literati compiled to cheat a child, real life , There is no such kind of love there What is the communication of the mind But it is a high sounding excuse Bale life is real rice and salt, childbearing And I think you have seen how many Looking for the person you love to marry, and love your people to marry, it is not a mother of. the words, are already a matter of fact Rushed this point, small instrument than your teacher right Moreover, small and your age is also quite You do not know, the woman is very fast, even if she looks very young now You have seen the security of Yan Cheng Yixing interrupted her. No wonder An Su Yan said, Zeng Guanshen , there is a high Tingya Gao Tingya said too quickly, and sometimes did not pay attention to his mouth.icial business in the small Cui, is indeed reduced to immoral or even criminal behavior. The school because the graduate students are adults, in the ideological and. moral aspects of the real difficult to implement what kind of education, tube can not control who would listen to ah, so I had to let cards against humanity youtube the flow, personal good for themselves. Wen Jing s teacher is down the evil mold. Zuo Yu Min said, This time they have to help her clean up the mess. Who taught him to smell the old father of the students, people all the way to come here to invite him Easy child and teach , how can not be collected But never thought of this income, received a super hot potato From one after another of the peach news flying, so he was almost lifted his head, really silent asked heaven ah People sick, God knows no She pretended to make An Suyan smile out. Hey, you know Zuo Yu Min mysterious secretly Minato whispered We Deng said, some women are born from the man, cheap to the bones, I see Wen Jing is. That is the animal crazy , is a mental illness An Su Yan said, Wen Jing spirit is normal, but it is a bother. Zuoyu cards against humanity youtube Min said, but then back, a slap shot, not some men Fanjian, but also sticky together to g. o This is called smelly fish to find rotten shrimp, turtle love king eight You are here where the word children Vulgar An Su Yan Jun Jun can not help. I can tell you that we have just entered school that time, Mid Autumn Festival, Wen Jin.

to make things mysterious The anger of his heart burning until the overwhelming, he almost has a wish to overthrow the small building of the impulse Zhang qingyi A teenage girl, effort actually l. earned so cunning She was too small to see him Cheng Yi Xing Is he the kind of threatened person Do not say that she did not die, even if she is really dead, even if this time and mother, stepfather fell, want him to do any reluctant things, such people have not born He tried to calm himself up to the extreme anger, deep gas, warned himself to calm, in the state of anger can only get things cards against humanity youtube more stiff. Now, he stood quietly on her bed, waiting for Zhang Qingyi himself wake up to. Because he did not dare to face him, she was loaded with sleep, but when he had to go to the signs, she will soon wake up to summon, he had long seen through her little trick. Nanny keep a good soup into the soup, small instrument, wake up soon Your favorite pigeon soup to Let your brother to feed you eat it She handed the soup to Cheng Yixing hands. Cheng Yixing put the soup plate into the bedside table, said coldly I know you do not fall asleep You can also eat their own Soup on here, you love to eat Then, went to the door The Bang sounde. d, nanny and special care exclaimed, small instrument Zhang Qingyi hot soup all swept the carpet And Cheng Yixing did not even look back, from the room downstairs. Downstairs Zhang Zhiyuan and Gao Tingya he.the past face wiping tears, but was the tree in the past, the f. ace was pressed in his chest. Big tree sigh I also want you want not. In particular, come back a few days, my mind turned to you are. Dancing also sigh Oh Yes No thought Feng Yin The tree pushed her a little and looked at her and said, Why do I want Feng Yin Douda turned and broke the tree s arms, continue to move forward You specifically to Feng Yin to send the station, should not think of her every time you send Feng Yin home, should not think of her The tree paused, said how do you know is Feng Yin to send the station Dancing sneer If you do not know, unless it has been The tree grabbed her, turned her Body You do not use this tone to talk to me I went out for so long, happily ran over to you, would have liked to see your smile, happy to have a night, the results of a meeting is not shady , And now that these inexplicable words Even if you let Feng Yin station and how Who let you at that time I was enough to close The grandson could not speak, nose over the cold for a long time just said Since you still remember. that we quarreled, how come back when nothing like Should not say something Explain I should automatically restore the operator You want to be happy to find Feng Yin, I am not here The tree is also angry hum Do you think I can not find Feng Yin She is now and her parents still play in our house. Dancing teeth said Well, you go back, ther.t exchange will participate, no head flies first I guess it is this step, we are about time ah, go together If we can find the work of the same. city just fine, so you can rent together to live, as if still In school, so much Dancing eyes shiny, as if you have seen so happy future, turned and smiled and said We rent a small house, you one I one, I was to be painted blue sky, hanging white yarn Curtains. Bamboo said I want four white floor, with green lattice curtains. Chuckle laugh What is the color outside Goose yellow is good Bamboo nodded with a house of cards against humanity white sofa a good look. Two people smile, parting melancholy as if dilute a lot, dancing turned out cards against humanity youtube of bed, grinning and said If that is the case, how good, home bamboo, I do not worry no one to my sets of quilt Home bamboo laughs Oh, the original is someone to wait for you to live with me ah At night to dance with the bamboo side to go outside to eat, Fang said home bamboo refused to go home with me, how do you say dancing Chuckle Why do you want to go home with your home bamboo Your home is not Beijing, Shanghai, you find a job, to a place we can accept it. Side of the frown My parents gave me a good job, and if. the house is willing to go, her work can be resolved to the bank Do not have to stubbornly come Bamboo said Why do you want you My parents can help find a job I can find myself, all the way to run to you, has always been your home site, work is your home to f.

Cards Against Humanity Youtube relieved. Fe. ng Yin today is very silent, not how to speak, see the dance also turn the eyes. Diao think Is that a few words so much lethal After the meeting, Feng Yin hurried away, and did not dance and say hello. Dancing back to the bedroom, home bamboo asked cards against humanity youtube Yeah, come back, did not see Feng Yin Diao said See it. Bamboo looked at her for a while Do not like, every time to see Feng Yin you are grayed out. Chuckle Do not wait for the serfs to turn over She was so strange today, stuffy boring brain, do not know how. Bamboo said Your Prince Charming cards against humanity walmart came back, looking for you.You let you in the bedroom waiting for him. Dance up the mouth Oh, come back this time so fast Home bamboo laugh Look at you this She is sitting down and taking out the mirror comb, breaking the braids and greeting her mother Come and help me comb the braids. Bamboo said Well But also to change the image Diao said comb a crooked good or positive Anyway, use this red silk. Bamboo said crooked it, more playful. Combed the hair, dancing left to see the right, s. miled and said good looking, alas, really natural beauty hard to give up. Still wait for home bamboo laugh, her first laugh, turned over to cover cards against humanity lab the mouth of bamboo Well, well, my cheeky, you can not laugh. Home bamboo laugh Yeah, you know Chapter 33 Dance and thunder together to the cafeteria to eat. We have not only come together in the cafeteria, and we rarely eat together, he said.d her hand and waved a few times in the air and said, My hand was first held by a man. Home bamboo haha laughed, bent over holding the stomach laugh. Oh, you do not know that I m nervous, he may be unintentional, but I m still nervous to die. And how to go again, how passed the pass off, chirp talked all the. way, home bamboo has been smiling and listening, approaching the bedroom, and dance, dance, and so on. Only smiled and finished, home bamboo jokingly she said dance, how to its what its not, like him Dancing pouting mouth stunned, pretending to be mysterious whispered My lonely heart only for you to open. Home bamboo smiled and took her about, said small nine sister, do not dare not eat rice friends. chapter 2 From that day on, the dance did not see for a long time, on the road can not touch him, do not know his bedroom, although know the class, dance is really embarrassed to inquire. She or every day with the bamboo with the same out, reading books to eat ice cream, but still have a lot of things not the same, her eyes will pay attention to the surrounding, looking for that familiar figure, but has not seen. They also ridicule themselves, find someone to do There is nothing important to say. December 31, a dazzling eye to the dance and home bamboo until 6 pm still discuss where to eat, seeing the bedroom only two o. f them, and danced to the bed and said, I do not look out Eat, and use the electric cup to co.

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