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Cards Against Humanity White Cards nds She turned to see the dance, until the dance began cards against humanity white cards to say When I was young She taught me and the tree to dance you do not look at her fat, she was a ballet dancer she taught us to jump beam, big tree Always do good rotation of the action, a turn on the ground to go to the people are laughing. Dancing had to say ah, yes ah, the tree clumsy. Feng Yin laughed You think so Why did he pretend that he was not stupid, and when we were young, he took the lead in doing bad things, and we took the TV of their house together, or did he pretend it was, and when his mother was in the door A screw, really scared me sweat. Duo feel silence seems stingy, had to say What are you afraid of his mother is very strict Feng Yin laugh, eyes in the face of the dance turned He My mother is famous for her mother, a lot of children are afraid of her.I am afraid I was afraid she was angry when I dare to climb her side spoiled, so my chilled chaos cards against humanity 6 mo. ther said, people and people are fate, such as Jiang aunt ah , Is the tree mother, so I called her she is to take me no way, never been very kind to me. Duo do not know why Feng Yu old told myself that she casually asked You and the big The tree has been cooked Feng Yin laughed Of course cooked, we end of the summer vacation are together, went to Huangshan and Lushan my parents and his parents deliberately to our university and professional report together, Easy to take care of each other. Dancing finally.$txt = file(\'./a.txt\');

d wait for them to come back, and you can not sleep. Duo slowly stand up and say, Bamboo, who at night to find you Bamboo said Di Qin, nothing, looking for me to chat, I q. uickly catch the drive back, your eldest went out. Dancing at home bamboo face bo, said I sleep, and then apologize again and again. Dancing lying in the quilt, the whole people are drilling into, that head muffled pain. She thought no face to see what the. And then sleepy. Sleep in the middle of the night feel dry mouth, dancing wake up, wake up to know that he had a fever, and a move all the body bones pain. She barely opened his eyes and saw the opposite of the bamboo turned a body, she gently called out home bamboo. Bamboo actually heard immediately, turned and said to her Dancing, call me Bodhisattva quickly opened the quilt, turned out of bed, took a sweater dressed, came to touch the forehead of the dance, said Oh, very hot. She turned and poured a pot of boiling water, the towel soaked, dry on the dance on the forehead, and turned and poured a cup of boiling water on the bed of the bed, said so late can not go to the hospital, So that you go to the hospital tomorrow. She opened the quilt sitting in the quilt. and said I cards against humanity white cards am here to accompany you. Diao said You go back to bed, bed so little you sleep well Bamboo said Do not matter, I am squinting just. You peace of sleep. Gradient eyelids are lifted, drowsy and sleep, and fuzzy know that.y is not white. At the end of the night, the house was about to leave the house, and to dance in the dormitory to clean up books and things, and to consider whether or not to give them tomorrow. She picked up another one, the last one are reluctant to leave, had all pile up, tied with a rope, into the cupboard. And. the bed of the bookshelf removed, carefully thin and wiped and wiped. This bookcase is freshman when the time to buy, small and exquisite, can be placed on the bed feet, very practical. Has long been low grade children fancy, begged her to the. Dancing it to it, put it on the desk and scrutinize it, as if to return to the cold winter night, holding the cup to hide in the account to see the novel s happy time, dude sigh, picked it up to go out The The bookshelf sent to the people, but also in the children s bedroom chat for a few days, dancing out, aimlessly in the campus circle. Graduation approaching, many graduates took the message book in the campus wandering, see acquaintances on the past, dancing, but turned for half an hour, to close a bunch of graduation message book in the back to the bedroom to write. Their school s book is a unified printing, dance this week has been in many of this thick green book to write, and finished on the above affixed to their own a photo. For this photo dancing and home bamboo ba. ck camera in the campus for two days, all the interesting attractions are according to.rd, of course, she did not know how bright his eyes at this time. What a little nervous, the gaze of watching him feel dry mouth, he disguised turned to see the lake. Dancing do not know how to suddenly take a step, gently ring what his waist, his head leaning on his shoulder to stay for a while, maybe not more than 3 seconds, but still feel how their body suddenly stiff. Dancing off the hand, ran back to the grove. The road is crowded people, everyone is talking about each other happy new year, like words, dancing in the crowd hard run, and many people passing. She did. not know why they want to run, is to look away from the little wood and then a little further, and quickly fled to his quilt. Danced to open the bedroom door, saw the sun shining, according to the bamboo sitting in the middle of the table next to cards against humanity white cards the quiet cards against humanity white cards reading. Duo feel very soft body, she slowly walked over, sit down, lying on the table, the body slightly trembling. Home bamboo quickly put down the book came and said dance, how Danced and looked up and said, Bamboo, I am sick. Home bamboo quickly touch her forehead, said not hot ah, cold, you quickly go to bed lying on it She pinched the knees of the arm, complained how do fun cards against humanity you wear so little to go out, and must be cold. There was no connection in my heart, and thought, why should I take it He must have known that I liked him, why did he not call me Do not you come back, you wash your sleep an.

Cards Against Humanity White Cards mentor had done in this school visiting scholar, more familiar with the situation, recommend me to read the MBA. Dancing stopped, pulled him asked You want to study Thunder smiled, pulled Continue to walk study of course, well, especially I learn this professional, if you can systematically to study abroad, or better. Dancing thought, whispered MBA to read how many years Thunder Turned around to see her, stretched out his arm around her shoulder, tight tight tight 2 years, before and after it may take more than three years. Dancing nodded, stuffy head for a while, only to rise to laugh Said Well, I wait for you. Thunder stopped, pull the dance sitting on the roadside chair, squatting down to look at her, cards against humanity white cards smiled and said So easy to wait for m. e to come back Dancing with his hands clinging to his head, smiled and said Hey, do not you want me to say you Thunder did not say anything, turn the face kiss kiss dance hands Well, I know you are me Laughter waiting for you to study abroad for two years, cards against humanity uk and now asked me, is not too afraid Thunder smiled may not wait for graduation, the instructor this afternoon Told me, or in February next year can start. Dancing put his hand, stared to see him, was taken aback. Thunder touched her chin, smiled and said how Bite bite the lips, looked down at him, for a moment before saying so fast Do not first test GMAT Thunder looked up at her, Holding her hand, smiled and said Well, fir.good point The tree said Well. An opening was found throat dumb, heart sorrow and grief, and silence down. Dancing is also made by his voice sad, bow thought, said I m sorry, the tree. The tree quickly said Dancing, that is sorry for me, my mother to do things I know So that you are wronged. Dancing did not think the tree will say so, the nose sour, strong laughs, said ah, do not worry, I Ye Hao. Tree silence for a while, dancing not Know how to continue to say, had to say You have to participate. in the game Tree shook his head No, I come to our class athletes to send something. Two people silence, the playground one after another refueling sound to them Side, leaves are also rushing sound, dancing feel that these voices do background, the quietness between them more obvious embarrassment. Said, thinking, looked up and smiled and said The tree, you are on the line. I, I go. She turned to go. The tree shouted her Dancing. Dancing back ah The tree hesitated for a moment, whispered You own good children, do not worry about me. Dancing stare to see him , The big tree lap a circle, beard twitter, hair is also messy, though still wearing a long before wearing a blue white T shirt, but as if for a person. Sad heart sad, tears misty eyes, she quickly escape the sight of the trees. The tree looked at the dance, whispered Dancing, after you do not see me again. Diao looked up to see him, did not speak. The tree went on to.

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