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Cards Against Humanity What Is It n covered with every corner it can reach An Ruyan suddenly felt like a chest was blocked on a rock, pressure she was fast gas, she stared at the beautiful face of high Tingya, can not imagine she actually destroyed the son of the perfect image to achieve their goals. She has reached her purpose, and her heart is now getting sick However, seeing Gao Tingya face floating proud smile, her heart filled with a burst of strong unwilling, she has been defeated by her, then why do you let the opponent so complacent Even lost, but also let her know that she is not so good bullying. So, she stabilized a bit of mind, rectify the face, said lightly Mrs. Zhang said, the past thing Well, I can not care, it can only not care about, after all, before he married, or free ,right Gao Tingya did not expect just to see she was knocked down the embarrassment, the next moment she was so indifferent to the up, a moment, slightly open mouth can not react. An Su Yan stood up and nodded to her, said Mrs. Zhang, thank you for your coffee, I. have something in the laboratory, to stay with. Goodbye The best never see Finished, do not wait for her reaction, went out from the run. An Su Yan walking in the streets, a deep helpless grabbed her heart. The streets are always bustling crowd, ambiguous advertising, exquisite windows, complete the goods, this is the bustling commercial society, the reality of the material world. Flowers and willow gree. {

t is the Amitabha Buddha, I do not have to ask them to reply Look, as early as we still old well, it is best to speak, and we asked him what to what, I have several papers on this side of the template, Borrow you also refer to An Su Yan smiled and shook his head, Chiang Kai shek most can not understand is the old students. Hey What are you going to do today, why do you run the dormitory I want to get married Zuo Yumin not without proud to announce, to clean up, but also specifically to inform you, the gift can not be less ah Congratulations to me. Yes, congratulations and congratulations I cards against humanity what is it wish you a hundred years of good together, early Takako You sing with women, fly together Come one step further An Suyan said with a smile. Well, u n well enough. An Su Yan some puzzled and asked You are also too anxious it, and then a few months will not graduate it Bi industry from the. easy to do, is not it better Why hurry in the moment Zuoyu Min in her head knocked a note, I am also anxious than I am more anxious Fortunately, the provisions must be at least twenty years old before approval, otherwise I do not know to squeeze into What time do you think it s easy to stay at home now Indeed, now the status of college teachers have gone up, and the qualifications have been selected by the domestic doctor raised to Dr. returnees, master students even more famous school, local, foreign to send a different level, Zuo Yu Min But a.said. Jiang Chengzhen this person how Sad hearts whispered, but also pulled the stool to sit down and said We are friends in the bedroom Jiang Cheng Zhen Friendship bedroom This kind of thing is boring, just entered the university when the boys and girls are a bit inexplicable excitement, all faculties and classes are popular one to one friendship, dance their bedroom is the girls floor 421, Jiang Chengzhen their bedroom Is the boys floor of the 421, Jiang Chengzhen on behalf of their bedroom to send a letter of confession, so so together. Although the friendship, but only to eat a meal, each other quietly looked at some of the girls here did not find a possibility, the boys seem to be not particularly interested in them, so fade down, we just meet When the polite some trouble. How the bamboo suddenly mentioned Jiang Cheng Zhen came Dancing sit still, and stood up, reached out and grabbed the bamboo ears, kneading ah rubbing. I told me to go out and watch a movie. cards against humanity what is it Ah Danced excitedly jumped and said The first person to pu. rsue you Dancing has asked home bamboo, Greek do not want to love in college In fact, she is very eager to come to a real love in college. The whole story of love in the days of high school depression has long been described over thousands of times, even the dialogue are good. The best meet in the rain in the library, the air filled with grass incense, wearing a white dress holding the book sta.She turned to the upstairs. Thunder standing downstairs, heart panic, almost want to rush to dance down and continue to listen to their own interpretation. He took out the cigarettes in his pocket and dashed one with his trembling hands in his mouth. and felt bitter and bitter. Dancing standing on the fourth floor of the balcony, condescending look at him, look at his mouth that burst of fire flash. Goose feather snow from the sky, like the continuous rolling down, dancing in the balcony and downstairs like the Thunder, almost into a snowman. The next morning, the dance started a high fever, bamboo had to leave school in the bedroom to take care of her. Dance has been do not want to speak, home Zhu asked and asked, she refused to speak. Home bamboo had to again and again for her to change the towel, fed her to eat antipyretics. Dancing cards against humanity christmas wake up and sleep and wake up, wake up in the afternoon began to slowly fever. When she woke up, the house was relying on her bed to see the novel. Bamboo put down the book for her press the press corner wake up Burn back, you then take a good sleep for a while. Dancing smile I always give trouble, really Bamboo laugh how do you suddenly with me polite up Do you want to eat orange Especially sweet. Dancing nodded, home bamboo str. ipped a piece into her mouth sweet not sweet Dancing nodded, home bamboo laugh of course sweet, and your lover to buy it. Doubts asked Who bought Bamboo s.

Cards Against Humanity What Is It looked up har. d, softly said What Dancing dumbfounded with what in the playground around the runway circle, sometimes stunned. Why not speak more. Walking two laps, how to say Dancing, I run this time every day. Dancing ah a cry, said Now the school popular night running He said This time few people. There is no way to dance. She is now very chaotic heart. For a long time no one, and he was walking around. But cards against humanity what is it what about it God knows how to dance like to ask his feelings, how cards against humanity black friday 2016 to persuade him to be happy, how to comfort him, how to tell his own thoughts, but what role If her comfort and useful, why not so long to come to her If her consolation is useless, why tell him her thoughts. Ah, she has not qualified to say this to other boys, big tree is serious boyfriend. I heard that you had a boyfriend, he said, how are you now I heard that you had cards against humanity what is it a boyfriend. It is said that Did he also inquire about her Chanting whispered You listen to who said What to say 94 famous handsome child Tong tree name grass, not pass the uproar Dancing hea. rd his tone of irony, a little unhappy, Do not want to analyze his thoughts. How to feel the joy of dancing, and my heart sighed and said, The boy is very good, very healthy sunshine. I cards against humanity what is it did not know how to answer. He said, Dancing, he is very suitable for you, you are so innocent and lovely girl is the need for a sunny person to give you the most energetic love. Dancing blurted out But.w above the window opened half of the examples of cards against humanity early autumn of the wind a little cool, pulling the opposite of a person occupied by the book, crashed to turn a page and a page. The sigh of a sigh, looked up and saw a boy at the same table smiled and looked at her. She was a bit embarrassed, and feel strange, could not help but read the boys eyes. The boy simply put down the book, smiled and said Hello, I am the family of bamboo economic law class column. Duo no echo, looked back at home bamboo. Home bamboo also put down the book, with the dance said ah, Fang and I together on the economic. law class. Dancing shook his head, back to the red boy smiled ah, I and a bamboo house, I called the forest I do not speak. The rest of the table looked up at them with dissatisfaction. Tongue down to read the book. 10 o clock to play the bell bell, dancing books stand up, home bamboo also pick up things, Fang said home bamboo, your jurisprudence notes to me okay This weekend I missed a section. Bamboo notes to him, said ah, to you, how the first class on the leak. Dancing to open the stool to go out, back with them two said how you just class to recognize Bamboo said This is not easy, the seat chanting together. Fang La laugh and the family of bamboo a class of the best thing is to take notes, she will not miss, and will not skip class. Three people talk and laugh down the steps of the library, the column said I want to turn, and tomorr.

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