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Cards Against Humanity Walmart will be understood as acquiescence especially on some sensitive issues even more so even though you have trouble afterwards to no avail.As the valley of the country, and now this state can be said to be your hand But if you think that you are reluctant to give up this relationship is quite difficult, or may wish to carefully think about it, whether you are not just for her simple brother and sister feelings after all, she and you I can not speak too much, and I can only talk about my own experience. And he is not in silence, the valley of China is different from the past with those of his girls, she can not hold the game attitude, and to say that love is love for her, he always thought that far, until now no Want to pass, hey He threw away, regardless of her The front of the checkpoint is the old side to open the report, fast Sister, borrow your opening report reference, do not stingy ah In fact, this is He came to the greatest purpose An Su Yan with a wry smile shook his h. ead, to find out his report. They talked for a while, they are a mentor, the subject is also related. After discussion, to Hee and stood up and asked Sister, how do you have that little way today I was not hurry to leave ah An Suyan smiled, he has not come for some days, do not know how is it. Hee and looked at her with astonishment. What s the matter An Yan Yan looked at his exaggerated expression. cards against humanity walmart Oh Come and sigh, Sister ah When you really.et. How. Not jumping howling it We go together Come and join us in front of the desk. An Suyan looked up to him, smiled and said You come to find a girl to accompany you to listen to the concert, is not a call ah Why must I find me To hee and Pie Piezui, if it is jumping howl concert, casually find someone else fills, this nostalgic concert, I am afraid they will doze off Well Do not dawdle Walk away And cards against humanity walmart then do not go too late He took her windbreaker, urged Come on An Yu Yan cards against humanity walmart shook his head and stood up and took the windbreaker. After listening to the concert back to school, is more than ten o clock in the evening. Into the school gate, to hee and smiled and said If you now see that we are small together, I am afraid that the knife will kill me on the spot Then, wanted to pull the face of makeup. An Su Yan quickly dodge, open his hand, Why are you Hee He and wronged to say I have nothing to do, was killed not wronged Besides, let you see how much I come to die Teach you to regret, did not choose my love is how much Mistakes. all the apartment up and down, who do not know that I love you into the crazy, only you questioned all day unbelieving. You do not come ah An Su Yan left him far, funny and said You wolf came called too much Really want to be with you, all day long enough to think this sentence is fake It is still like a fake really Not tired of the early death of the strange Oh, he said, it seems that my imag.

oked back and said No, is my fault. My heart first left him.If I love him, I should fight for his Explain, rather than wait for him to go away. She looked up at home bamboo Bamboo, I do not love him, right I am so negative is to let him give way to the Thunder right She said this, I was shocked by myself Bamboo said Dancing, you do not think so, how to give yourself the wrong pick it Dancing tears bone roll down Really, home bamboo, I was too bad, I must think of the subconscious mind. One night, dancing did not sleep well, she felt himself thoroughly to see their own heart, but was intimidated by this heart, tossing and turning, can not sleep. The next day, dancing with two dark circles up and grooming. Home bamboo looked at her, a little worried, but do not know how to persuade to do, but for her rice washing dishes, with her behind busy busy out. Finally, even the other people feel strange. Big ring said home bamboo, you follow the dance do Home bamboo laugh I went with her. Third ring said Hey, not follow her what is it, do you two people on the magnet Bamboo said Do not talk, you do not go to class There is no class this morning Sanzu said This morning I have no class, bamboo you do not have class Dancing the hair comb, Bamboo you go to class, I want to go out. The three ring said dance is how today, talking mo. squitoes called the same. Bamboo said dance you waiting cards against humanity near you for me, I go out with you. She also took t.d, like a period of youthful years in this dormitory. Locked in the lock of the moment, the tears of two girls fell on the lock, the tears divided into two halves, fell in the bedroom door on the cement threshold. They slowl. y out of the campus all the way, to the door, three people could not help but stop looking back, the campus is still so beautiful, but this is not their campus. Bamboo, you say when we can go back to school with the time Bamboo said Maybe a year, maybe five years, maybe ten years, maybe twenty years. Dancing nodded It may be a lot of years, but we must come back together again and again. To the train station on the road, dance and home bamboo did not speak, more than two months of graduation farewell has let them have nothing to need to tell each other, but such a long farewell did not eliminate their sadness, two women The child holding his hand tightly, quietly listening to each other s heart hanging, can not use words to express. To the station, three people have been the kind of farewell scene to scare the scene, all the graduates of the situation as if the collective outbreak in the farewell platform, full of crying scene, a group of boys are washed on the train below Farewell crowd singing friends , and soon. the train up and down began to sing this song, crying in the song more and more intensely. You are going to be careful, ah, I ll give you the sour plum you remember to drink soaked.a deep transpiration of the heat and grass incense. Chapter 12 Day 2 morning, dancing up early, she was lying on the bed, watching the family bamboo carrying a box to say goodbye to you, dancing loudly said home bamboo, you ha. ve to give me the phone, the summer time is too long, I will Want to miss you. Everyone laughed, second ring said simply let the family bamboo married dancing forget, lingering to death. Home bamboo dancing waved You quickly get up, do not rely on friends You do not have to call me for a long time. Dancing and other bamboo shut the door, only from the bed down, she was wearing a short pajamas, long legs exposed, stepping on the stool to stand up to the table hanging in the middle of the clothes hanging in the room. The second leg says, It s so nice to have a long leg. Said Why is the second, the first who Diao laughed Wang Zuxian chant. Everyone is the first time in the world, Laugh again, all praise is really modesty. Dancing took the clothes and sat down on the bed. Softly humming the song, she put the clothes socks hair face cream tape novel a lot of stuff stuffed into a huge shoulder bag to go. When I first entered the university, I had to make a fabulous look with my own bamboo to wash my clothes and wash her t. wo jeans. She cut her mind completely and obediently took her clothes every week and went home. From home for a number of clean clothes back. Home bamboo laugh at her, she also.

Cards Against Humanity Walmart n imagine, and his love will be how strenuous Anyway, she is not enough courage to accept this challenge. So, for Zhao Limin frequent show, she is able to hide is to hide, can push is pushed, pretend not to know, it can not escape, and must pull one or two colleagues peer. However, this Zhao Limin also do not know is really slow, or perseverance, but it is put her. Now, see him getting closer and closer to her, she can not help but lament in the heart, today do not know how to send him. Not much time, Zhao Limin has come to her before, blocking her path An teacher, I have two disco coupons here, we go together tonight. Zhao Limin eager to say. I m sorry, I have something tonight. She immediately refused. She never went cards against humanity walmart to any entertainment, what karaoke, dance halls, bars, all she was classified as colored trading station , never involved. Even the school ballroom, she never go. And this Zhao Li. min apparently even her this kind of good and evil did not find clear, but also talk about what to pursue her You have no boyfriend, what will happen Zhao Limin said. An Suyan heart sigh. About her no boyfriend this matter, as early as her first came when those kind of uncle, aunt who inquired to do, the introduction of the object also happened, have been her high scary so called mate selection criteria Refused. In fact, there is nothing in her mind can operate the standard , but always annoyed by these trivia, jokes a pa.y take the initiative and her reconciliation, this time and did not take the initiative to surrender. Dressed in a book sitting in front of the desk, heart sigh his son and mother s feelings, after all, deep, their own play cards against humanity outsiders also expect him to be more considerate of their own. Suddenly heard the sound of her mother to open the door, think of their own have not cooked, and quickly jump up. She went to the door and took the basket of her mother s hand. My mother nodded It. is the book to read, you leave for so long, do not see more than half an hour or so. Dancing in the dance, Do you have to do it Spit the tongue Mom, my transcripts came, all 85 points or more, this semester and you can take scholarships. Mom laughed Yes Even the math are tested 85 points Duo proudly laugh Of course, the line on behalf of my test of 88. Mom washed her eyes It seems that the university is eager to learn, you have not passed high school mathematics, college entrance examination math test how much 60 70 Mom is not allowed to mention the old imperial calendar, to look to the future. Night dance and my parents did not go out for a walk, she took out the time to buy how to get your cards against humanity books to see. Cultural Journey is the best selling book of this period, dancing silently watching, read a dynasty of the back , cards against humanity walmart very moved, read the article whispered again, suddenly the phone rang. Is the bamboo phone. Dad said Bamboo you do What is it Home bamboo laugh.

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