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Cards Against Humanity Walgreens e great space may be preserved bones for future generations to pay tribute, in the end who is not a handful of loess, a box of ashes, neither the name of the ancient ages, can not live forever. This life is no more than this just one side of the pillow, a meditation case, that s all. Now, and have the affectionate affectionate as you, has been far more than my he. art in the deepest hope ah So far enough Say that the woman is water, if it must be water, I only wish the mountains a stream of spring, do not have magnificent, do not have to accommodate rivers, since the self purification, self singing, there are breeze phase, This is a place between heaven and earth harmony. Everything is natural. I thought that the trickle of the distant long, is the eternal love forever the only way ah. Living in the hustle and bustle of the city s reinforced concrete jungle, could not help but think in this eyeful of floating light after the glance, there are a few people believe in love, and silly do not change this truth I m afraid there is not much left Because of this, this life has you, to the great fortune Hing, do not know if you have said This life of this world, the most moving my heart of the sentence is the highest level of love is loyal to the waiting. Those who can die for you may not be waiting for you. what you said in the first letter you wrote to me. Hing, let us wait for eac. h other loyalty Area two thousand mil.ulate not to doubt, to clearly understand the Thunder to clarify this misunderstanding. Dance that this must be a misunderstanding, the Thunder must have their own interpretation. The rain has stopped, but the temperature is even lower, the tree of cards against humanity walgreens water droplets frozen into crystal like ice beads, dancing did not mind to watch the beauty of the winter morning, she walked to the Thunder s dormitory, footsteps, The To the thunder of the bedroom door, she hesitated, just reach out and gently knock on the door. Is the thunder to the door, he wore a sweater with a washbasin, saw a darling a moment, and quickly pull. ed her into the bedroom. I can come in Thunder laugh Yes, Zhang Guolin early to go out, I am late from here. Dodo cramped to cards against humanity walgreens pick a stool to sit down, boys dormitory unique The taste of muddy muddy around her head more dizzy. Thunder put the basin, dragged a stool to sit next to her how come So early to come. Dancing to see him, his eyes a little swollen, hair a little mess, but the smile is so kind and gentle, so People feel at ease. Dodging sigh, clinging to his neck, buried into his neck, said softly Thunder. Thunder hand patted her, softly said how a little fool. For a while, the Thunder said Dancing, let me wash my face is good, stinky. Dancing nodded, the Thunder rushed her laugh, and scratched her nose, only the end of the basin out. Dancing thought, went to the front of the bed of the Thunder, look.

ah Home bamboo laugh is actually shot, I do not believe he can take the rank. To the bed, and twisted his face to see the family bamboo how do you and the party Bamboo said What is it like Diao pull up the account, stepped on the table to climb home bamboo bed up. Home bamboo laugh You come to make up what lively, shaking my dizzy. Dancing around the bamboo waist, smiled and said home bamboo, side column has not said anything Home bamboo laugh He wants to show What Dancing big shaking his head, home bamboo turned smile Oh, you do not dazzle, hair brush the same hair, all get my neck to go. Diao said side so shy ah, so For a long time, I have anxious for him. Home bamboo lau. gh You do not chaos mandarin duck spectrum, I see people do not have this meaning. Duo said Yes ah, I can not old, You cranky, the results of people ruthless, you should be more uncomfortable ah. Then laughing at home bamboo. Bamboo sighed Well, miss, you go please, I am now uncomfortable. Two people finally finished washing finished, said home bamboo, we go to see the side of the game it. Home bamboo said Hey, you athletes do not participate in the Games Laughs He only Do not you meet today Diao said He wants to go to the cards against humanity walgreens city, ask the business to study the information. Home bamboo laugh Thunder is really a thing to do things. People, never lazy, how do you like such a lazy egg Diao laugh Complementary ah, comrades, this is called complementa.hink your mother said that what is not what My self esteem is not affected The big tree whispered Of course my mother tone is a little bit, but my mother has always been so to speak, you later used to. Dancing grunted, an atmosphere of anger together, she. said loudly No later I will never see your mother Big tree frown how could not see it, my mother, you and I together, how can I not see my mother Diao biting his lips nodded That s right, then we break up, so I will not see her. The tree immediately grabbed her arm how do you say so dancing Because my mother said a few words you do not ears, it is necessary to break up with me You are so I am not happy Dancing said Do not let me be cards against humanity uk edition unhappy, but if your explanation makes me satisfied, I can endure it, and you do not feel that I have been wronged and how can I endure it Two people in the sun shouting, the yard into and out of the people are looking at them, the tree a little bit embarrassed, dragged out of walking, dancing hard to dump his hand is also off off, had to go with him , Feel anger was breathless. Two people Deng Deng go for a long way, dancing before the tree to get rid of the arm, the tree also stopped, loudly said dance How do you Adults say you two, you are so unhappy No matter what the mother said or. her tone is what the problem, my mother is the mother You can not be so great for the elders of life Dancing hard and hum I do not know you are such.ickly said Yes, yes, I see Guo Xiu playing cards and my style is more like, I do not know what to do, If the cooperation, we must all get on the ground. Sad hearts very grateful, and quickly stood up and Zhang Guolin for seats. The next card is very smooth, the Thunder is not how to speak, playing cards are very cards against humanity third expansion smart, he out of the card to see a dance to see how to do Relaxed mood, dance began to think, and several times out of the very good, looked up to see the Thunder to encourage and praise the eyes. Finally, they actually than Guo Xiu and Zhang Guolin first hit A, Guo embroidered shouting Oh, Zhang Guolin you really will not play cards Also just a little better than the dance nothing to see, how good people play Thunder, then dancing so Stupid can bring a good. Thunder laugh Guo embroidery do not say so, after dancing later played very well, it seems that she entered the situation after the players. Laughs where, do not boast me. I can not afford to boast, a boast on. the fluttering, stay will be on the ceiling to float under the next. Everyone laughed. Dance to see the watch, said to Guo Xiu Let s go, fast 10 o clock, aunt to close. Zhang Guolin quickly stood up and said I sent you I sent you and then look back at the Thunder You also sent Thunder laugh Well. 4 people down the floor, slowly walking will dance their dormitory. The wind at night is a bit cool, the campus lush trees all become black in the dar.

Cards Against Humanity Walgreens ly as this Daojiu promised to stand up, stood up and wanted to drink water, the phone rang. Duo hurriedly picked up the handset, and sometimes did not hold the stability also fell on the table, she quickly picked up, fed a cry. But it is Zhang Shushu s voice, so hard to make a smile to let her mother to listen to the phone. Dance station to the balcony up to see the white flower of the sun shines on the opposite side of a person s wi. ndow reflects the dazzling light, thinking how the tree does not come to explain the phone Do not you explain it Do not you apologize My mother came to pull the dance into the room, said So hot what you do on the balcony, the sun according to it, all of a sudden black.Zhang Shushu want us to go to the reservoir outing, do you want to go Dad said We do not know that should not stay at home and other big tree phone, my heart contradictory hate, on the one hand that the tree should have been to the phone, let go He could not find it is deserved on the other hand there is hope, hope that the tree can call to make it clear. Dad went to the balcony to get the fishing rod, and my mother bragging to say how much fish to catch, dance in the room walking around, eyes still staring at the phone, I hope it hurry up. Waiting for half an hour, danced to eat breakfast also, parents are out to stop, ready to start, the phone is still no sound, dance decided not to wait. She put the jeans on, wearing.ere are two fingers of the red mark. Home bamboo said is his handwriting Sorrows sigh. Bamboo said It is really cruel, how to get the next hand. Diao said He is not intentional. Bamboo got up to take safflower oil, dance said You look at my back, It seems pain. Bamboo put aside clothes looked ah, red, but also rub a piece of oil skin. Diao said Oh, my cards against humanity walgreens body a few days just fine, the tree does not know to How long will it be restored Bamboo said, Do not consider him anymore, so that the barbarous man is not seen before, and he breaks up and saves it later. Dance did not pick up the cavity, let the bamboo to her rubbing the wound, tears slowly cards against humanity walgreens flowing through the cheek, printed wet pillow. The next day she did not class, lying in the dormitory, has been stared, mind trance. At noon, the family of bamboo to bring her back, softly complain You ah, lovelorn people are not. you, do not make the whole bedroom are concerned about you. Diao said casually, love do not see. Bamboo said We bedroom you are not a few sisters you do not know, do not let them go to the outside to say the mouth. Diao said There is a tree message Bamboo said I asked Their class, said that today did not go to their class of the big class, it is estimated to play truant.I cards against humanity case want to normal, you are playing truant, not to mention him Duo said Do not accident ah. Bamboo said Do not bother you, do not worry about the blind, maybe two days, the day the cloud.

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