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Cards Against Humanity Vacation to catch up, said seriously When will I harass you, this hat can not cover.I am confident that today there is no bad move, you fall from the sky like standing in front of me, scare me, I. do not complain about you. Do not fight yourself is a girl can be reversed black and white. Do not talk to the wind, the letter into the thunder of the hands, said The evidence is here, I do what Wrongly you.This person is really abnormal. Thunder opened the letter, looked at, could not help but laugh. Dancing frowned pouting mouth, and my heart a little nervous, thunder so suddenly smile, she suddenly felt dangerous, this person seems nervous is not normal ah, dancing slowly back, want to secretly go. Thunder laughing tears, looked up and saw the dance has been retreated to the hall side, and quickly took a few steps, said Dancing You are dancing right Dancing did not dare to dare to shake his head, staring at the Thunder The Thunder said Dancing, I think you misunderstood, I am not writing to you people. I stood here is waiting for my fellow to give me something, the results left and so on and so on to you. Dancing incredible to see him not you write the letter Thunder certainly nodded I am not you. I do not know. you. Neck and arms are red up. She could not wait to find a seam. She said in a stack I m sorry sorry. Fumble from the steps flew down. Ran back to the bedroom, home bamboo is not, dancing from the table on the table.ng past, pulled the stool and sat down beside him. Thunder back to her smile, softly said Come Dancing nodded, the Thunder put a book in front of her Last time to send your gift, brought you today. Dancing said What book ah, the package was so tight. Thunder laugh Now do not split, so when you are a person when the demolition, or I will be shy. Dancing nodded, the book to take good. Thunder said Do we go out so good Speaking here will affect others. They two out of the library, the Thunder squinting look at the day, back to the red smiled and said You know it This weather is said to be sweet scented osmanthus. Dancing back to see him, my heart flicker. Chapter 27 Thunder to take the dance of the book cards against humanity vote for trump pack took over their own holding, casually turned. over and said You this semester to the international trade Dancing said, the Thunder said light to see the textbooks have no way to master these letters written, I have a full English international business correspondence , or go to my dormitory to show you can learn more formal writing. Diao said Now do not want to move tomorrow you have time to me. Thunder look back Look at her, pondered a moment, said dance, unhappy or because of yesterday s thing Diao looked up to see him, just relax a little heart and taut, and Thunder to see her, my heart is also a little worried. Although he promised to be with him, but these two days has been a trance, he seems to feel their hearts.

find girls The tree is so blatant, but this is his advantage, friends on the way to help carry something, delivery station what is nothing. The dance was shocked to know how to speak, suddenly heard the corridor of the trumpet ring Lin Diao, someone to find. She immediately stood up and grabbed the purse and said Feng Yin I go out. Feng Yin turned Come and laugh and say, Come on, cards against humanity vacation the wind is big today. Did not listen to what she said, no longer want to hear, pedal to rush downstairs, eyes could not help but red. Went to the corner of the stairs, danced to stop and breathe. Tears fell, she reached out and messed up, think of the mother of the tree actually let Feng Yin to investigate themselves, angry like a chest plug a batting, all the way to plug the throat eyes, choking there can not breathe. Continue to go on. Dancing himself with their own, think of the tree like nothing to Shanghai, but also to find Feng Yin to send stations, dance feel more humiliating than sad. Tong Da shu had no heart so no liver, t. hen even if the bar Dancing clenched lips, not without you can not pass She leaned against the wall, felt dizzy, hard to take a deep breath to restore the smooth breathing, okay, well, a beat it again. She held her head for a while, so head is not so dizzy, and then slowly go downstairs to go. Thunder really stood at the door, he stood outside, his hands poked in the pants pocket, do not know what to thinke is a good at home waiting for you, it happens is your mother like, a family are happy, no better than this. She turned back , The tree biting her lips to see her back, a punch on the wall, fingers off the bleeding. Dancing on the staircase handrail, hesitate to go home or go to the tree. Her intention is not to so angered the tree, she would like to ask very much want to listen to the tree that everything is misunderstanding, or cloud clear, beautiful scenery. But she is unable to control their own emotions, the kind of unpleasant fire as hidden in her heart, as long as there is a Mars will be able to burn her full of anger. Dancing erase tears, heart depressed incomparable. When t. he tree came home with a black face, Feng Yin noticed his look, did not speak. Feng Yin mother said tree, where to go We come to you to get the wind dust, you ran outside the play to go. Big tree mother said to the blue ah, so that is still a good girl, you look shade Children so good, has been with you, talk about the solution of boredom, more intimate ah. Which I like a monkey, a somersault turned out on the thousands of miles. Feng Yin said Jiang aunt, after the tree does not accompany You go to me, I pull my mother together, accompanied by a companion is also accompanied by two is not to accompany. To the blue smile Look at the child said, like to accompany us to work like. Sitting next to, thinking about the words of the dance.ind, when the time to give me grievances I have a sentence with a face He s a bit unhappy, he knocked the table with chopsticks how do you think so much, where will you be aggrieved Bamboo frowned Why do not you go to our house Side grin grin Of course, marry chicken with chicken, marry a dog with the dog Well, who heard of chicken with chicken, married dog with the dog Bamboo Pooh a cry Who will marry you, the beauty of you. Laugh Well, well, I thought you had to quarrel, are worried about it, you have to play a gun came. She went to the house of bamboo and the side of the cups are continued to tea, the side cup said touch what touched, I wish you all find a good job, everyone wants to do Three people side of the cup touched and looked up and drank. And you ha. ve a cup of bamboo, and the bamboo and the side of the column, said This cup I respect you, I hope you are happy, home bamboo, she stared at the bamboo You do not old and side trouble, college love can Righteousness does not seem to be good and evil to give me the confidence of love, do not let me love the word and then disappointed. She Yang Bo drink, home bamboo worried about her, hold down her hand, Softly said Well, well, do not drink, I know what you mean Chuckle Stop me doing, drink tea, not wine. Side of the laughter, but also end of the cup against each other in one fell swoop I have to respect you Dancing, know so long, you whatever the words and.

Cards Against Humanity Vacation g suddenly pushed the door came in, loudly shouting 93 how the accident Dancing the boom of the startled, from bed suddenly sat up, home bamboo looked at her, made a wink, dancing did not move, staring straight on the big ring, expression is very nervous. Big ring said I heard that he and his hometown girlfriend broke up, the girl suicide His parents have come to school. Dancing jumped from the bed, opened the door and ran out, home. bamboo quickly took her cotton to chase out. Danced to the downstairs, suddenly stopped the foot, home bamboo quickly rushed over the cotton draped over her body. Dancing back home watching bamboo, the bamboo was shocked, her face unusually pale, cards against humanity christmas eyes full of tears, but unusually bright, there is light from the inside shot out. I do not know where to find him. Bamboo quickly hugged and said, It does not matter if it does not matter, we go to their bedroom to see if it is good. This is the first time to dance to where the bedroom, no one bedroom, the door is open hole. Dancing slowly walked in, one to see what its hair blue sportswear spread in the inside of a shop. She walked past, why the bed is very clean, there is no habitual boy dirty way, the quilt was very neat, bed shelf is also very pure, only books and a tape recorder, and did not see his girlfriend photos. Dancing standing there, do not know how to do Home bamboo embrace her hand, but also a bit overwhelmed. Suddenly the doo.t did not expect is a soft nail. However, she had seen the big world of people, what tough Zhu Er did not come across She changed a topic, then said I heard that you are five years older than Xing Xing. was cards against humanity vacation his teacher An Ruyan smiled and replied Yes I graduated from college to study in Hua Yi, then he went to college I gave them classes with the experiment. Well, you said, of course, you do not misunderstand, and now this time Well, what is possible, I will not Because of this against your contacts.In fact, I personally think that as long as Xing Xing like their own, after all, parents can not live with him for a lifetime. Well, I can see that Mrs. Zhang is very open person. An Suyan heart funny, but the mouth or so to say. Gao Tingya smiled and waved his hand, gotta keep up with the development of cards against humanity vacation the times See An Ruyan no longer drink that cup of black coffee, she knew that Miss Ann does not like this taste Oh, said An Yan, I am not used to drinking coffee, usually only cards against humanity vacation drink green tea rarely come to the cafes, generally only on the teahouse. Gao Tingya seems to this epiphany, and then disdain to say The kind of teahouse, people and more complex, messy with the restaurant is no different, not on the grade You s. hould be used to coffee Museum, Western restaurant this elegant style of the place, relatively quiet, there are taste. is it An Ruyan cards against humanity vacation in the heart laugh, noncommittal. Gao Tingya a game like cards against humanity see her did not respond.

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