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Cards Against Humanity Us Treasury ee the dance. Dad had to stand up, barely smiled Well, cards against humanity all cards thank you teacher Zhang, then I do not delay your time. She turned to go out, stopped at the door, and turned back and asked Zhang teacher, you this time Test of the host is not Feng Yin Zhang film shocked a moment, then smiled and said ah, ah, forget you are a school, and should know. Dancing take a deep breath, Smiled and said softly So, teacher Zhang, I go, goodbye. She slowly withdrew, gently helped Zhang film to bring the office door, leaning against his office outside the wall made a while stay, eyes sour. For a while, she slowly walked out, my mind while burst of buzz, temporarily lost the ability to think. Chapter 47 To the outside of the TV station was a cold wind, dance was a little better. She looked back at the building, tears could not help Qin Shen eyes, she waved his. hand hard to wipe, and slowly go out. The mind quickly turned a variety of ideas, think of Feng Yin, my cards against humanity us treasury heart was a colic. She went to the bus station, stood silently, did not mind, suddenly saw a man standing in front of her subconsciously step back, hear the tree quietly shouting dance. Morning tree mother gave him a call, let him go to the television station to support Feng Yin first recorded program. The head of the tree. He ran out of the clothes, all the way to anxious tension, he did not think of Feng Yin so fast to get things on the TV station, my mind Feng Yin proud smile. {

a, dance and class girls together head and head squatting look The camera, the photographer made a OK gesture, they are laughing and jokingly stand straight. Dancing at a circle of trees standing outside the circle. Tree silently watching the dance, she was like a blooming pink blue flowers in the sunset, long hair supple dressed, the slightest strands of b. rush in her smooth shoulders, pink blue skirt wrapped with her slim Body, rose clouds as if to stay on her cheek, the tree kind of not afraid to look at the feeling, like a glowing stars, Yao was his eyes open. Big tree heart mixed feelings, a word difficult. Dancing and trees across the slapstick crowd watching each other, the breeze is also pulling the tree s hair, blowing a mess of the shape, after a cards against humanity us treasury while, the dance was determined, smiling and walked over. She stood next to the tree, looked up and asked Come to me The tree a little nervous, he adjusted for a while to breathe, said Well, I was passing, and later saw you, stopped. Jumped down and smiled and asked What Big tree nodded Do you have time We go good Dancing smiled and nodded. They walked slowly all the way, the sunset has been down, Choi Ha from the rose into a purple, in the blue sky against the background, exceptionally beautiful. Dancing breath in the air of the grass and flowers, sigh and said This beautiful scenery and fragrant taste, can only enj. oy two days, July 2 will leave school. The.ked at the tree, and the tree s. tared at her. The tree said Is it because he, you want to break up with me is not you betray me Said the chill Even if the world is not thunder, I will break up with you. You want to bully me to cards against humanity us treasury bully me , I want to ignore me, want to reconcile with the good, how can this reason I summer and so you explain so long, that time you do what Now so brutal, how can you let me Break up with you Big step on the tree, a pull the dance of the arm, hard to dance to his side, dance wrist burst bit of bitter pain, she could not help but a cards against humanity election cry. The tree said summer vacation At that time you and he came from Actually I will not believe Feng Yin s words, but also for your excuse Diao said snapped Feng Yin All your news from Feng Yin here You do not know why she is so keen on your care, maybe she fell in love with you, is waiting for you to run towards her, and you are willing to take care of her, Big tree white face You do not put the responsibility to the people who is simply you like the old water absorbent Yang Hua. Dancing was. his breath out of tears, her face angrily looked at the tree, tears cards against humanity costume poured out from the eyes, Swallows down. The tree was her crying palpitation, put her wrist, step back. I just want to break up with you and never go back, he said. She turned away, tears from the face slipped to the neck, wet. Trees look at the back of the dance, but also pouring tears, he casually rub.the school principals, the principal finally relieved, the principal wife that is, the academic director Qi Shufang has been worried that this beautiful girl can bring high school class The reality of the prejudice is the general beautiful girl, always look useless. Now with An Su Yan such an example, I believe that after a lot of recruitment of some beautiful female teacher, so beautiful campus more icing on the cake, it can be cards against humanity us treasury considered a trip to China. Otherwise, the light around the school rate, the quality of students, the level of teaching and so on, hired are some brand name schools of retired teachers, special teachers these middle aged or middle aged teachers, so that should be filled with youth The campus is a lot of depression. An Su Yan closed lesson plans, announced get out of class. An teacher, squad leader Zhu Li Zheng came up, thi. s afternoon s class, you will come Of course, will come. An Suyan smiled and said, I am your agent class teacher, is not it Well, Zhu Li hesitated a moment, we discuss the theme of puppy love today, this You can rest assured that I will listen to the audience as a listener, and the students can speak their minds, but in the end I will make a concluding statement, can you Zhu Li Zheng, although also think of the teacher may not be as Li as a full lead to the class discussion, but did not think she actually only asked for the final statement, and even their discussion of.

Cards Against Humanity Us Treasury bamboo and got up several times to her for a towel Fed the water. Wake up in the morning, the dance feel that the head is not so heavy, she opened her eyes to see the bamboo sitting next to the table combing hair, big ring quit standing next to wear cotton. She grunted, three people looked back at her. Bamboo said You woke up, I felt like a fever back a little, I accompany you to the hospital it. Big ring two wrapped wrapped in the body are bowed down, everyone dancing face And said really can toss ah, congratulations on the first day of your New Year spent in bed. Duo said Come on, you have a large event Big ring side wrapped around the scarf said Our fellow according to the snow Doubts and asked The other person The second ring said You feel at ease, everyone has activities. Dude sighed. I do not want to go to the hospital, he said, do not want to eat anything, Bamboo sat cards against humanity us treasury down and tucked over the corner for her, and said, What are you doing yesterday How do you know I saw Zhang Jin this morning, he told me. Dazzled, a little embarrassed, said Zhang Jin this person really broken. Do you know how to have a girlfriend in your home, said Bamboo, how can you know the world. Dancing suddenly felt unable to breathe, her heart heavy hammer look, hands and feet become cold, tears immediately flow down. Home bamboo hurriedly got a towel to her face, said Do not cry, do not cry. Danced hard to hold back tears, could not he.st language off, and then school, the instructor can refer. Dancing was scared of this time, and sometimes do not know how to respond, only know Leng Leng looked at him. Thunder no longer speak, but quietly squatting, watching the dance, Mosa Zhao her cold little hands. Good for a while to say so fast, then you can come back in 99 years, I just w. ork for a year. Thunder nodded Well, the good words come back in 99, when you will be where Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen I went to you. Duo looked at him quietly, suddenly tears fall, snapped in the back of the Thunder on the back. Thunder clinging to her, the dance of the head pressed on his chest, softly said boo hush, I have not gone, just a possible, you cry what ah. Diao said You really hate Why do you want to say that you come to me I seem to see rolling red inside, Brigitte Lin and Qin Han broke up that scene. Thunder laugh fool, how can I go to you No matter where you are in the city, I ll come back to you and stay with you forever. Dancing hold his neck, tears dripping on his shoulder, she whispered Why do you have to study it Thunder do not know is not heard, has not answered her. After that night, although the day and the same as before, but the dance felt a subtle change, the Thunder into the city more frequently, and in the school days have been holding the English book to see, sometimes dancing to watch H. e turned the word look like God lost, as if to do a dr.

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