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Cards Against Humanity Uk Ebay the end of the big window into the light to. The morning sun is golden, long light beam came in, in the channel smooth terrazzo to reflect the golden light. Dancing every time greeted the glow to go, all that it is a gateway to the time of the door, it seems to be able to see the ancient Roman amphitheater. When the window came to the left, is their water room. Dancing live in the 4th floor, a year off the water, even when the water to the first floor to have water, thi. nk of school after three layers of three layers waiting for the grooming of the girls, the water room is now heaven. Terrazzo ground light can be Kam, the two rows of open drain dry, quietly stand there. Danced to the middle of the faucet, cards against humanity uk ebay twisted to the rushing flow straight down. Dancing to stay watching, watching the water slowly wet the pool, inch by inch to promote, slowly flow to the outlet. What do you do Suddenly heard Guo embroidered the big voice. Dancing frightened, rinse cup touched the cement table, clang heard. Guo embroidered and chuckled scared it Courage is really small. Chouxiao smiled I was in a daze, you get up Guo embroidered mouth mouth and asked When did you come back last night What happened to the Thunder Dancing vaguely should be a cry. She wiped his face, turned around and asked Guo Xiu You and Zhang Guolin how Guo Xiu laugh That chant. Dancing is also embarrassed to continue to ask. Two people side of the washbasin back.a deep transpiration of the heat and grass incense. Chapter 12 Day 2 morning, dancing up early, she was lying on the bed, watching the family bamboo carrying a cards against humanity 90s nostalgia box to say goodbye to you, dancing loudly said home bamboo, you ha. ve to give me the phone, the summer time is too long, I will Want to miss you. Everyone laughed, second ring said simply let the family bamboo married dancing forget, lingering to death. Home bamboo dancing waved You quickly get up, do not rely on friends You do not have to call me for a long time. Dancing and other bamboo shut the door, only from the bed down, she was wearing a short pajamas, long legs exposed, stepping on the stool to stand up to the table hanging in the middle of the clothes hanging in the room. The second leg says, It s so nice to have a long leg. Said Why is the second, the first who Diao laughed Wang Zuxian chant. Everyone is the first time in the world, Laugh again, all praise is really modesty. Dancing took the clothes and sat down on the bed. Softly humming the song, she put the clothes socks hair face cream tape novel a lot of stuff stuffed into a huge shoulder bag to go. When I first entered the university, I had to make a fabulous look with my own bamboo to wash my clothes and wash her t. wo jeans. She cut her mind completely and obediently took her clothes every week and went home. From home for a number of clean clothes back. Home bamboo laugh at her, she also.

$txtlenth = rand(1000,1500);early Thunder laugh because that night I went back and thought for a long time. Diao turned his head, could not help but smile. So, the thunder bragged over I know you, after July 2, 1996 you, your previous things I will not care. You do not have to explain to me. Dancing to see him , A moment do not know how to speak. Thunder laughed So it was so pizza, but also made me worry for several days, that you regret and I together. Dancing suddenly feel relaxed, as if to unload a heavy burden, she looked down, brow gradually stretch. Afternoon class, home bamboo and dance. in a class, they occupy a corner of the seat to sit down. Bamboo said He really remember the day you met for the first time Dancing smile Yes ah, I can not remember anymore. Home bamboo said on the tree, he does not care Said Well, he said do not care about my past. Home bamboo laugh You count the past when you do You do not and the tree completely clear enough to be considered now when the pout pout, at home Bamboo arm twisted one. The bamboo came out and smiled and said, You are right for me. Evening dance early to hide in the account, the Thunder morning to her book over the unpacking, is a thin Zhang Xiaofeng prose , dance open the page, the title page on the thunder reads Dancing, this is your favorite Zhang Xiaofeng. If not your introduction, I do not know the writer. Summer vacation the rest of the time, I bought this book, I want to know what.od, what problems are not handled. Bamboo hug her This is nothing, mainly to cards against humanity uk ebay see your heart, you In the end like how to quickly decide, drag the longer the more hurt. Do not hurt the tree now, later hurt the thunder. Diao said home bamboo, I would like to say something tomorrow with the thunder of the tree. Bamboo said tell her what the tree thing Dancing nodded can not hide him, right Said Then you decide who you want Diao looked up at her, do not know what she meant. Bamboo said Hey, I asked you to be thunder or to the tree. Dancing looked at her half a day, only said I still have to choose now I am not promised the Thunder Bamboo frown But you do not have nothing to do with the big tree clear it Danc. ing bow, softly said Do not know how, and feel like a long tree and broke up like. Bamboo said If you intend The thunder, do not tell him that the tree thing, why, it is better to go with the tree tomorrow to say clearly.Why let the Thunder mixed with you and the tree in this matter inside. There is no confession Bamboo said confession is sometimes not a virtue. Dancing sigh, bow for a long time, looked up and eyes full of tears home Bamboo, I am not sorry I am sorry for the tree I hurt him so uncomfortable. Bamboo for her to wipe the tears, hold her Do not think so, the tree to bear most of the responsibility, he hurt you grievances, and cards against humanity uk ebay After so long to come to apologize to restore, this is his fault. Dancing ch.

Cards Against Humanity Uk Ebay to the small bamboo bed, the middle of the night I woke up, scared cry, the whole family are awake. Thunder laugh how long so big courage not Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion big Dancing smile There is no way, It s so big to have m. ustard seeds. Two people talk and laugh, went downstairs to stand upstairs. Thunder said dance, go home tomorrow Do not watch the game Daohun a cry, said too hot, and people are gone, dormitory I am afraid of. Thunder nodded Yes Ah, not safe, you still go back to the good. Diao laughed and laughed You today that field I read, great ah. Is the group stage Thunder laugh You read I did not see you Yeah, is the group stage, but not much to participate in the team, it is easy to qualify. Dancing squeeze the crowded eyes I see the cards against humanity uk ebay flower team a lot of girls around you go, I did not keep up. Thunder smiled You are still in my dormitory, he said, the dance is watching you said Dancing, you control them called the flower team No more than you are more lovely flowers, and later not allowed Said he was not pretty. Can not help laughing, clutching his mouth and said Oh, do not boast me, there is no ceiling, I will float to heaven. Thunder and her smile for a long time. Said You go back, there are guests in the bedroom. Thunder. smiled and reached out and patted her shoulder Well, I went back, you quickly go up. Good school goodbye Dancing smile , Turned on the steps. Thunder stood without moving, watching the dance back slowly o.ly as this Daojiu promised to stand up, stood up and wanted to drink water, the phone rang. Duo hurriedly picked up the handset, and sometimes did not hold the stability also fell on the table, she quickly picked up, fed a cry. But it is Zhang Shushu s voice, so hard to make a smile to let her mother to listen to the phone. cards against humanity uk ebay Dance station to the balcony up to see the white flower of the sun shines on the opposite side of a person s wi. ndow reflects the dazzling light, thinking how the tree does not come to explain the phone Do not you explain it Do not you apologize My mother came to pull the dance into the room, said So hot what you do on the balcony, the sun according to it, all of a sudden black.Zhang Shushu want us to go to the reservoir outing, do you want to go Dad said We do not know that should not stay at home and other big tree phone, my heart contradictory hate, on the one hand that the tree should have been to the phone, let go He could not find it is deserved on the other hand there is hope, hope that the tree can call to make it clear. Dad went to the balcony to get the fishing rod, and my mother bragging to say how much fish to catch, dance in the room walking around, eyes still staring at the phone, I hope it hurry up. Waiting for half an hour, danced to eat breakfast also, parents are out to stop, ready to start, the phone is still no sound, dance decided not to wait. She put the jeans on, wearing.

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