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Cards Against Humanity Two Player I want to go with the Song teacher said Said, dancing you waiting for my good news ah. Dance quickly said Do not, Feng Yin you do not want to say, what is it, no no, you do not say Feng Yin put his hand, smiling Said Dancing you rest assured, Song teacher to me very well, I went to talk that there is no problem. I want to work with you Bamboo mouth interrupted Dancing, we hurry to go, or cards against humanity two player else too late Feng Yin Chong bamboo smiled I am sorry, delay you, then I go first, and then you wait for good news. Home bamboo and so sh. e went far and asked the dance Who is this man Diao said She is Feng Yin. Bamboo nodded The original is her. Dancing stomp Who wants her To say it, really annoying, who let her help. Home bamboo laugh fool, you think she really will help you Really can not see, you can be really stupid. Diao said Oh Do you think she is fake Bamboo said, of course, do you think she ll be right for you Do not, I am very good, do not you accompany. Do not, I do not want you to accompany. She pushed the bamboo to go, the family had just said If you still feel emotional instability, do not tell the Thunder said, more than one person is not a good thing to worry about. Dancing nodded promised. She looked up at the library, a little afraid to go in the face of the thunder, turned to slowly walk in the campus, this year s new students have been enrolled, and is in the playground military training, from the side came t.re the sweater will hurt the head, or blue and white, and my favorite two colors, with you this dark blue big coat. She patted the thunder of the big gown, eyes red. Dancing quickly thrown into the arms of thunder, save him to find. Thunder is also silent for a while, clear voice said Dancing, if I really go, you have to write to me, I write to you every day. Diao laugh I have time Give you write, afraid you do not have time to write. Thunder clinging to her, whispered I want to have been written, never retaliate. Two people are sentimental, quietly holding, listening to the wind from the wind Bundled on the campus s bare tree fork, giving a sharp whistle. The next day to dance and home bamboo to school to buy wool and needle. Pick the best pure wool wool, dark blue. She laughed to the s. econd ring to learn weaving, two quit You have today ah How to say Never do the washing machine and spinning mother. Diao laugh Well, you do not turn the old imperial calendar, you had to put The last time you give your housekeeper brother of the pattern taught me on the line. They drilled into the dance of the book, under the table lamp in close and careful study of patterns. Dance the first woven hair, feel jerky, always out of the needle, had to re weave again and again, the speed is very slow. Although the sweater needle will not stabbed his fingers, but poke to poke, or in the fingers of the stamped out of the traces. She wa.

your story will change my relationship with the small course now, then it is wrong, Although she is indisputable, but not weak can be bullied, first high Tingya s demonstration, and then Zhang Qingyi provocation, can only explain how her existence can not be ignored She had been prepared to accept the challenge. Zhang Qingyi nodded, began to narrative. From the cranquil of the cardamom of the crush, to express the implied pursuit how she accumulated and Cheng Yixing get along with the little bit of happiness how to look forward to with him a perfect happy future elders how to bless the blessing of their small couple she said, when it comes to the deep feeling, can not help but tears. An Jing Yan Jingjing listened, a heart gradually sung the heavy stuffed, pulled the paper tow. el tube, handed her a paper towel. She looked to Zhang Qingyi, goes on the small face has been full of tears, looked so delicate and charming. Eyes in front of this beautiful pear rain picture, see she just want to skim a sympathetic tears According to her argument, how perfect they are a pair of ah Childhood sweetheart, two little guess, it is her very envy of the small couple And her peace of mind, which lie, is clearly the later intruder, An teacher, I fell in love with him from the age of thirteen He has always been the best for all the girls inside him He said he now likes you, but teacher, you read more than we Books are more, certain.at least stay until August to go back, not to find a few people to play, how to die Took a bath back, danced at the window looked at the sun, noon sun lit the front of the leaves are shining, green leaves also issued golden light, blue sky without a trace of clouds. Dancing did not have the courage to go to the sun like that, just s. igh do not eat forget. She washed the cucumber for lunch, yesterday, Feng Yin lent her Wang Shuo cultural relics on the table to see. Feng Yin and Guo embroidery do not know where to go, the bedroom quietly, dancing looked for a while on the storm, she lay on the bed, under the bed like a pot of fire, the whole bed are hot, her own Shake the fan, look at the wind blowing curtains swing to swing, like trees do not know what to do, do not know if there is no call from her to Shanghai. No one at home, the phone did not pick up. Can not think how long, dancing to sleep in the past, do not know how long, was awakened by the song. Guo Xiu is on the opposite bed humming, over and over again whispered to sing naked, my love naked laughing, laughing loudly back to pull Sa , back to the Buda Pull Guo embroidered back and said You wake up Diao laugh You Yeah, dressed so neat, but all day long singing naked. Guo Xiu laugh This song has a mixed cavity, humming Bath the most appropriate. He said You go to the bath. , we eat it, we cards against humanity two player are going to take a bath, we eat it, I do not want to go. Guo Xiu sa.neak with me behind me Cheng Zhen did not laugh, said solemnly home bamboo is now and Di Qin together Dance immediately laugh, and jokingly said jealousy, call you to ask me you do not ask, see, no I help you do not it. You have a mind to joke Di Qin this person can not, you go to talk with the family bamboo, as early as possible to break up the trouble. Danced and said, Jiang Chengzhen students How can i because you jealous of life and life to break up people Cheng Zhen stomping said Lin Duo This is the happiness of bamboo, you do not joke cards against humanity two player good Dancing to see him do not like the way of pique, but also on the heart, upstart, asked You say that Di Qin in the end what is wrong Sincerity, said He talked about high school love Freshman also pursued others Hey Dancing disagree, turned around and walked and said You really, this and he likes to have nothing relationship with bamboo Who can not have old love ah, are no. t allowed to take a new love friends My heart would feel wrong, when to remind the family about bamboo, this kid Bacheng heart. Do not be confused, he said, I am waiting for her at all times. Wait until she fell in love with my day. Dancing back to see him, Cheng Zhen embarrassed to turn away, dancing down stunned for a long time, have been waiting for, so she fell in love with my day, Cheng Zhen s voice around the cards against humanity two player ear, sad heart suddenly sour , Why, I also want you to love me that day, but you give me th.

Cards Against Humanity Two Player t for you, very waste of time.You can have their own friends own space, I can have their own My own space, I now think that I am in addition to you and have no time to communicate with others.I do not like this, we are young, there are a lot of things need to absorb, and more people to communicate. She bit by bit finished, looked up at the tree, hoping to see the reflection of the tree. But the tree did not look a. little expression, he bowed to see the dance, did not carry any expression. She was a little nervous, and she shook her hand with a big tree and said, What about the tree, what Do not you agree with me I did not think I wasted my time and I cards against humanity meme game liked to be with you, I was not interested in others, and I liked to stay with you and I could not see you for a while, he said. The tree sighed and said, The tree, how are you so unpromising The tree staring at the dance without fear, breaking her from the clothes to the arm of the hand, said If you think you are not love I think we should all think about it. He walked strides. One of the people standing in the open playground. Danced for a while, had wanted to sit down, find out this thing, but frogs so loud, the playground seemed so quiet, she was a little afraid, slowly bow down to the exit. Approaching the time, suddenly a shadow station to her front, she was shocked, exclaimed a cry. The shadow shook her and said, Dancing is me. Dancing heart heavy jumped, she.Suyan said with a smile. Oh, he and he pleaded, it is not fair to be kind to me. An Ruyan listened to funny, cards against humanity case to the big and what injustice it Oh Hee and I do not know is bumbling, or feel and made, Xiao Suo said I am the crown cover full of Beijing, Sri Lanka alone haggard haggard ah Ansu Yan look at him seems really lonely look, sometimes in the heart could not bear, said Well, well, I will not let you here alone haggard is it, I went to the cards against humanity two player balance room to take samples over. Then went out. An Ruyan in the balance room will be accurately weighing the drug one by one finished weighing, on the tray, and then holding the tray, open the door to go out. Was about to return to the door to bring a whirlwind like passing, instant, the tray instability, slammed floor, spent half a day cards against humanity urban dictionary weighing the drug sprinkled a place Oh God An Suyan lament, busy to clean up a messy, the daredevil also squat down to help, An Ruyan could not help but teach Young people Do not always take this risk Did not think that person mouth q. uickly immediately said Young people do not always so old and old You A word to chase Yan Yan choke enough Looked up to see, under this look, let her anger escaped, it was close at hand, the mouth hanging Nama seems to have no sense of ridicule smile face, is clearly that lingering Cheng Yixing What is your man She pretended not to know, here is the chemical building, not the racecourse, you get it clear and.

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