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Cards Against Humanity Trailer chool people do not matter. Diao laugh The original Jiang Cheng vibration also stick Help people buy a girlfriend, all day long in front of us waiting for you did not see Dancing ah a cry, Almost touched the lunch box, he asked his girlfriend Is not life waiting for you Home bamboo laughed Who can wait for a lifetime, ah, you do not naive. Dare to hate how can this, how can this, love is what they understand They understand Home bamboo smile Dancing, you say what is love Dancing pouting how have time to long it, how can love a few months on a small half finished, love has unforgettable, really love a person, even if she can not And you love, you have to quietly care for a while, hundred thousand turn back for a while, these people Intuit no love goods. Home ba. mboo rise What love Diao laughed character ah, love goods, love the chanting. Home bamboo laughs, we are so young, know what love, not to mention love so hard to understand, 80 Age is not necessarily know it. Dancing frown Love may be difficult to understand, the truth is not difficult to understand, I do not believe that love is so easy to erase. Bamboo said dance ah, can not say that cards against humanity trailer people do not pursue You have to show that people do not love goods, maybe people find another girl is true love I feel just love for yourself For example, you, before the heart to think about what, but after the trees together You can not think of him. Can you show that you.d wait for them to come back, and you can not sleep. Duo slowly stand up and say, Bamboo, who at night to find you Bamboo said Di Qin, nothing, looking for me to chat, I q. uickly catch the drive back, your eldest went out. Dancing at home bamboo cards against humanity pack 6 face bo, said I sleep, and then apologize again and again. Dancing lying in the quilt, the whole people are drilling into, that head muffled pain. She thought no face to see what the. And then sleepy. Sleep in the middle of the night feel dry mouth, dancing wake up, wake up to know that he had a fever, and a move all the body bones pain. She barely opened his eyes and saw the opposite of the bamboo turned a body, she gently called out home bamboo. Bamboo actually heard immediately, turned and said to her Dancing, call me Bodhisattva quickly opened the quilt, turned out of bed, took a sweater dressed, came to touch the forehead of the dance, said Oh, very hot. She turned and poured a pot of boiling water, the towel soaked, dry on the dance on the forehead, and turned and poured a cup of boiling water on the bed of the bed, said so late can not go to the hospital, So that you go to the hospital tomorrow. She opened the quilt sitting in the quilt. and said I am here to accompany you. Diao said You go back to bed, bed so little you sleep well Bamboo said Do not matter, I am squinting just. You peace of sleep. Gradient eyelids are lifted, drowsy and sleep, and fuzzy know that.

e great space may be preserved bones for future generations to pay tribute, in the end who is not a handful of loess, a box of ashes, neither the name of the ancient ages, can not live forever. This life is no more than this just one side of the pillow, a meditation case, that s all. Now, and have the affectionate affectionate as you, has been far more than my he. art in the deepest hope ah So far enough Say that the woman is water, if it must be water, I only wish the mountains a stream of spring, do not have magnificent, do not have to accommodate rivers, since the self purification, self singing, there are breeze phase, This is a place between heaven and earth harmony. Everything is natural. I thought that the trickle of the distant long, is the eternal love forever the only way ah. Living in the hustle and bustle of the city s reinforced concrete jungle, could not help but think in this eyeful of floating light after the glance, there are a few people believe in love, and silly do not change this truth I m afraid there is not much left Because of this, this life has you, to the great fortune Hing, do not know if you have said This life of this world, the most moving my heart of the sentence is the highest level of love is loyal to the waiting. Those who can die for you may not be waiting for you. what you said in the first letter you wrote to me. Hing, let us wait for eac. h other loyalty Area two thousand mil.ook, the dance pull over how do you in the end you I have been you get depressed death You can not tell me Diao said home bamboo, you quickly go out, the side of the row of anxious, you do not want to dinner with their bedroom people Bamboo frown You really A person to stay in the bedroom Dancing nodded, the bamboo pushed to the door to go You quickly go, do cards against humanity hole website not mother. He was sitting in front of the table, she was cards against humanity trailer lying on the table for a long time silent, tears ticked to the table, she pushed his fingers with tears, slowly wrote a thunder in the table. The entire dormitory as if all quiet down, all the departments have activities on the night, the campus as if a happy ocean, full of boiling laughter, opposite the boys dormitory played a slogan opposite the girl Merry Christmas The cards against humanity what is it dance stood up holding arms looked at the red characters, feeling tears from the cheek has been slipping to the neck. Co. rridors came one after another cries, this special day, so that a lot of hidden love surfaced, no one is willing to do the lonely season, the most reserved girl will be moved once. Dancing know that the Thunder will not come to her tonight, he has asked the mother bamboo, he would go to college classes tonight. Dancing to the pillow under the letter out of caress, she would like to open to see, afraid of their own finally built the dam was opened. Downstairs girl around the singing of Christmas songs, one after anot.se out, said You go to a trip, snow days, do not let people run around again, and then how pique do not be too self willed. Dancing ignore her, go to the water room, home Bamboo took her washbasin, put the cotton coat for her, made good and evil to push her to the stairs. Dancing slowly downstairs, saw the thunder standing in the hall, look haggard. Her soft heart, nose a little sour, hesitated or went to his side to go. Thunder said What s the point It seems ve. ry pale. Dancing nodded and whispered Well, the thunder bowed his mind and said I m glad to see you again, I heard You are very anxious fever. Thunder looked at her, eyes flashing, for a cards against humanity trailer moment to say Well, you go up, this hall has a temple. Diao looked up at him, for a moment before saying We go out. Out of the door, the snow stopped early, the campus of a piece of silver wrapped, the wind sandwiched with a warm call from the head. Cuddle cut a bit, the Thunder to take off his scarf, tightly to the dance of the head wrapped. Two people muffled away for a while, dancing said Thunder, you tell me the truth is good Joe boss is not because his daughter like you are willing to help you go abroad Thunder said he Not afraid of Joe Wei a person to study, I hope I can help. Dancing stopped, looked up at him help Thunder smiled Dancing, you do not want to, as I was Joe The boss hired it. Bite bite his lips What is it He hired you as a paternity Thunder frown, his.

Cards Against Humanity Trailer , but she did not deny, Yes, I have seen. That An Yan, although it looks quietly look, really is not a simple This deep seated girl, you and her together will suffer You are thought to be deep Cheng Yixing said with a smile, You said it The hardest people are now lying on the inside You had originally and Chen Shushu good, why later married with Zhang Bobo Not clear Gao Tingya of course clear, but Zhang Zhiyuan is also very good ah. In the Cheng Yixing turned to go when Zhang Zhiyuan rush to run out of grabbed him, small instrument to pull the needle Xingxing Even if Zhang Bo Bo you You stay S. o, Cheng Yixing has been stay to today These days, he has been struggling to find the evidence of Zhang Qingyi fake suicide, apparently her suicide is a long plan, well planned and Zhang Zhiyuan and Gao Tingya, it seems that with her heart, even with the diagnosis Are kept in sight. Until today, because of these four days since the resentment and helplessness of the house under house arrest, the diet has not been normal and stomach pain, he went to the medicine cabinet to find medicine, but was surprised to find high Tingya sleeping pills still intact on the corner In the bottle is still that a few tablets Zhang Qingyi simply do not swallow sleeping pills She certainly know that sleeping pills powerful, I m afraid she is simply eating a whole bottle of yeast At best, but also to find a bottle of similar to the pill of drugs.the trees, and I kept a little bit of my heart, and I did not know what they were right now. She suddenly did cards against humanity trailer not speak too much. The tree said TV things you do not want to ho. ld too much hope. Some things are not so absolute. You have to be careful. Dancing stopped, puzzled to see him What do you say Meaning the tree also stopped, bow puffed, a long time before said Feng Yin also want this position. Dancing sneer You are too worthy of her, she wanted to be able to either The tree whispered Anyway, you are careful, I do not know where you progress to the step, and if you have not signed the contract, they quickly signed down, justifiably. Dancing biting his lips looked at him You Who is the inside of it The tree looked up, looked at her, for a long time sighed I can not say too much, you do not hesitate to do it. Do not put my words when the wind on the line He threw a few mouthfuls, threw away the cigarette butts, his hands in his pants pocket, his shoulders, bowed his head, and stepped on the cigarette butts at his feet. Duo looked at him quietly, did not speak. She has not seen him for a long time, the people around are subconsciously help her to shield his message. The tree did not ch. ange much, just a little thinner. Wearing a mud coat cards against humanity trailer that used to wear a coarse coat, hair shaved short, but the face of the look and before there is still a difference. Danced and looked at his face, slowly softened down and.

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