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Cards Against Humanity Supply d replied Yes burst, the flask bu. rst. Fang Hongzhi s brow wrinkled up, but the sound fairly mild no hurt people See An Ruyan shook his head, and told later to be careful Such a low level error, should not happen to you. When the experiment must be dedicated, to be the slightest sloppy. An Ruyan head down to listen to training, heart under the annoying. Fortunately, Fang Hongzhi did not stay for a long time, simply cards against humanity supply look at the experimental record, asked some of the experimental progress left. Since then, An Su Yan more carefully and keep the material distance with Cheng Yixing. However, a summer vacation in the past, the long time did not meet the two people in the first day of the reunion of this deliberate to maintain a weak critical state completely broken, so, in the new semester, Cheng Yixing always take the trouble dawdle at night To the access time does not go back, let An Ruyan how rush also do not go, its thick skinned, it is amazing. Time is up, you should go An Suyan catch people. What time is it She rolled over, at eleven o clock College. students apartment to close I will not go back, he will be closed He said for granted. You She was angry, you do not pay attention What s the effect He said. I did not know that they had influenced me He lay down on her bed, Book, do not mind. You give me down She went to pull him. You give me up He also pulled her. The outcome of the tug of war can be imagined. The.g idea, she would like to see what its. Meet him, tell him, I think so you are love it Meet him, tell him that you want me Meet him, tell him why the tree is not like you Meet him, told him that as long as you a look, I obediently wait. See what its idea so strong, dancing straight toward the 3203 to go, where its what, you study it To 3203, dancing stopped the steps, stood to the back door of the classroom to see. Her heart beating violently. he is What is it How to sit in the penultimate row of the classroom, with a headset, very focused to listen. The tall body leaned against the back of the table, with a short hair. Hand in a pen. Dancing stood at the door, his heart loudly called his name, but her lips moved, and did not make a sound to. She desperately to hold back their. own impulse, tears poured out. What qualifications and what to say these ah, he may have long forgotten, forget that secret garden, forget the playground, forget the sweet potato stalls. Sad mind said, say hello, look at him Ye Hao. She rubbed her tears and looked down at her clothes. Blue long white dress long sleeves dress, clean, very scraping, dark blue flat heels are not dust, good, brave to say hello, even listen to him say it, even look at him at first. Dancing is trying to come forward, suddenly see how to take off the headphones, pick up the things on the table. Wait for him to come out and call it again. Dancing out a little and s.

t cake can be happy, so big cake, we all do not eat it. Thunder said cake is not enough to eat Do not now I go to buy you a piece Dancing shook his head also eat it It will be dead you eat dinner Thunder shook his head No, I rush to buy flowers and rush back. Dancing quickly pulled him Oh, how can you say I accompany you To eat something. Thunder laugh No, almost 10 o clock, you have to go back to the dormitory, and I go back to the bubble instant noodles. Dancing pouting You early to say Well, had to eat a little. Thunder laugh, put her a hug in his arms, kissed her hair, pulled her hand back to the dormitory. To t. he downstairs, is to catch the gate of the Aunt Chow field, dormitory in front of the big lights, stood a lot of hard to get married, dancing stopped, pushed the thunder You go, I I am afraid to be here to play the death of other drama, embarrassed dead, you hurry. Go to the clock. Thunder or laugh, do not let go Today you birthday, 20 year old big day, do not let me lingering again Laughing, put his face on his rough hunting suffer , And then looked up and said Well, right Thunder could not help laughing This is fine Diao said how about ah Thunder a pull you to the big tree Do not kiss one Dancing bite his lips to see him, could not stop laughing Oh, how do you so cheeky, broad daylight. Thunder also laugh, look around and said At this time who look You want to kiss up, dancing Chi Chi slipped from h.desktop, quickly crossed the door. Just opened the door, a smoke blowing, choking she can not breathe. She looked simmering toward the corridor looked, what can not see, only full of smoke, there are some micro burnt taste fire Not an earthquake. However, the corridor has been completely occupied by smoke, this time out is not appropriate. She decisively closed the door smoke has been so Sheng, people must have reported a fire. Back to the room, An Su Yan has been calm a lot, calmly find the rags filled with the gap under the door, rag is not enough, and got up to go to bed before the small curtains. At this point, the d. oor came a heavy knock on the door, and then an anxious call Ann Open the door Is a small course An Ruyan spirit lifted, rushed to the door in front of the door. Ranging from the door full, Cheng Yixing will dodge into the back door by a rely on, get rid of the hands of the towel, a pull over An Yan, tightly clinging. An Ruyan any hold him, his heart is obviously some disorder, but her mind had some sort of uneasy but suddenly swept away. Then she whispered how are you here There was a ball in the night, he said, and there was a small TV in Tianhai Nong, and he was out of his tutor, and I looked at him twice. On the third floor, Cook the night. Tian Hai Nong be the first to know the mysterious letter of the source from the outsiders. That was the last semester. He was a roommate at the time of en.d. Thunder laugh afraid of what, I send you to The classroom door to let go. Dancing do not get rid of his hand, wry smile he was pulled to the classroom door. Today is the class classes on the class, they are a class of students a class of a class of teachers on the lesson, today this lesson is very neat. Dancing down head can feel we have seen over the eyes, fine Halo shuttle whisper also spread to her ears. To the classroom, the Thunder put his hand, but also hand for the reason to reason the reason, only smiled and said good class, I am waiting for cards against humanity supply you in the classroom. Dancing into the classroom, no one dare to see, casually pick a seat to sit down, and quickly open the book, blocking a classroom students projected over the eyes. Get out of class when the Thunder really stood at the door, the students tide from his side through, he also smiled to accept everyone s eyes. Dancing drag the last pull out, the Thunder came forward and naturally. pulled her hand. Said You have been waiting for it Thunder said Of course, I keep you, you are not allowed to skip classes. See you remember that the cards against humanity 5 below notes are. Chuckle You Holding the hand, the book is not good hold. Thunder reached the book to take over the dance, hold their own, and then continue to clutching her hand how, no cards against humanity all cards reason, right Laughing and laughing, the Thunder looked back at her Yes, so good to see, the nose must be wrinkled, smile to cards against humanity supply look good. Duo laughi.

Cards Against Humanity Supply but she does not have to use such an exaggeration to declare it. On the table, Gao Tingya has given her a cup of the same black and thick coffee the same does not need to seek her advice. She sipped and sighed and frowned. Gao Tingya coldly glanced at her, and then said Then you probably do not know, small instrument from the rise of awareness like him, then I married after Zhang, both elders are happy to see them, they Well, it can be considered two little guess, so right, so, for the exchanges between them, we are open eyes, close one eye, let them develop. Xingxing this child precocious, what is t. heir own idea We are just worrying about the feelings of the two children so good, we are the elders of the heart are very pleased. An Su Yan quietly listening to her to speak. Although she did not come up with a clear objection, but her words and expressions are all between the expression of her contempt when she saw her simple dress, her brow wrinkled up, obviously her simple She was arrogant to ask her to sit down and see her bitter by the coffee, that cold glance, full of disdain disdain now, and then talked about Zhang Qingyi and Cheng Yixing s two little guess, well behaved , and the relationship is very good Intention has been clear. Are they okay She can not see it. Gao Tingya see her disagree, know that the front did not work. This Yan Yan Yan Jiao delicate and charming look, looks very good to deal with, bu.at her with care, his nose grunted. Her eyes concerned about the trees, the trees did not come forward, standing in place, eyes looked at her anxiously, his face is very strange expression. Feng Yin waiting and so on, see dancing do not say anything, and said Congratulations you, very happy Chuckle smiled okay, I still have something, first go. She turned Go, Feng Yin and said yo, so proud ah, even people are ignored. Dazzle too lazy back, pedal step upstairs to go. At night she was a person in the bedroom finishing the material, the program to do the information out of the. whole, next to write the experience and attention, is busy enjoying themselves, suddenly heard the following someone called her. She listened to her side, as if it were the sound of the cards against humanity supply tree. Danced quickly agreed, while the side downstairs thought Do you and the afternoon Feng Yin things Trees standing downstairs lobby, back against the pillars, dubbed his name, he turned around, the cards against humanity supply hands The cigarette butts to the ground fling, trampled out. When did you start smoking The tree smiled Sometimes it was boring and just pumping it. His eyes were cards against humanity variations on his face for several laps and said, Go out with me Walk, okay Dancing nodded, two people go slowly out. For a moment, the big tree said how do you want to do things on television Dancing to see him how do you know A tree point of a cigarette, smoked Feng Yin said In the afternoon, I saw Feng Yin and.

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