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Cards Against Humanity Second Expansion urrounded by the outside, dancing shouted Thunder Thunder did not hear, and that a few girls walked out of the channel. Dance sigh, back in the stadium inside looked around, hope to see Guo embroidery. To the dark, dancing very depressed, she put the school a few main road turn over a times, out of several body through the sweat, did not see the shadow of Guo embroidery. Force. d, she had to go to the graduate building. The door to her is the thunder. He smiled happily Yeah, how do you dance Dancing heard the room inside the head is very lively, it seems that many people chatting joke, shake hands that do not go in, at the door, said Guo embroidered in the Thunder said Oh, she came, and later went out with Zhang Guolin. What are the girls in our college, uh, maybe you know it is 93. He let the door open and want to get into it. Dancing saw the door sitting in the top of some girls, Ying Yu Yan language is very lively. There is a girl is looking up at the door, is the school famous school flower. I m cards against humanity second expansion not going in, you go on, I m back in the bedroom, and maybe I m back. She turned around and went down the stairs when he heard his bang bang when the footsteps, suddenly felt very lonely. She pout sighed, do not know how to suddenly depressed mood. Out of the graduate building, see the outside of the film and shadow of the trees and crashed flying over the crows, dancing a little scared. She wa. s afraid to take the da.

vagina, danced out of the door, took a deep breath. She wore a white vintage vest dress and the hair was glued with pink satin. Although it has been dark, heat or not dissipated, the concrete ground transpiration heat. Dancing slowly toward the auditorium. The more the more disturbed heart. Who would it be Dancing from the middle of the grass through the honeysuckle flowers issued a strong aroma, she was very nervous, stopped and took a breath. Suddenly think of the hall next to the gardenia wall, you can see the back door from the branches, she immediately went to the side, thinking I look at the left. To the gardenia flower wall, dance squat down, put aside the branches back to see the door past. A boy is hovering at the door. He was wearing a white T shirt and jeans, short hair, holding his arm, came and went over. He took a closer look. Do not know, dance seems to have never seen this person. Dance stand up, looked up at the sky, the summer sky is very bright, deep blue cryst. al clear. She pouting, cards against humanity second expansion who is this man A man who does not know how to write a love letter Dancing curiosity, she bite the bullet and decide to ask. She slowly bypassed the cards against humanity 3rd expansion pack wall, across the guardrail, standing in front of the boy. The boy was shocked and whispered loudly. Dance up his head to see his face, or did not recognize who he is, but my heart secretly chuckle, the boy is definitely a handsome guy. Danced at him, the boy frowned.your story will change my relationship with the small course now, then it is wrong, Although she is indisputable, but not weak can be bullied, first high Tingya s demonstration, and then Zhang Qingyi provocation, can only explain how her existence can not be ignored She had been prepared to accept the challenge. Zhang Qingyi nodded, began to narrative. From the cranquil of the cardamom of the crush, to express the implied pursuit how she accumulated and Cheng Yixing get along with the little bit of happiness how to look forward to with him a perfect happy future elders how to bless the blessing of their small couple she said, when it comes to the deep feeling, can not help but tears. An Jing Yan Jingjing listened, a heart gradually sung the heavy stuffed, pulled the paper tow. el tube, handed her a cards against humanity second expansion paper towel. She looked to Zhang Qingyi, goes on the small face has been full of tears, looked so delicate and charming. Eyes in front of this beautiful pear rain picture, see she just want to skim a sympathetic tears According to her argument, how perfect they are a pair of ah Childhood sweetheart, two little guess, it is her very envy of the small couple And her peace of mind, which lie, is clearly the later intruder, An teacher, I fell in love with him from the age of thirteen He has always been the best for all the girls inside him He said he now likes you, but teacher, you read more than we Books are more, certain.the cotton out on the side of the side of the side laughing at himself, so cold to break out, Expect to see who Down to the downstairs, I know already began to float small snowflakes, and dance up looked at the sky, see the cards against humanity second expansion ink of the sky like salt fall like a small pieces of snow, to hear the corridor in Guangdong students running around, loudly Snow Sad mind feel funny, so the snow is also called snow She felt a small snow beads fell to the eyelashes, slowly melting, breathing cold air, dance out of the tongue, taste the f. alling snow, laughing. She put the cotton buckle, the scarf pulled more tightly, kicked to collapse to move forward. The campus of the road is full of people, we crowded the collision, but are very happy cards against humanity haiku incredible, dancing with the flow of people walking, do not know why there is a little crying, thinking, if this time a person walking in my Next to my hand, then cold and then how about it Where is he, where are you Dancing at a loss looked up, in the crowd silly looked again, and bowed his head, thinking, where it is so clever enough to run it Where will he be in this time Duo slowly leave the crowd, go to the big playground, where will he breeze it Went to the playground, Heiqu Qu, where there are silhouette Dancing standing next to the row of steps, open the local wind is particularly cold, about what to penetrate her cotton, standing for a while, dancing feel silly, and turned back to t.

Cards Against Humanity Second Expansion came a cry 421 bamboo, 421 bamboo The pig s big laughs, and put down the hands of the card, said Still an impatient. Home bamboo face is more red, still sitting still. Danced and rushed to pick up the bamboo jacket to the family bamboo, a pull her up and said to see who is it Home bamboo dawdle to stand up, tweaking out of the squeeze. The rest of the dance stood at the door, happy to death, looked back and said Look, I said Bamboo must be th. e first of our bedroom was chasing it. Everyone did not react, the big ring also grunted, the card pushed, said home bamboo will be a man, certainly the most popular friends. Dancing immediately stare at her and said What is a man, home bamboo is a good heart. Big ring or grunted. The third ring quickly said playing cards ah, continue to continue. Dancing took the coat and said, I will not go out and walk. Dancing step down the stairs, see the bamboo and Cheng Zhen in front of unhurried walking side by side, two people separated by a foot distance, from the back to see their cautious. Dancing hesitated and turned to another way. While walking while playing a small stone, and my heart very upset. Big ring has been on the leadership of the bamboo in the bedroom dissatisfaction, today these words be uttered voice. What is a man I do not want to turn the corridor of the day, she also did although cards against humanity second expansion chic and generous but careful thought, who complained complain to her, she was not.pen Like us, for the love of this world and live, why should care about the views of others how Its rational one also. The soul has a serene harbor is my ideal. Although I also know that since born in the world, there is no place of peace, in addition to the last destination of loneliness even in the calm of the harbor, can not guarantee that every boat has a calm heart. But now I know that the heart of love is my harbor, no more than anything, cards against humanity drinking game than to have a precious, coveted mind is more worthy of your struggle for life and never regret it Although, I also envy others to both right. , before and after the month, but I thought you envy others, do not know other people are envious of you. Because, no one will have everything. In fact, any way we exist is our own choice, no one can force anyone to do anything. Even so, we only need to be responsible for their own choice is enough. I am afraid if I choose to follow the crowd, in the back of the past, because of their own mediocrity, wasted years and regret. So, I do not want from the vulgar, and never regret it. Just as I did not hesitate to set you the same what I now think of it, how I was wise wise ah If it is not my shot fast, would not let others get ahead Separation will eventually end, and our separation is for our own hands to create a better tomorrow But, nevertheless, I still have to tell the truth I miss you Want you Want to bite At this moment, at the mo.

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