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Cards Against Humanity Rules people what kind of character, there will be what kind of handwriting, in the Chinese beautiful horizontal vertical, left write right Na, Hidden this person the most subtle, the deepest thoughts and feelings. Cheng Yixing s words are elegant, and it is the kind of font she likes. She does not like the rich body full of rich, thin body too too thin, Cheng Yixing s words, hardness and softness, fat and thin stop, look pleasing to the eye. And he, and with this elegant handwriting, write the voice of love, eloquent, literary and a. rtistic overflow, in her deepest soul, there is a certain string is gently touched Ann Please be patient and then decide how to deal with it, okay These days I have been thinking, why do you have an angry mood to me And then I think of it, will it be because you leave the time to leave the rose when the rose Perhaps in your eyes, I do it is a vicious joke, if so, I solemnly apologize to you Then I declare here I am not a joke, it was my early morning traveled the flower market for your carefully selected the most pure one. Or my practice is not comprehensive, but my mind is no doubt. Fate, was so magical strange to sigh. When I was in the office of the principal, I did not expect to meet you so deeply into my world. If I knew that I would have done my best to show you the best of me, probably not so now so that you preconceived, However, I will not retreat, although life is long, but not a.than you. Suse sigh I was thinking, do more things to learn something, it does not matter. Besides, do not program Do you do not come out of it Who knows the white for her to do the wedding dress. Home bamboo laugh Let you now so depressed is not easy, all day to do a pair of people do not cards against humanity original do it What are you going to do Chuckle I ll solve the problem cards against humanity rules when I meet. Do you want to talk about it Home bamboo back to see her, look at a look of dancing look, could not help but laugh What do you think good ideas Dancing squeeze the crowded eyes I told the teacher Feng Yin Feng, and said she presided over Good, simply let her and I have a month to do the program, round to come ok. Home bamboo laugh Well, this is your good idea Dancing Alice nose Anyway, I used to be all inclusive , So there is no disadvantage, say, not. compete with each other about it. Home bamboo laugh Well, is still a compromise approach, you whatever the outcome will fight for their own interests. Dancing pull her hand And said happily So you think this approach is good Oh, get my broker s praise I am more happy ah. Home bamboo pinch her about You do not proud, and after enough and Feng Yin tossing Although the dance came up with such an idea, but the trouble and Feng Yin had just started, a semester for both of them to make brains to do the program, competing to refuse to relax, so the East run the West busy busy day Go fast, look at the end of the se.

and white clouds four US , The dilemma and the poor air in the transit, very popular in the leisure day, the sky is high, feel the universe of infinite An Ruyan looked at him with admiration So jerky of the ancient, in his clear voice chanting, turned out to be so beautiful and beautiful The vast majority of people think that science and engineering students, one by one are stiff, no fun, but, in front of this, enough to make them ashamed Xu Zhenhua scrape together, in the Cheng Yixing who turned over. What are you doing He pretended to beat his hand. You kid must bring this poetry Daquan Xu Zhenhua sure that the smile would like to get started. Cheng Yixing beat him a punch, Do you think everyone and you do not learn nothing ah Xu Zhenhua sit down, Hey I listen to you just said four beautiful poly, we obviously today five dollars , you can not let us Qi Qi forget Cheng Yixing head toward the back, dumbfounding looked at him, Xu Xu no knowledge to know how to. hide, otherwise it will be laughing generous What Xu Zhenhua puzzled, that the four cents in the end what is the meaning of ah Cheng Yixing helplessly shook his head. Xu Zhenhua went to ask An Ruyan An teacher, you told me good An Suyan smiled and said four beautiful means good, beautiful, enjoyable, happy these four things. Oh, the original is so ah Xu Zhenhua said, or the teacher learned big. Of course, how many years she was happier than we were Finally.we have not eaten together. Yo, you know not change it Thunder laugh, line and line of the dance of the hair Well, I know, after the busy to call you, eat together ok Diao laugh It is not necessary, I am also very busy, or we are on the timetable, pick two people are free time it. Thunder smile without a word, reaching out to hug his arms, kissing her hair a bit. He got a big red face, and quickly get rid of his arm hey, you do not know the rules of the school Do you want the school spirit picket you exposed Thunder laugh really exposed Dancing said Is not it, but also printed criticism into a copy of each class circulation, which is. not shameful dead Two people jokingly into the cafeteria, Thunder said Do you want to go there, I hit two people Rice. Diao said No, where so squeamish They crowded into the crowd, dancing taking advantage of crowded, with the forehead against the thunder of the spine, secretly exhale, the thunder made her itch, nor Sorry to break, had their own teeth. And finally from the heap of robbed out of the meal, two people picked a six person table sitting opposite. Why did the school s food look so oil, but it was not hungry Thunder said I am in college when the school helped the kitchen, the dishes are fried with a shovel, where to ensure that all stick Oil, so the last end of the time, are poured a layer of Ming oil. Dancing ah a cry, nodded. Did not eat two, her attention to the next to.ot think, I do not come Smile An Yan Yan can not stand to obey him, Who wants you The mouth should not be heart He said arbitrarily, the woman is always idiot reverie, will miss her lover do not be denied I can see you look I see, you can be 100 sure that the man meditation, but also nothing more than thi. nk about a woman Bale Only the world has a hundred people State, the difference is that some people want to be humble, some people want to be high. Cheng Yixing went to her, with the index finger hook her chin, she was shaking his mouth, he smiled and asked That you said, I was the former or the latter She said so a pile , Do not just want him to hook it I do not know who is who to turn it He deliberately whispered a whisper at her. She hurriedly waved his head, like the flies, to your current all kinds of frivolous theory, and then high and high where to go He is cards against humanity rules not only not open, but more hippie smile to take close, slowly said If so, if I pretending to be high, then cards against humanity rules it is not white to live up to the expectations of the ladies Really raking, and quickly attack, Will have long been foreseen to hide the hidden and ready to escape the beautiful people stumbled a stagger, stature quickly moved to her in front of her, who would have been used by her momentary concentration of tension and break away from the master sli. p away The He shrugged with some regret. An Su Yan asked Do not you say that you want to go to t.

Cards Against Humanity Rules en I help you talk about. Dancing quickly said Do not do not, not not to go, if not admitted even if the. The next day began to train, in the playground girls stood in a square, listen to the command on the podium began to learn aerobics. This aerobics is actually a simple group gymnastics, the action is very simple, but so cards against humanity rules many people to practice neatly very difficult. July sun particularly powerful, dancing sweat as pulp, all the clothes soaked, arms and legs almost numb. Drying a morning that is simply to peeling, back to the dormitory only strength to hold the water to drink. Feng Yin sitting in the window reading, to see her back, and smiled and said We square moves though boring, it seems better than you, at least not to prac. tice so long. Daguai find clothes to take a bath, finishing towels Said Yes, but the teacher made great compassion, tomorrow to change the time, 7 am to 10 o clock in the morning, missed the sun when the biggest time. Feng Yin stretched a lazy so stay boring, every day is day 1 cards against humanity training so few An hour, a lot of time do not know what to do. School people so little, no activities are. Dancing promised two, is ready to go out, suddenly Guo embroidered the door came in, loudly said sisters And just a few boys on our school run into the meeting, they invited us to chat at night. Diaoqi asked athletes have come What are those people, we know Guo embroidery made a Do not know what relationship, we.ked at the tree, and the tree s. tared at her. The tree said Is it because he, you want to break up with me is not you betray me Said the chill cards against humanity rules Even if the world is cards against humanity jew pack not thunder, I will break up with you. You want to bully me to bully me , I want to ignore me, want to reconcile with the good, how can this reason I summer and so you explain so long, that time you do what Now so brutal, how can you let me Break up with you Big step on the tree, a pull the dance of the arm, hard to dance to his side, dance wrist burst bit of bitter pain, she could not help but a cry. The tree said summer vacation At that time you and he came from Actually I will not believe Feng Yin s words, but also for your excuse Diao said snapped Feng Yin All your news from Feng Yin here You do not know why she is so keen on your care, maybe she fell in love with you, is waiting for you to run towards her, and you are willing to take care of her, Big tree white face You do not put the responsibility to the people who is simply you like the old water absorbent Yang Hua. Dancing was. his breath out of tears, her face angrily looked at the tree, tears poured out from the eyes, Swallows down. The tree was her crying palpitation, put her wrist, step back. I just want to break up with you and never go back, he said. She turned away, tears from the face slipped to the neck, wet. Trees look at the back of the dance, but also pouring tears, he casually rub.

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