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Cards Against Humanity Reddit and dance sad look like, Turn to stop. He went to the television station, do cards against humanity reddit not know where Feng Yin, had to call Feng Yin mother. Feng Yin mother said shade today, shooting location, your mother did not hear clearly put you get over Haha, or you go to the location to find her The tree had to say Then forget it, she today Did the program go home or go back to school Go back to school as if there were classes at night. Then I go back to sc. hool waiting for her. The trees rushed back to school, frowned along the way. He has seen and since dating did not find Feng Yin, dormitory people said she has not appeared for several days. Tree know that she must be busy in the TV station thing, had intended to find a dance today and then told, did not think Feng Yin has been successful. He ran cards against humanity reddit to the station with sweat, and he saw that he was standing at the station. The tree looked at her distressed, dancing long hair in the back of the head, wearing a khaki coat and jeans, the wind lifted the coat of the windbreaker, about what, like the wind like a dance, the body is also a bit shaking. The tree came forward, very want to arm her, so that his chest warm her little face, but he endured and tolerated, but gently shouted her soon. He looked up at him, a little bit of reaction, but she stared at his eyes, a good time to say You know is not it Big tree biting his lips, slowly nodded. No, not her ability Is the ability of their.ked What unit internship ah Third ring said is not my father unit, the replacement of things almost. Dancing smile female father, very good, not wasted your father to send you In fact, I do not like this professional and his unit, but how to do it, work so hard to find, at least to solve the livelihood problem first Dancing nodded Well, whatever the first good job, after the opportunity to choose it. Before the bedroom to a holiday there will be a carnival atmosphere that day did not appear, we are quiet and quiet to pack things, and occasionally talk a few times, are asking each other to find the whereabouts of the work. There was no clue to the job, and the mood was so bad that she took the mosquito net down and spilled it on the barrel. Do not you go to the train tomorrow I ll accompany you one night, and the next semester will come back in May, and you will not see the face for months. Although it is an ordinary words, said the back i. s dumb voice, dance quickly disguised to bow down the drawer, afraid of the bamboo to hear her voice from the discernment. Home bamboo or came, hugged her shoulder, two girls head next to silence for a while, only smile each other, exchange a look. Afternoon dance finished classes will come back and found the bedroom has gone half of the people, the rest of the people are in the clean up things, outside the bedroom throwing a debris, as if the partnership has been the same, the.

the cotton out on the side of the side of the side laughing at himself, so cold to break out, Expect to see who Down to the downstairs, I know already began to float small snowflakes, and dance up looked at the sky, see the ink of the sky like salt fall like a small pieces of snow, to hear the corridor in Guangdong students running around, loudly Snow Sad mind feel funny, so the snow is also called snow She felt a small snow beads fell to the eyelashes, slowly melting, breathing cold air, dance out of the tongue, taste the f. alling snow, laughing. She put the cotton buckle, the scarf pulled more tightly, kicked to collapse to move forward. The campus of the road is full of people, we crowded the collision, but are very happy incredible, dancing with the flow of people walking, do not know why there is a little crying, thinking, if cards against humanity 2 player online this time a person walking in my Next to my hand, then cold and then how about cards against humanity reddit it Where is he, where are you Dancing at a loss looked up, in the crowd silly looked again, and bowed his head, thinking, where it is so clever enough to run it Where will he be in this time Duo slowly leave the crowd, go to the big playground, where will he breeze it Went to the playground, Heiqu Qu, where there are silhouette Dancing standing next to the row of steps, open the local wind is particularly cold, about what to penetrate her cotton, standing for a while, dancing feel silly, and turned back to t. }for hundreds of millions of light years in that moment A moment of all the sweet and sad So then Let everything happen Are in an instant Let me bow to thank all the stars for help Let me meet with you Leave away from you Completed a poem made by God Then And then slowly grow old Dancing looked down for a while, fingers in those verse slowly slide, his mind hum to look, heartbeat is also rapid. Home bamboo hand said I can see what Dancing handed her, his desk to a daze in the desk. Bamboo gently read the poem out, and then whispered w. rite really good, I have moved the tree will write cards against humanity reddit poetry Yeah, really can not think of. Dancing smile This is not he wrote , Is Xi Murong s cards against humanity reddit poem. Home bamboo spit out the tongue scared me to jump. Dancing the message book and took over to read for a long time, softly said really difficult for him. Bamboo said He met me in the school, let me wait for him for a while, and then panting to run back to this to me.I think he may be in your class boys hands to get your book, you Did not want to write to him Dancing shook his head and smiled and said, What is it for him Some people do not need to write a message. Home bamboo end of the book and looked for a while, and then cards against humanity update said Dancing, he once again confessed, do you have any feelings Bite bite the lips, softly said If love can come again, the world Are there any regrets Do you know that there is a poem She said, All the ending has been w.

Cards Against Humanity Reddit text Chapter One Spring An Ruyan through the playground, along the corridor all the way to the principal s office. It is early spring season, turned warm again, the breeze was still cold and cold, branches of the green buds have no trace to follow. In addition to active students, the campus is not concentrated spring. At this point there are ten minutes from the class, the playground is often students. An Ru Yan s graduation practice will be here to start. Huayi Middle School is a private high school, that is, people called the aristocratic school, there are beautiful campus, neat school buildings, wide playground, well equipped classroom, strong and competent teachers, of course, the most is born above the middle class student. An Ruyan this is holding the try to feel the mood to come here to contact the internship, did not expect the principal quickly informed her that agreed. Today is the first day of her formal internship. Stopped in front of the principal s office, An Su Yan gently knocked on the door. Come in. Said a polite voice inside. She gently opened the door, the principal Just called out, found inside the addition to the principal there is a person. It is a tall male student, back to the door, is listening to the principal instructions, Xu Zhenhua things the school will be properly handled, you do not blindly mixed in the inside You are the trouble, but the more chaotic things to chaos. They are two b.kly said side column, after dancing to the television station, you can let you go to the TV station to see the stars. Side laugh I do not chasing stars, if the Tang Dynasty The band came and danced to me to get a live ticket to get. Chuckle laugh You also like rock ah Really can not see. Side laugh I am full of art cells, give you a paragraph. He stood up. and spoke loudly against the lake Fried along the palm of the palm of the fate of this night wake up without wine Along the fate into the dream memories back to the Tang Dynasty Tonight cup reflected in the moon paper ink ink fly words Fujiang Tonight cups in the moon show the heroes of the British Qi Jin bright Along the palm of the palm branding fate of this night sober no dream Along the fate into the myth as if back to the dream of the Tang Dynasty. This is the song of the Tang Dynasty. Dancing hold the ears, smiled and said side column, please, do not torture my ears. Fanglang sit down, proudly Said You have not heard the original song, I tell you, I sing at least 80 of the original flavor. Diaoju end of the soup group of bowls, and home bamboo touched Bamboo Such a nice song, We use wine distorted wine to the next Fanglie also bowls and they touch, three people are laughing. Chapter 45 After a few days, dancing in the school recorded the program, the end of the time saw the cards against humanity 90s pack review teacher in the glass door outside h. er beckoned her, she quickly past. Song teache.

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