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Cards Against Humanity Q A not love me, how can he come to my room We we An Ruyan stare at her, my heart has been apprehension, that latent in the corner of the evil vines are now cliffs suddenly flourished, she strongly stressed how are you Or she should not go to the answer She was scared, and she knew that the answer was actually ready Zhang Qingyi flushed, whispered We we he he went to my bed I An Su Yan Teng to stand up, like an electric current through her heart, she was numb. For a time, the room was filled with a layer of embarrassing silence, the two did not speak again. Knocked at the ring at this time rang up, Yan Su Yan Mu ran past the door opened Cheng Yixing side came in and said, Do not you say that today will be the end of the day I wait for you half a day did not see the shadows. The door to see the presence of Zhang Qingyi, his face sank, What are you doing here See her face Of the tears, from the questioning You have said something. bad Quickly turned to see An Yan, An Su Yan has returned to the usual calm, he calm down, Zhang Qingyi under the guest order We have to go, you Please also leave He came and tried to help her shoulder, but she was out of the way, he puzzled and asked is not what she said to me She said she was thirteen years old fell in love with you. An Su Yan said lightly. What about that He disdained. I never liked her But you you went to her room you she hesitated. His eyes suddenly slipped up, the words.how warm and warm, when he became so, look at her like to see the enemy. She felt the big tree like a piece of ice, can not be close to can not touch. Feng Yin s tears are about to rush out, she was afraid of an opening to reveal the secret buried in the heart, had to continue to silence, tightly suppressed in the heart. The tree said Do not speak I tell you, you are so for the dance, everywhere embarrassing her, will only make me more disgusted with you before I also worried about the childhood friendship does not say anything to you, this time you I will not forgive you for this injury. Feng Yin really can not control, she said coldly forgive me who want your forgiveness I do not care about you, never care about you She excitedly put down his arm, palm almost fist into fist You think What kind of skill do you have any ability to let me like you Tong tree, I reviews for cards against humanity tell you, I Feng Yi. n what kind of boyfriend can not find Also need to destroy your so called love to fulfill myself She bite Bite the lips, a little calm and a bit, cards against humanity q a and said You reflect on your own reflection, I m dancing with you when you are with your heart Do you trust her I casually say two you doubt her, so You have the nerve to say that you can not afford to fail, Gas sprinkled on me, really funny, when I Feng Yin said to be with you You are too easy to see their own, like you so stupid, cowardly, naive, did not play the man, I do not want to He said.

a filial piety Why is it that my mother is so obedient to my self esteem If she is not your mother, I will not let her say that I can not give her the opportunity How can she speak to me for the first time Is the elders, I do not even have the right to angry Dancing ranging from big tree mouth, said your mother also said what Feng Yin, no matter how you and Feng Yin s relationship, she said that is clearly Tell me, do not like me, let me give Feng Yin way Big bite biting lips angry, the blue veins are burst out on the neck, dancing never seen him so hideous look, although a little nervous and fear, Or could not help but said Well, I gave Feng Yin way, your mother is also happy, and you just fine She turned away, the tree did not go to pull her. Dancing a few steps, a bit strange, as if the fist hit the inside of the cotton, she turned around to see the reaction of the t. ree, see the tree is pound to the opposite direction, dancing bite the lips, He said I do not know that you are so unreasonable, I am too lazy to talk to you. I want to go home. Dancing also Stopped, tears burst out, she directed at the back of the tree shouting I am more lazy to care about you Dancing stood sobbing for a long time, turned slowly walked back, angry and sad, tears out of non stop. Chapter 15 The tree must have been on the train. And trees together for a few months, the tree has never been angry for more than one day, every time the.all angry, I just want to help you. cards against humanity directions Do you live in this building That you are 94, which professional Dancing is not And he went straight into the dormitory door and heard the boy say, Hey, I am a 94 Danced into the bedroom to throw the package on the grou. nd, pouting mouth unhappy. Only big ring to the right, is rubbed bed frame, with the dance made a voice call. Dance faint should be, and my heart is still thinking about the boys, so boring people are college students Finally at home to the bamboo at home, dancing silently followed by home bamboo inside and outside the clean up. Home bamboo suddenly stopped and said Dancing, how do you Before a winter vacation did not see you back can be my ears barking, and now how do not speak I laughed and said, I do not know what s going on, it s like nothing to say, cards against humanity q a but it s just those things. What happened to a long vacation Danced down and wiped the cloth and said, No. I have something to say to you, he said, I have a hand on my cards against humanity q a face. The rise of the house looked bamboo, found the bamboo face is very rosy, the whole face Yingying to light, his eyes are shiny, she tilted his head and said You do not say I have not noticed, you seem to have a little radiance Is the winter vacation to eat well or what happened Bamboo s blush, sa. id We will go out and say. Dancing down the hands of the rags, pulled the bamboo out, walking and said I do not wait, we go now. To the downstairs. $a=str_split($txt1,$txtlenth);

Cards Against Humanity Q A ed carefully, the quilt has been folded well, cards against humanity q a bedside shelves are professional books and English books, nothing special. Dancing the notebook out of the two read, all notes, thunderbolt pencils are very neat notes Dancing heard the corridor footsteps, quickly put the notes into the ears to listen to listen, not the thunder, and went to his desk. There was a lot of sticks on the table, and there was no paper, and she sat down on the stool of the desk, and the face was close to the cold pages and sighed. Thunder pushed the door came to see the dance lying on the desk, walked over to fiddle with her braids, smiled and said how to get on the book Dancing softly asked Last night to send you back to the girls who Thunder hand gently shaking it, he disguised gently cough a cry. He said, Who was that girl last night Thunder said Well, is the mentor s cards against humanity 4chan friend s life, said the girl, who was in the middle of the night. Daughter said is the daughter of the boss of the company you practice Thunder nodded. Duo look carefully look at the Thunder s face, want to see from his face what to come. But the thunder turned to the window, whispered Now the snow can not stay ah. Dancing back to the window, just calm the sky suddenly get off the goose. feathers, dance stand up, quietly watching the snow, Thunder said This snow to the ground on the. Dancing back to see him, lift Hands gently stroked his eyebrows Well, obviously know that soo.. Old Master also stopped lectures, took off his glasses to look here. Guo embroidered on the stool moved, hold back did not move. Zhang Guolin Buyiburao still knock on the window. The old lady stood up and was ready to go out. Guo embroidery had to stand up, the book on the book crash, stepping on high heels pedal to go out. Home bamboo sigh dance, how can you. live with Guo embroidered together, this girl is not a look at the cards against humanity q a head. Chanting tongue This is where to see, I see her contacts with girls all normal After class, dance and home bamboo slowly go back. The sky under the campus is quiet, can hear the persistent insects are still noisy voice. Some people can not be offended a little bit, or she worries that you tell her about the summer vacation, the first start is strong, she said. Bodhisattva It s really sick, she s the idea of who has the effort to give her publicity Bamboo asked After the start of the tree did not contact you Doudou not say anything, after a while said Well, start a week for a week, did not come to me. It seems that is so break up. Bamboo House, she did not speak. I was so impatient, and now he did not appear, but I felt uncomfortable. Bamboo laughs how, you want him Then you take the initiative to go with you He explained, I think he is jealous, eat like a vinegar explosives package. Sister sigh Well, I do not explain it, do not mean that. Bamb. oo and asked Thunder This What happened.

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