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Cards Against Humanity Players ious things, and regret that did not eat a little more now can not slander it We all cards against humanity players put down the cloth on the cloth, sitting down to eat brown beef and Jiaying son, danced secretly to squid silk hidden under the pillow, with the bamboo made a wink. Home bamboo could not help but laugh, she wrinkled her nose. Night dance and hom. e bamboo went to a small garden on the long stool to eat squid silk, dancing side licking ice cream side said home bamboo, this summer is really too many things happen, you say yes Bamboo sigh The tree is so strange.You can certainly be that Feng Yin told him Diao said I am stupid also stupid not to this extent, just come back the next day to know, and also used That kind of tone to ask me, you say that is not being instigated Home bamboo look back at her You really do not intend to re tree I always think you are so points, it is too useless Looked up and looked at the sky, pouting said The tree so do not have to be instigated, I was too lazy to care for him. Besides, he is cards against humanity players good to me, I see so much, no big da da. Home bamboo laugh, rub her arms Well, dance, from then on you to collect and support, to be a cards against humanity undertale good student. Dancing pushed her one cut, I have always been a good student, scholarship To ensure that there is no problem. Junior high school is a professional class, dancing last week, the minds of fever, deter. mined to finish the credits as soon as possible, all of a sudden electiv.ability, bitterly turned back to the dormitory. Dancing himself carrying a heavy bag, solemn expression, valiantly to the station to go away Back home, and Mom and Dad slapstick, dancing announced a good sleep a nap. My mother said a back to sleep ah Lazy child Dancing pout There is no fan in the school, eight adults crowded a small room, I did not sleep a good feeling She rubbed her mother, Said Mom I am now asleep will give their fans cards against humanity players fan. Mom also laugh, my father said When you are young, your mother will fall asleep you fan. Dancing mother lying on the body, bo a pro, stood up and opened the bedroom air conditioning. Woke up when she went to the kitchen to steal f. ood to eat. Mother turned to her and said There is a boy looking for you, called the child tree. Dance a kiss, peep mother s face. Mother carrying a shovel to see her This boy is your classmates Yes ah, the same grade. Is the relationship good Dance quickly said Generally general, you can. Danced back to the bedroom, out of the phone book, want to make a call to the tree, dial the number and put down, can not be so fast and good, otherwise too no face. After a few days, Mom and Dad have to go to work, and dance sleep sleep to 11 00, up a little bit of pain, she got up and wash your face to brush your teeth, the milk into the microwave heating. See my mother on the phone side of the note dance, Tong tree students gave you a phone call, you go back to.

can not be integrated. I think I was wrong in the professional, I am not interested cards against humanity near you in the economic problems. Thunder laugh So what are you interested in Laughter What are all interested, good books, beautiful scenery, and even a ray of aroma of the wind, all like. Thunder laughs You are really a Libra. No wonder the book said, Libra is What are your constellations Said the Thunder, I m Gemini, a constellation of contradictions. Gemini s birthday is a few months. Thunder back and said Yes, you are a few birthday Duo said October 15. Thunder said Oh, there is a month It s the best day of the season, the best day of the f. all. Crying laughs I grew up like autumn, especially the leaves, and I feel that the autumn days seem to be a little higher. They walked slowly, passing their secret garden. Can not help but stop to look a bit. Thunder said This piece of trees particularly rustic, strange, and other places are pruning, why not alone here Diao said Because here is a secret garden. Thunder did not hear clearly, bow asked What This is the holly tree, right I have no good impression on the evergreen tree. Thunder said Why Diao said I like Spring on the long buds, the summer is green and shiny, autumn leaves yellow leaves, winter branches of the branches of the branches. Four seasons evergreen tree appears to be no principle. Like flowering, must be short flowering, will fall flowers only interesting, like Bauhinia as.chool people do not matter. Diao laugh The original Jiang Cheng vibration also stick Help people buy a girlfriend, all day long in front of us waiting for you did not see Dancing ah a cry, Almost touched the lunch box, he asked his girlfriend Is not life waiting for you Home bamboo laughed Who can wait for a lifetime, ah, you do not naive. Dare to hate how can this, how can this, love is what they understand They understand Home bamboo smile Dancing, you say what is love Dancing pouting how have time to long it, how can love a few months on a small half finished, love has unforgettable, really love a person, even if she can not And you love, you have to quietly care for a while, hundred thousand turn back for a while, these people Intuit no love goods. Home ba. mboo rise What love Diao laughed character ah, love goods, love the chanting. Home bamboo laughs, we are so young, know what love, not to mention love so hard to understand, 80 Age is not necessarily know it. Dancing frown Love may be difficult to understand, the truth is not difficult to understand, I do not believe that love is so easy to erase. Bamboo said dance ah, can not say that people do not pursue You have to show that people do not love goods, maybe people find another girl is true love I feel just love for yourself For example, you, before the heart to think about what, but after the trees together You can not think of him. Can you show that you.dinary Dancing and home bamboo simply can not get involved, had to squeeze the rubbing took a towel basin to the water room wash your face. All the bedroom doors are open, or else in the opening of the table or in the chat, the whole dormitory as if there is a back to the light of the excitement, while walking side feel unreal, my mind chaos. At night she did not follow the family bamboo to participate in the activities of the class shift, a person in the campus free to walk. A small restaurant outside the campus is full of people, lively like a holiday, like the upcoming graduates come and go, call friends, the air is full of beer taste, dancing in the crowded crowd to wear In the past, go to the corner of the ice cream counter to buy ice cream. Suddenly a boy standing in front of her, carrying a beer bottle in his hand, his mouth filled with alcohol. Dancing subconsciously step back, twisted his brow to see him, his face to prepare the color. The boy is also a step back, and dance to cards against humanity players maintain a reasonable distance, a lit. tle awkward scratched his head, and then whispered Do you remember me I was 94 travel, we had a big class together. Shook his head and did not speak. The boy said with a wry smile, I m going to go to English classes, and I ve been crush on you until now. Duo looked surprised at him, and sometimes do not know what to say, the face becomes red, hands twisted handkerchief, staring at him. The boy.

Cards Against Humanity Players in the room refused to go out in the room, all chirp talking about holding the certificate. Big ring said hey, read the four years of college on such a small thin that proof ah Sigh sigh I think this four years as a dream, but cards against humanity players for such a small book proved to me, I really want to think that in the dream. Dancing lying in bed, over and over again to see that two small books, posted above the photo is the first two days in the school inside the small photographers shot the big picture, Of the student card on the photos to contrast, and my heart to think, it really changed, eyes are not the same. Freshman when she was holding a short swimming head, face fat plump, high spirits, and now she, long hair shawl, chin chin tip, calm and quiet. Dancing handle pill. ow in the head below, my heart kept sigh. In the evening, the class of the class went to the graduation photo, borrowed from the studio outside the bachelor s clothes, everyone wearing a black big gown, with a child s bachelor s hat, laughing at each other, laughing and lying in front of the school office building On the lawn. At first, just by a few photos, and later all the hat thrown on the day, according to a variety of strange shape like to see the robe off the robes, wearing a pink blue dress skirt, four and students stockists of cards against humanity photo The Sunset to each person with a layer of Phnom Penh, the girls long hair in the breeze gently swing, the air is full of sweet grass arom.they are really small eyes. Feng Yin this time to put aside the topic, and dance to discuss the film, she predicte. d the next most worth looking forward to the film is sunny day , asked to dance have not seen Wang Shuo s animal fierce A bit embarrassed I have not seen a Wang Shuo it. Feng Yin said animal ferocious should look, very good to see, so I adapted from the novel s film is very interested in. I took Wang Shuo s Anthology, go back and lend you. If you put down the topic of the tree, Feng Yin is a very good conversation object, she and dance like Jane Austen, like the Wuthering Heights, the most shocking feelings, almost every month to review the Dream of Red Mansions and Any one of the Jin Yong. Dancing in reading and Feng Yin have a lot in common. Feng Yin said Dancing, you should also come to school to write articles, open a column to write a Jin Yong twelve hairpin, you this idea I like too. Chuckle I have signed up to participate in school radio station, Do not know can not be admitted. Feng Yin said radio station is the program responsibility system, you reported what program Laughs literary appreciation, Wednesday Feng Yin said This is right for you, they asked me Do the campus on the dynamic, I really do not want to go. Diao said The radio station examination quite kind, to write a test, but also simulated broadcast. Feng Yin laughed Do not worry, I and radio station Of the Song teacher cooked, wh.

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