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Cards Against Humanity Pixelated B //$a = explode(\".\", $txt1); //按点号分?ridiculous remarks, the students themselves are not talking about from the beginning of a few years is not important A moment of the young teachers of the bold feel filled with endless. My point of view is a prerequisite, the premise is pure and beautiful and mutual only , other circumstances are not in this column The students laughed again. I think that the fate of childhood is not everyone can have, but unfortunately most people are difficult to understand one of the big meaning, so arbitrarily that little less understanding of the taste and I think the world must have Young people who are very clear about what they are making decisions. Childhood sweetheart, two little guess no expression of what Performance in the absence of words, as early as gestures, looking condensed between the condensate has been heart and mind, which seems Ruoyouruoyi entang. lement, in the eyes of outsiders did not Traces, and their hearts have long been so thick as wine. The kind of only in the hearts of each other fermented sweet, naturally is not the slightest third party can be involved in the gap. The most valuable, no one can replace the small to large History, the two sides have already interconnected, can not be divided this feeling is so beautiful But unfortunately, I have not encountered such a situation. Her poetic description, simply let the students regret that they did not have the story of childhood, whispering outside.

ideals as gods, and then contented with the self intoxicated fantasy. Although everyone around you, you are smiling face, but in your heart, you And did not put them in, and even can be said to be underestimated at this point, we are in common. He looked at her eyes, a reasonable analysis. She looked at him curiously, in front of this young face, calm and calm at this time calm, calm and co. mpletely with his age seriously disagree And he said every word, but are so accurately hit her the key So that she was a time for his complete perspective of the distress. You, she said, you what are you talking about He went on to say Your ridiculous reasons are all excuses, you just refuse to refuse, because you are afraid of me Why do you want to be afraid of you Do you think you are She has been rhetoric. He is laughing, I am the only person in the world who knows you. He said confidently, You are afraid of me because you have moved for me You listen to me, I broke the calm you have always been proud of, your disgust, so you are afraid, you are afraid even their own can not control their own Oh She slumped into the chair, holding the hand and concealing her distress. He walked over the tea case, seated in the chair next to her, took her hand, looked at her eyes, clearly said Ann, heart what is wrong We are not gods, after all No heart, but, for your move, this feeling is too good Let us try together, is not. it In his sinc.f life, and every week most looking forward to is the weekend late twilight. Under the class, the wind is usually spinning to the dormitory, picked up long ago to clean up the packet, almost all the way from the suburbs of the school went to the county, waiting for the base of the bus to their return to these children back to the arrow Home to go. And the night in the way that noisy clamor quietly coming Every time, she was always quietly leaning against the window watching the rapid retreat of the fields, trees, mountains and the sky, until the last touch of purple glow is finally hidden into the back of the mountains, the scene becomes more To the more blurred, more and more quiet far, the last black. window can only see the two or two stars or bright or dark lights in the colony flashed between. At this time the car people are often drowsy, although obviously know that the destination is also soon after the turn of the mountain after a big bend, is lit a brilliant light to welcome their cards against humanity on facebook return. Gently knocked on the door came, An Ruyan slightly froze a moment, then went to the door. Who Although it has been expected who will be, she asked one. I. The door is a brief and powerful answer. An Ruyan opened the door, an early morning to stir the dream, is very impolite behavior. But cards against humanity pixelated b it is obvious that the fact that it is disturbed is not a clear dream. Cheng Yixing smiled proudly, how Meditation was interrupted Do n.st language off, and then school, the instructor can refer. Dancing was scared of this time, and sometimes do not know how to respond, only know Leng Leng looked at him. Thunder no longer speak, cards against humanity pixelated b but quietly squatting, watching the dance, Mosa Zhao her cold little hands. cards against humanity players Good for a while to say so fast, then cards against humanity pixelated b you can come back in 99 years, I just w. ork for a year. Thunder nodded Well, the good words come back in 99, when you will be where Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen I went to you. Duo looked at him quietly, suddenly tears fall, snapped in the back of the Thunder on the back. Thunder clinging to her, the dance of the head pressed on his chest, softly said boo hush, I have not gone, just a possible, you cry what ah. Diao said You really hate Why do you want to say that you come to me I seem to see rolling red inside, Brigitte Lin and Qin Han broke up that scene. Thunder laugh fool, how can I go to you No matter where you are in the city, I ll come back to you and stay with you forever. Dancing hold his neck, tears dripping on his shoulder, she whispered Why do you have to study it Thunder do not know is not heard, has not answered her. After that night, although the day and the same as before, but the dance felt a subtle change, the Thunder into the city more frequently, and in the school days have been holding the English book to see, sometimes dancing to watch H. e turned the word look like God lost, as if to do a dr.

Cards Against Humanity Pixelated B s also commonplace, but our school has been taken to prohibit but do not encourage the principle of love to talk about meaningful, to be able to enhance themselves, help each other, you love Talked about, you still told us the Department of graduate students Thunder good Lin Diao, love the. most taboo to see the different thinking, but also to see, I do not from the teacher s point of view, from the person s point of view, this behavior to be, is a personal quality problem I can not help but dance, she said Li teacher, my personal things you do not understand the situation, please do not say that. Li laughed, cigarette lighter lit another cigarette Yeah, unhappy The teacher said that you are also for you, this is in school, trouble is not the top of the teacher was criticized a few words, in the community, you still so trouble, I am afraid it is not so simple collection. Died and bite the lips, did not speak. Li laughed Lin Diao, do not say that the teacher wordy, you really want to check words and deeds, the Department does not want such things happen again, do not want your personal behavior affect the students. Girls, reputation is still very It s important that the teacher does not say it s important. Dancing looked at his fingers, heart sorrow and grief. Li took a few cigarettes, and finally said. Well, today I see you feel bad, say so much, the teacher will be very concerned about you later, I hope you also.weets, sounds and smells seem to suddenly wake up, clearly hear the rapid heartbeat of the tree. She no longer try to open the tree, softly leaning against the. arms of the tree. The tree also felt, he gently moved his lips to dance ears, sighed and said You tortured people little things ah. He tightly holding the dance, no longer speak, two people so Holding, so that more concentrated darkness enveloped them. After a long time to push the tree, the tree is very good to put his hand, a little embarrassed, a little excited, he inquired about the expression of dance. Dancing has been bowed his head, whispered The tree, I want a person to walk. Do not you with good Tree for the first time to listen to dance so softly talking, a little nervous, he said softly Dancing, I like you very much.I want to be with you, you promised me. Dancing shook his head and said, The tree, I cards against humanity pixelated b m gone, you let me think. She turned and walked, the tree hesitated, could not help but gently followed, see the dance slowly walked to the pictionary with cards against humanity road on the bright turn he cards against humanity pixelated b turned away. Duo know the tree followed in the back, his smell with the flowers and late spring wind blowing together. Dance back to see the tr. ee, whispered let you do not come with. Trees stopped, his hands poke in the pants pocket, stood up. Dance do not want to go back, and regardless of the tree is not followed, she was flawless, do not know how to do their own. Heart only a stron.

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