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Cards Against Humanity Phrases tion is not very good Thunder said I do not know the specific situation, I think Zhang Guolin may overestimate their relationship, because Guo embroidery and now our college secretary of the Secretary in love. Dancing a moment, but turned the mind, the group secretary She said is the teacher Thunder said Yes ah, is Zhang Guolin said, it seems very sure. Chuckle Guo embroidery taste is also very strang. e, how every time like chunky I think so, really is such a thing. Diao said with a smile Zhang Guolin have not been lovelorn torture Thunder Thunder think about it, could not help but laugh Laugh always a bit uncomfortable, especially his school are Xingxing head, and suddenly know that this is the same as the thunderbolt. Dancing thought strange, Guo embroidery summer and Zhang Guolin have been together, a school only How do you fall in love with Mr. Thunder smile to see her, no rush. Dancing the hair is a natural volume, in front of the bangs rolled into the forehead, twist braids on the shoulders, the body is and paste the white shirt, wearing a large jeans. The sunset afterglow in her body with a layer of slightly silhouette, dancing round eyes on the thick eyelashes slightly curled, cards against humanity phrases pretty nose slightly upturned. Thunder felt the heart was gently affected, and sometimes can not transfer the line of sight, fingers around the corner, especially want her hair scattered on the cheek side of the hair clip to the bac.ch story, certainly attracted to the many elongated ears, so the baseless assertions, rumors Intensified, until the sky is full of clouds, vegetation are soldiers. You also know the teacher ah I warn you, away from the side of Hong Hongzhi point Otherwise, do not blame me blunt Gan Xiuju aggressive aggressive. An Suyan but faint smile, I am for whom the distance, I will grasp, you still worry about your own distance. Finished, leisurely will go back. You and my husband I will not divorce, you do not do the beauty of the professor s wife I do not have to divorce I will never make you the dog and the woman Let me give way, the door is not You he. ar no door An Ruyan smile to see her roar, back up his head to prevent her face was splashed splashing his face, wiping his face, and then said The door is not there There must be a window. , I advise you ah, home to her husband with iron chain in the foot of the foot, this way more assured. Gan Xiuhuang angry Qiqiao raw smoke You do not believe that there is no one in the world to cure you You wait You wait She pointed to the point of security Plain, while walking to the stairs. You are not afraid of teaching your wife to do it Do not say that I did not remind you Gan Xiuju steeply stopped, is oh, if she went to the Department of a trouble, Fang Hongzhi professor title this time on the dangerous She also intends to do the gentleman She turned and pointed to An Ruyan, only.

d does not belong. Bamboo softly said dance, how it seems not happy Dancing shook his head, rushed her barely smiled. To the pavilion, actually empty, selling aunt is yawning. Thunder to four cups of plum soup, four people picked the most side of the table sitting around. Although it is in September, the autumn wind or with a cool, surrounded by an insects, and occasionally heard the frog cards against humanity phrases jumped into the water to the sound. Lake on the left planted the lotus, and now early thanks, there are fragrance residue, waves along with the wind to the pavilion. Home bamboo laugh This time does not rain, or else we have a school left to listen to the sound of rain listening to the rain view. Fang said What is listening to the rain Laugh you do not Asked, or the family of bamboo to say that you do not have a culture. Fang also insisted to ask What rain Thunder laugh cards against humanity phrases is Li Shangyin s poem Stay. left to listen to the rain. He a Read a word to listen to the word list. Bamboo said side of the column, you do not ask, and see you do not have the culture of the way. Dodo laugh No, I know you will say that. Bamboo also laughed I say so What the first day of our class a boy do not know what is Jian Jia, you also laughed at the people for half a day. Fang column quickly asked What is Jian Jia The other three people are laughing, he had to laugh. Said I was not naive at that time, that people do not know the Book of Songs can not stand.not worry, no loss, we came to the bedroom four, together to play, put one of their shoes are destroyed Bamboo pushed him, biting his lips and said, You are in trouble, ah, for such a small thing to fight If the school know, hit the gang of the punishment is what you know Really too bad you Side Do not dare hippie smile, and quickly said I know the fight is wrong, but they first hands, I can not eat Yaba Kui, is not it Do not worry, we bedroom boss and their bedroom is a fellow, everyone said good, Friends, do not make friends. Dancing could not help but laugh, the bamboo stared at them two one, back face smiled secretly. You can rest assured that you can not worry about it. Diao said home bamboo, you side of the column on the point of medicine it, swollen so much bad, whatever the outcome is for our seat was hanging color Look at the family bamboo, whispered No, I go back an. d rub the safflower oil just fine. Chuckle laugh What is the safflower oil, home bamboo has a large medicine Box, let her come to professional care about. Bamboo stare at her You music what ah, really hate. Back to see the column You are more annoying, you are a small rogue Side of the neck touched the neck laugh, dances took home bamboo book, smiled and said nurses and wounded to discuss the wound treatment approach, I put the book back to the bedroom to go by the way with the medicine box over. She slowly Go back and cards against humanity phrases came, estimated that.or lock no longer locked on. I have never dared to drinking game with cards against humanity go out. An Ruyan gone in the past, left Yu Min out of the door to take, and then focus on a push, the door opened, she said I think no time when no lock, just when I came back, I thought you are I have just checked, and I have just checked, and the locks of our drawers and closet are all in good condition. This lock is not very good to make. An Su Yan sure, one side try the door lock. Graduate student apartment is actually an old fashioned old building, just after school, for a while this lock can not open the lock, not on, An Su Yan try to lock the core of a pile of pencil ash, so they can use The The last semester, this lock again locked the owner, but Wen Jing quickly got the boys, tinkering for a while not to the collar, the unloading of the glass on the door window, turned into the room and then tinkered only to solve. Basically, the school management of graduate students is very liberal, the bed is not nervous. , there is no access control, lights out of time constraints, because of this, the dormitory housing maintenance aspects of cards against humanity trailer the cards against humanity yuri on ice problem, you have to find the relevant departments to solve, There is nothing to see their own point, although the rate of property theft is not high because there will always be a layer of upstairs in the dormitory, from time to time in the corridor walk but after all, it is difficult to let go. Wang Li last term in a Sunday.

Cards Against Humanity Phrases I want to go with the Song teacher said Said, dancing you waiting for my good news ah. Dance quickly said Do not, Feng Yin you do not want to say, what is it, no no, you do not say Feng Yin put his hand, smiling Said Dancing you rest assured, Song teacher to me very well, I went to talk that there is no problem. I want to work with you Bamboo mouth interrupted Dancing, we hurry to go, or else too late Feng Yin Chong bamboo smiled I am sorry, delay you, then I go first, and then you wait for good news. Home bamboo and so sh. e went far and asked the dance Who is this man Diao said She is Feng Yin. Bamboo nodded The original is her. Dancing stomp Who wants her To say it, really annoying, who let her help. Home bamboo laugh fool, you think she really will help you Really can not see, you can be really stupid. Diao said Oh Do you think she is fake Bamboo said, of course, do you think she ll be right for you Do not, I am very good, do not you accompany. Do not, I do not want you to accompany. She pushed the bamboo to go, the family had just said If you still feel emotional instability, do not tell the Thunder said, more than one person is not a good thing to worry about. Dancing nodded promised. She looked up at the library, a little afraid to go in the face of the thunder, turned to slowly walk in the campus, this year s new students have been enrolled, and is in the playground military training, from the side came t.table. Inorganic chemistry of the experimental class calmly carried out, and not as An Ruyan worry about what happened, that Cheng Yixing than in secondary school when the security is much more, it is beyond her surprise. And her own, in addition to class and twice a week teaching practice, is to bury the library to find information, prepare her paper opening report. Daily life is busy and full, in the dormitory, library, laboratory, laboratory shuttle back and forth between. And he always persuaded her not so nervous, but she did not know that in addition to tension, she had nothing to do. Come and talk Sister, cards against humanity phrases your amateur life is too pale Consider, talk about a love to try it I am willing to provide free, as your experimental sample. When his words did not serious. In fact, she may have tried, but the time is long, far f. rom the like. It was the time when she first got into college. School every freshman school, the same province to test the new students will be some enthusiastic old students organized, the so called fellow , she also went to participate, and then met the music of Du Du. The name of the girl like Du Du, looks like a girl as soft, there are chic unruly school, is the man of the school. Association at the Du, Du has been sitting next to the security Yan, kept talking to her. Finally, Du said You so beautiful voice, should go to the ball to sing He is a member of the school dance accompaniment ba.

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