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Cards Against Humanity Original Diao like a stupid like all day and I go to fetch water, buy rice Who let Lin Diao military training even when only 5 minutes of rest also cross several companies come to me Who let Lin dancing all day to pull me to eat ice cream Anyway, anyway, dance and bamboo as the most pro sister as well. Dancing is always grateful to heaven, grateful to his old man to the bamboo home to the university dormitory. If th. ere is no home bamboo, never quilt quilt 4 years how to change the quilt Only home bamboo, standing on the high of the upper shop, a shake on a fake on the set of good, but also stacked neatly on cards against humanity free the bed of the dance if there is no family bamboo, dance can eat breakfast every day Only the family bamboo, regardless of the dance is not dependent on the bed, will take the initiative to bring her a breakfast, a person carrying two lunch boxes of rice porridge to climb the fourth floor if there is no bamboo, dance those who do not know the poem ah words ah To see who, only home bamboo, serious look, serious discussion, serious criticism, serious appreciation. Dancing and home bamboo, said I do not have a boyfriend in college blame you, ah, you are simply the soul and life partner. Home bamboo playing a dance, said nonsense. Then looked at the window silently, a little mind is not. Dancing and pulling the bamboo short hair, said home bamboo, what are you thinking Home bamboo or confused look out the window, said You.s poured cold water. Mom laughed That is, the old man can not see people happy. She loves to spread the braids to spread the re knot good, gently said However, your father said it makes sense, when to stabilize themselves, do not always above the seven emotions, there must be a steady effort Bring your head to the sofa mat Okay, let s not have my class. In the afternoon she hastened to wear her mother to buy her new khaki trench coat rushed to the television station, all the way to feel their valiant, his mouth repeatedly humming song, mood and blue sky and white clouds as fun. To the television station, she smiled. into the studio of Zhang production. Zhang film is looking at manuscripts, see is a dance, laugh and stood up and shake hands ah, I m dancing today is very beautiful Well, really young people, ah, lining me like a bad old man. Dancing also Laughed Where, Zhang teacher you do not modest. Zhang film to her pour a glass of water, but also with her to cut fruit, dance and dare to wait for a long cards against humanity original time before the seat. She smiled and asked Zhang teacher, this topic is what Zhang film laughed Haha, it really is a new high calf, ah, a sit down and talk about work. He ordered a cigarette, deeper Stuck and said, We have set the subject, shooting work this morning has already begun, but he smiled and observed the reaction of the dance We changed a host. He almost wiped his hands in the paper cup, and she frowned.

rk and rest with it Just so. He made a final decision. An Su Yan smile a bit, he always so, let her even the room for cards against humanity q a no opposition. Are we two She asked. Ah Do you think who else He dare not say that there Xu Zhenhua them, or killed her will not go. You should be more than the class with their peers out to play, do not be too out of the collective, like me, will be very popular. She advised, I am a woman, not the pursuit of fame also fills, But the society s request for men is not, and the out of man will not be able to mix. I do not want to go to school with the class, because you know that some girls know that I have a girlfriend, but also I know, I promise, It is because we are not optimistic about us An. Su Yan thought. But she did not say it, she did not want to provoke Cheng Yixing a strong rebound. Since that time, the two are careful not to touch this sensitive topic, but the more so, Ansu Yan mind the greater the uneasiness. She can only smile helplessly. Saturday morning, when they arrived in the small building of Cheng Yixing, the other people have been together, En Yan cards against humanity original Yan see the courtyard of the silhouette deja vu, turned to Cheng Yixing, with his eyes accused him of lying, but he did not hesitate to shrug and put her Pushed in. Wow The first is called Xu Zhenhua, the old way You kid to play really There are gallbladder With the kind Having patted his shoulder and severely. Yan Su Yan helpless and e.at her with care, his nose grunted. Her eyes concerned about the trees, the trees did not come forward, standing in place, eyes looked at her anxiously, his face is very strange expression. Feng Yin waiting and so on, see dancing do not say anything, and said Congratulations you, very happy Chuckle smiled okay, I still have something, first go. She turned Go, Feng Yin and said yo, so proud ah, even people are ignored. Dazzle too lazy back, pedal step upstairs to go. At night she was a person in the bedroom finishing the material, the program to do the information out of the. whole, next to write the experience and attention, is busy enjoying themselves, suddenly heard the following someone called her. She listened to her side, as if it were the sound of the tree. Danced quickly agreed, while the side downstairs thought Do you and the afternoon Feng Yin things Trees standing downstairs lobby, back against the pillars, dubbed his name, he turned around, the hands The cigarette butts to the ground fling, trampled out. When did you start smoking The tree smiled Sometimes it was boring and just pumping it. His eyes were on his face for several laps and said, Go out with me Walk, okay Dancing nodded, two people go slowly out. For a moment, the big tree said how do you want to do things on television Dancing to see him how do you know A tree point of a cigarette, smoked Feng Yin said In the afternoon, I saw Feng Yin and.a shadow leaning against the door of the door stood, ran near to see the package in the scarf and hat between the pair of bright eyes, is the dance The eyes of the dance. He quickly hugged the dance, a stack of sound to say fool, how do you stand here, will not go upstairs it Frozen it. Dancing did not speak, let the thunder to catch her hand. Thunder to dance the hands of his hand into his hand, while rubbing the side of the gas, uphold that Oh, you really fool ah, so cold station waiting for me here Dancing suddenly said You are not Joe The boss funded to the United Kingdom Thunder shocked a moment, rubbing the dance of the hand also paused for a l. ong time before that Who told you so Diao said is not it Thunder biting lips, Nodded. Dancing off his hand and whispered why do not you tell me Thunder said This is not the focus of things Duo interrupted him So, he cards against humanity original funded you is not because of His daughter likes you Thunder bow to see her, dancing eyes shining, eagerly waiting. Thunder hesitated for a while, only Lanzhu dance on the shoulders dance, not you imagine that, I explained to you. They just invited me to read, and like no like no relationship. With his eyes, for a while before nodding his head, did not speak, she turned away. Thunder a pull her Where are you Said I want to go back. Thunder said I sent you. Dancing no longer speak, walked back to the bedroom, thunder She was tired, you are tired, go back

Cards Against Humanity Original ry. They went to the fire of the playground, everywhere can not find the column, had to keep in the shot put the venue. What is my eccentricity, you broadcast more than she is more than she is, she always said, she said, she said, I think it can be Yeah, you are absolutely ecce. ntric, but partial too good. Home bamboo laugh for a long time, and asked Do not say that the canteen also installed TV It s still training us, it s estimated that it will be fast after the National Day. She turned and looked and said, The party is coming. Fang Zhai smiled and came, and cards against humanity original dancing nodded, the bamboo said how do you come Home bamboo laugh Well, look at you out of the ocean ah. Laughs side column, you use the point Do not let the bamboo look flat. Fanglie laugh, rubbed his hand. The game began, dancing and home bamboo back to the side, when the party came into battle, two people shouting a few voice, which made the class on the class cheerleaders are looking at them. Chapter 34 Laughing, quietly with the family bamboo said This is where you can hang in the side of the class girls where the number. Bamboo said forget it, he is not handsome. Diao said On the handsome guy, also considered muscle male. Home bamboo hard smile, reach out in the past, even in the waist chuckle a pinch. Square column throwing th. e ball, and quickly ran to their side, grinning and said how, I am not bad Diao said that is the strength of the big blow, t.erted in the middle of the two of them, the Thunder is not in school, she began to try a person s college life. She said to her family I am not used to it, but I am not used to walking, but she is cards against humanity original used to go to the library, their own to school, their own video, often in the lake The chair in front of the lake in a daze. Fortunately, the work of the TV suddenly busy, the TV installed to the various dormitories, the number of programs suddenly increased, the dance cards against humanity with a discounted price program has a three five, almost every day to record the program. She began to study the makeup of the tea. cher and dress, try to figure out the pronunciation and skills, holding the book to learn, to find another way to spend time. Home bamboo, said inquire about your boy more and more, ah, you quickly become a flower level characters. Chuckle Well, you do not betray me ah. Home bamboo laugh I can not sorry Thunder But no one sold out a few times, you count my account on the good. Dancing pretending to sigh But no one to chase me. Home bamboo said Hey, gave birth to the heart I told Thunder to. Troupe a paper group lost her, two people trouble for a long time. Girls have a natural jealousy, dancing frequently appearance, in addition to the family bamboo, the other girls inevitably one or two cold words, dance learn to not into the ears, by others sarcastic, uncomfortable to seize the Thunder complain. Thunderbank put down the book, smiled and said Well.

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