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Cards Against Humanity Order will become insignificant, until a thorough villain His impassioned, and once again shocked her. Almost always pay attention to his every moment, he will show her a new level, and she, in this continuou. s discovery in the shock, he actually has been in her heart to take root She does not need to ask him what rank, because in her mind, he is the only first After the New Year s Day soon, into the final exam stage. An Ruyan is no examination, her opening report has been passed, and now is busy with the purchase of equipment drugs, the next semester can enter the subject of a school. Cheng Yixing to prepare for the exam, but not to school building study, but went to her research room. Initially, An Ruyan refused, he vowed to say that absolutely only read, there is no bad attempt, but also absolutely does not interfere with her normal work. She allowed him to stay. Sure enough, he looked at the book without heart confrontation, quietly writing and writing, writing meditation, completely immersed in his class. An Su Yan some understand why he can in high school when the soaring, it is and his learning efficiency is completely proportional to. When he rested, she praised and said Your learning efficiency is very high, no. wonder the high score results admitted to the Beijing University of Engineering. Of course, who am I, he said, but there is also your credit. What s the matter with me I can not touch your light She s.f life, and every week most looking forward to is the weekend late twilight. Under the class, the wind is usually spinning to the dormitory, picked up long ago to clean up the packet, almost all the way from the suburbs of the school went to the county, waiting for the base of the bus to their return to these children back to the arrow Home to go. And the night in the way that noisy clamor quietly coming Every time, she was always quietly leaning against the window watching the rapid retreat of the fields, trees, mountains and the sky, until the last touch of purple glow is finally hidden into the back of the mountains, the scene becomes more To the more blurred, more and more quiet far, the last black. window can only see the two or two stars or bright or dark lights in the colony flashed between. At this time the car people are often drowsy, although obviously know that the destination is also soon after the turn of the mountain after a big bend, is lit a brilliant light to welcome their return. Gently knocked on the door came, An Ruyan slightly froze a moment, then went to the door. Who Although it has been expected who will be, she asked one. I. The door is a brief and powerful answer. An Ruyan opened the door, an early morning to stir the dream, is very impolite behavior. But it is obvious that the fact that it is disturbed is not a clear dream. Cheng Yixing smiled proudly, how Meditation was interrupted Do n.

Two people no time, cards against humanity veterans are quietly watching the playground opposite the black shadows. For a while, He Qicai said Dancing, your hair a lot of long, as if still taller. Chuckle Do not have to grow old Why laugh how old, but also youth It s going to do business, and I m looking for a foreign trade company in Shanghai, he said. It s a businessman who is cards against humanity order looking for a job. Chanting, What do you do What to say Little clerk chant. Let the unit receive you is not easy, I heard that the work of Shanghai is hard to find, the company to solve your account What s the nod Well, the benefits are all right, he said, smiling, and congratulate you. She did not know what to say. Why suddenly came to her, in such a night, dancing feel that their emotions as if unable to immediately adjust to the best condition. She knew he was not to say these scenes, but cards against humanity order he said nothing sh. e did not know, dancing breath of breath in the fragrance of flowers, my mind cranky. Or how to break the silence, he said Dancing, you are not a dark blue sweater Dancing head tilted like Well, my mother s, I through a few times. , The eyes flashed in the cards against humanity jesus dark I feel good to see, you have to wear this color later. Chuckle laugh When did you see me through What softly said Last semester seen on the road You seem to have just come out from the water room, wet hair, wearing the dark blue sweater. Special look. Dancing back to see him, see his eyes bright, there is.om, but also to his wife, I heard a laugh in the room. Chapter 17 The second day of dancing to get up late, so she rushed to the playground when the square array has been lined up, she blushed through the neat square to go to their seats up, heard the grand speaker loudly said No one is late, do not think I can not control you, after catching who told her class teacher buckle business scores. Doudou bowed his head and spit out his tongue. One day mixed in the bedroom, to the afternoon suddenly loudly shouting Feng Yin down to answer the phone. Dance to Wang Shuo cultural relics spread to the table, picked the half of the water is half of the flame to see, is sad it, suddenly Feng Yin came to pull the stool to sit beside her. You read too much, how, this book is not recommended wrong Dancing. nodded really good looking. Feng Yin took a pen on the table, playing play, smiled and said Dancing, it is said that you have seen the mother of the tree Duo heart heavy jump, looking back Feng Yin, Feng Yin Face is very calm, mouth with a smile, eyes bent, a clear look in the chest. Dance eyes back to the book, whispered Yes ah, how do you know Feng Yin said Jiang aunt told my mother, my mother told me to investigate the investigation of your situation. I was shocked to look back at her Let you investigate me Heart of the anger and rushed to the face rose red Yes, investigate me How do you intend to cross it Looking back at F.Director Zhang s tone, said Tong tree students, you are not right to say, is very wrong. On the benefits of Lin Diao students, is obvious to all. We all know it The tree also stood up, clinging to the dance, loudly said Oh yeah, take a look at it, ah, cards against humanity order my arms hold this is how the country s beauty ah Dancing around the tree Neck, looked up and said Well, even more beautiful, but also very smart, temperament outstanding, gentle and virtuous. Tree smile looked down at her, whispered Yes ah, but also weird elves, much more. Dance. Dancing down a squat, slipped out of the arms of the tree, retreated and said The cards against humanity order big tree, your blessing is simply too good, I envy you. The tree came forward in the dance together, Oh, yes, I want to hold my little happiness. Laughing down, did not speak, after a while looked up and said. tree, you think it is necessary to firmly grasp me so all day together The tree asked What stick together Dancing stopped and said, is every day in addition to class, sleep, always together, ah, do you think it interesting The tree also stopped and said Do you think so sticky Well, even if stick But you do not feel happy Dancing hesitated, or determined to say that she pulled the clothes of the tree, that this action can ease the tone, she said tree, I do not like so stick together , I think two people though love, or to ensure that each other independent space.I think old so sticky, you wait for me I wai.

Cards Against Humanity Order et, you can pull the zipper, then I am how small ah. 4 years old sitting on the father s car, Tang poetry is in the back of the car, but unfortunately now back but not much.I am cards against humanity order the most glorious time can back all the Tengwangge order , once performed in primary school. The tree said, What time do you remember th. e poem of the child Laugh You want me now think of it, I remember where my mother taught songs to remember a lot red room, white account, inside sleep a white fat thousands of lines, million lines, fell into the water In the high mountains on a vine, rattan hanging on the bell, the wind rattan move copper bell move, the wind stopped rattling copper bell stopped. I remember these things I was a child can be smart, my father then with me Chai Toufeng , I think Don Wan pity, all cry. The tree interrupted how old are you Dancing thought have not gone to school, about 5 years old. Big tree laugh 5 years old to understand Chai Toufeng is enough early to get. Dodging the hands of his hand held hands, said What is precocious, is early wisdom. Trees say, Well, yes, yes, early wisdom. To the riverside, the sun is just to take, dancing in the tree under the tree bench to sit down, although the river wind, blowing over is warm. Laughter You see, a rare river no one. The tree said Of course no one, in July, 1 o clock at noon, wh. o came to this sun to heat the gas ah You re called the mood, you can not understand The.ere and frankly under the eyes, An Su Yan has been speechless. chapter Five New Year s Day arrived in the Beijing laborers school was speculation was the uproar of the New Year s Day speech began. An Ruyan also sat in the audience of the auditorium. She did not want to come, but Cheng Yixing found her research room, gave her a ticket, strongly urged her to be present because he also enrolled. You are so handsome and chic, just need to go to the stage, I believe that the audience will definitely have overwhelming majority of girls applauded for you, but also Why must I go He does not deny, I just show off what But, others do not drink cheers I do not care, I just want you to see my talent Aspiring to cover the cheek, my teeth have fallen He is going to look, she was hastily shining, he is not pursued, still can not say You listed those standard , in this world, that is me, and then there will be no second person can do it Oh, Oh, said An Ruyan, commented, At least gentle, so that you have no expectation. This is what you can not figure out He looks serious, to completely disagree with the age of education, she said Now what is the era of this thing is now worthless. Not as good as action , things dare to the world first Are you like this, waiting for Bole to find it Sister Maxima often, and Bole do not often understand So I said, you should let your heart Go back to earth, cards against humanity holiday otherwise, even if you really pearl cast d.

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