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Cards Against Humanity Near You T S and denim beach pants. Dancing in the past, smiled Thunder, you come back Thunder turned and said with a smile Yes ah, to see you. How, recently feeling good No worries about it Laughing You like my grandmother asked. Thunder from his pocket and took out two huge kiwi fruit, said I brought from the home, especially sweet, you try. , A little surprised You are so polite to do, all the way. Thunder laugh I also picked so two big, hides in the pocket hides all the way, are boring, you have to eat, otherwise It is bad. Dancing do not know what to say, only know how to laugh, she reached out to pick the two kiwi fruit, really was touched clean and smooth, but very soft, really hot cooked. Thunder said We walk Old stand here in the. road. Dancing nodded, followed by the Thunder along the campus of the path to aimlessly walked, there is a ride without a ride to speak. The two kiwi fruit dancing a little dizzy, she tried to figure out the meaning of the Thunder, but also worried about their own worry, a moment of tension and relaxation, the heart like the root spring, seven on eight. Thunder but very relaxed, with the dance said he went home to the knowledge, lamented Mom and Dad s body is really important, do not feel that they are more love before the family, the mother was sick, and feel that the family is too important to me But the West Lake scenery four seasons are good. Dancing yearning to say I have not been.im to go on. Zhang Guolin real. ly said Thunder did not tell you I heard the teacher said that he practiced the boss of the company to spend money to sponsor him. Sad mind slightly dengkou about, as if something suddenly smooth, she did not dare to think Asked Zhang Guolin What is the company, is the surname Joe boss Zhang Guolin said Yes ah, surnamed Joe. He smiled Thunder this kid good luck, was Joe boss fancy, I listen to the teacher The meaning of Joe, as well as cultivate the meaning of it. Diao looked up to see him, his eyes turned to his cards against humanity near you face, memories of the Thunder with their own every word, to confirm the Thunder did not disclose the funding of things. Zhang Guolin also studied her look, as if the jealousy of the Thunder in the dumbled eyes have been cards against humanity two player relieved, he made persistent efforts to pretend to pretend to say I heard Joe boss on the Thunder so incredibly, even the mothers are surprised, That is the fate of people and people is amazing. Bite bite the lips, the heart of the piece of blurred glass as if a piece of clean, she looked do. wn at the foot of the kettle came out of the curl of hot air, cards against humanity near you face rolling hot The She did not stay more, do not want to listen to Zhang Guolin what to say, she stood in front of graduate school floor, looked up to see the blue sky of the snow floating under the snow, a moment of concentration. Thunder hand sleeves to the sleeves, pedal to run back to the dormitory, cards against humanity near you see.

{An Ruyan s reply only one sentence I never drink coffee, please go to Junya tea Xuan. I only drink green tea. Cheng Yixing s mood has never been ups and downs like today, suddenly fell from the sky to the ground what is the taste, he finally understood. And this is enough to hate the teeth of the security of Yan, partial and life and life to pull him from the ground, so that his emotions and suddenly came a sharp turn That is, his psychological tolerance and then almost, at this time is afraid to have emergency department emergency rescue to go Junya tea Xuan. Tea Xuan as it is the same name, fresh and. elegant, there are Qingcui thin bamboo, there are gurgling streams, elegant ancient music together with the dense tea in the air drift filled. Cheng Yixing in the corner of the window to find a tea case to sit down, facing the door waiting for the arrival of An Su Yan. This is the first time a separate, formal date, he has some micro apprehension. Called green tea, he had something, did not sip to drink. Small course In the dream of thousands of times to miss the familiar voice sounded. He looked up and saw An Ruyan standing opposite him, looking at him with a smile. Oh He quickly stood up, just patronize the tension, and really came to the people but did not see. She opened her chair and sat down after she sat down. Ah Although the letter can be eloquent, write a thousand words, but really to the face of the time.ttle bit of mood, but as long as the thought of their own future may have to accept others talking about the. eyes, as the mans in the back, can not calm. Three ring ran over, sit down at the bed, pushing her dance, where you go, the Thunder came several times, then I had to go, he told me to tell you that he had something at night And tomorrow morning will be in the library waiting for you. Dance Oh a cry, patted her back Well, thank you. Third ring said The face is really bad, or for the children of the tree thing So that the city of the wind and rain Bamboo put down the book, ran over and said Three quit you do not ask, and tired of trouble, but if other people ask the East asked the West, you have to rudder ah. Three laugh got, home bamboo, the dance when what kind of care, you rest assured that a bedroom lived for two years, this point comrades friendship or some thing. Diao said home bamboo is not the meaning of the three ring. She thought actually reduced to ask others to take care of their own point, sometimes touched, red eyes. Three laugh Oh, but also crying nose She patted the dance of the stomach Well, you do no. t panic, afraid of what You this thing, not worthy of someone else s bedroom lying on it. The next morning to dance almost want to hide in the bedroom do not go out, home bamboo life to pull her up. Chore the lazy heart hugged hair, casually dragged a shirt to wear. Today, the sun is so good.

Cards Against Humanity Near You good point The tree said Well. An opening was found throat cards against humanity near you dumb, heart sorrow and grief, and silence down. Dancing is also made by his voice sad, bow thought, said I m sorry, the tree. The tree quickly said Dancing, that is sorry for me, my mother to do things I know So that you are wronged. Dancing did not think the tree will cards against humanity retailers say so, the nose sour, strong laughs, said ah, do not worry, I Ye Hao. Tree silence for a while, dancing not Know how to continue to say, had to say You have to participate. in the game Tree shook his head No, I come to our class athletes to send something. Two people silence, the playground one after another refueling sound to them Side, leaves are also rushing sound, dancing feel that these voices do background, the quietness between them more obvious embarrassment. Said, thinking, looked up and smiled and said The tree, you are on the line. I, I go. She turned to go. The tree shouted her Dancing. Dancing back ah The tree hesitated for a moment, whispered You own good children, do not worry about me. Dancing stare to see him , The big tree lap a circle, beard twitter, hair is also messy, though still wearing a long before wearing a blue white T shirt, but as if for a person. Sad heart sad, tears misty eyes, she quickly escape the sight of the trees. The tree looked at the dance, whispered Dancing, after you do not see me again. Diao looked up to see him, did not speak. The tree went on to.ideals as gods, and then contented with the self intoxicated fantasy. Although everyone around you, you are smiling face, but in your cards against humanity gear supply heart, you And did not put them in, and even can be said to be underestimated at this point, we are in common. He looked at her eyes, a reasonable analysis. She looked at him curiously, in front of this cards against humanity near you young face, calm and calm at this time calm, calm and co. mpletely with his age seriously disagree And he said every word, but are so accurately hit her the key So that she was a time for his complete perspective of the distress. You, she said, you what are you talking about He went on to say Your ridiculous reasons are all excuses, you just refuse to refuse, because you are afraid of me Why do you want to be afraid of you Do you think you are She has been rhetoric. He is laughing, I am the only person in the world who knows you. He said confidently, You are afraid of me because you have moved for me You listen to me, I broke the calm you have always been proud of, your disgust, so you are afraid, you are afraid even their own can not control their own Oh She slumped into the chair, holding the hand and concealing her distress. He walked over the tea case, seated in the chair next to her, took her hand, looked at her eyes, clearly said Ann, heart what is wrong We are not gods, after all No heart, but, for your move, this feeling is too good Let us try together, is not. it In his sinc.

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