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Cards Against Humanity Location d not know how to speak, silence for a while. Dancing toward the door to see, outside the glass cards against humanity location door is cold winter night, dark and heavy. Such a night if it suddenly came to how good, even if only to see him, even. if just listen to him called dance. Diqin suddenly said dance, you want to go out Dancing smiled and could not decide whether to go or not. Di Qin from the open door to go out. There is no way to dance, only with the go out. Uniqin blue cotton coat under the street into a fluorescent black, dancing trance to follow him, to study the color of his clothes, suddenly Diqin turned, dancing about hit the Dicky body. Dance has not had time to go back, cards against humanity location Diqin a hugged her, he tightly hugged the dance, the mouth of the heat a mouthful of spray in the dance of the neck. Chanting exclaimed, subconsciously pushed hands of Dicky, Diqin more hard, she was not open for a while, dancing a little panic, she set God, stop struggling, and then coldly said You let go. Di Qin Sadly loose hands, said dance, you do not like me I do not like you, said Dickin, I m sorry, I had wanted to cards against humanity bullshit talk to you, and I hesitated for so long. Do you want to tell me my mind , And finally have the courage to come today, but all of a sudden to screw up, but. dance, you have to know, it is because I like you ah. Dancing and then back, said Di Qin, Sorry, I do not like you, do not like it now, and will not like it later. She turned and walked back.at least stay until August to go back, not to find a few people to play, how to die Took a bath back, danced at the window looked at the sun, noon sun lit the front of the leaves are shining, green leaves also issued golden light, blue sky without a trace of clouds. Dancing did not have the courage to go to the sun like that, just s. igh do not eat forget. She washed the cucumber for lunch, yesterday, Feng Yin lent her Wang Shuo cultural relics on the table to see. Feng Yin and Guo embroidery do not know where to go, the bedroom quietly, dancing looked for a while on the storm, she lay on the bed, under the bed like a pot of fire, the whole bed are hot, her own Shake the fan, look at the wind blowing curtains swing to swing, like trees do not know what to do, do not know if there is no call from her to Shanghai. No one at home, the phone did not pick up. Can not think how long, dancing to sleep in the past, do not know how long, was awakened by the song. Guo Xiu is on the opposite bed humming, over and over again whispered to sing naked, my love naked laughing, laughing loudly back to pull Sa , back to the Buda Pull Guo embroidered back and said You wake up Diao laugh You Yeah, dressed so neat, but all day long singing naked. Guo Xiu cards against humanity money pit laugh This song has a mixed cavity, humming Bath the most appropriate. He said You go to the bath. , we eat it, we are going to take a bath, we eat it, I do not want to go. Guo Xiu sa.

into his body. She was wearing a thin pajamas, outside only set a shirt, hold in his arms, very soft, he felt a burst of chaos in the heart is booming, and the mouth of the spit, eager to go to irrigation it. He swallowed several times. An Su Yan hazy premonition. to danger will come, panic and force to push him, strangled Let go, you let go He kept, and finally grabbed her hands, decisively overlooking the head, only said one close your eyes Lips to hold his coveted for a long time the goal. Anshou Yan suddenly closed his eyes, always clear mind in the moment no emergency initiatives issued, heart beat, such as drums slammed, can not mention the slightest courage to open eyes to see the reality, only touch cards against humanity location is still working, sensitive to big hero 6 cards against humanity realize that the lips are being weird Moist and soft shrouded, but unfortunately no fear of the paralyzed, and the throat is gradually burning fire, more and more hot, more and more thirsty. However, the abominable occupier is like her as a water, kept sucking her. Who do not know how long, until An Su Yan finally able to dominate their own hands and feet, suddenly opened the faint head to turn, no prepared invaders, rushed to the desk, picked up the cup, Gudong Gudong drink. Behind, the initiator also actually said leave me a little Two peo. ple you a cup, I have a cup, the temperature in the big glass bottle in the remaining one liter of cold water to drink a naked. Throat betw.ideals as gods, and then contented with the self intoxicated fantasy. Although everyone around you, you are smiling face, but in your heart, you And did not put them in, and even can be said to be underestimated at this point, we are in common. He looked at her eyes, a reasonable analysis. She looked at him curiously, in front of this young face, calm and calm at this time calm, calm and co. mpletely with his age seriously disagree And he said every word, but are so accurately hit her the key So that she was a time for his complete perspective of the distress. You, she said, you what are you talking about He went on to say Your ridiculous reasons are all excuses, you just refuse to refuse, because you are afraid of me Why do you want to be afraid of you Do you think you are She has been rhetoric. He is laughing, I am the only person in the world who knows you. He said confidently, You are afraid of me because you have moved for me You listen to me, I broke the calm you have always been proud of, your disgust, so you are afraid, you are afraid even their own can not control their own Oh She slumped into the chair, holding the hand and concealing her distress. He walked over the tea case, seated in the chair next to her, took her hand, looked at her eyes, clearly said Ann, heart what is wrong We are not gods, after all No heart, but, for your move, this feeling is too good Let us try together, is not. it In his sinc.n take cards against humanity location a walk back Dancing nodded, took the lunch box, the wet hair suddenly thrown back, pulled the bamboo hand out The Teacher dormitory area at the other end of the school, they walked slowly toward the sunset, breezy dressed in a dancing hair, she suddenly said home bamboo, you say it is also a picture, the campus Under the sunset, the boulevard walking two long hair fluttering white girl. Home bamboo laugh Well, especially one of them or beautiful children. Duo laughing proudly, and then tilted his head and said home bamboo, I Really l. ong look good Junior high school when I feel really good, every day to the school all very happy, and later to the high school, beautiful girls too much friends, I perennial wear aunt aunt their old clothes, get Some of the self confidence are not. Strange, to the university, but some people say that I look good. Bamboo dress to look at her look, looked for a while, said ah, long is not good, Comfortable with it. Dancing hard hit the bamboo s ass about. Home bamboo laugh You say that they are not self confidence, that you generally you are angry, really only dance and villain is also difficult to support. Duo cuckoo laugh, forehead at home bamboo shoulder rub to rub. Suddenly Diqin came from the opposite. The avenue is very narrow, dancing know there is no way to hide, she bumps home bamboo. Home bamboo has long been seen. She did not have any expression, pass by, she nodded s.

Cards Against Humanity Location n to become water, it will be so pull the ground to pull the ground. Thunder looked back at her, pull her hand down with their own hands , Gently caress Well, though will be, but at least opened the snow. Douda bowed and said She is not like you Thunder silent for a while to say I only like you. He reached out and embraced his arms, no longer speak. Home bamboo at noon to cards against humanity location see when the dance, they quickly pulled her Where did you go in the morning Diao said I went to the Thunder there. Home bamboo laugh really more and more infatuated You will not even class on the class This morning the teacher draw the focus. Do not forget to fill the notes. Dancing nodded, silently clean up their own drawer. Home bamboo looked at her, took the stool to sit beside her how, as if unhappy ah. Bitter bite the lips, softly said I think thunder has. something to hide from me. She briefly put And then said I do not know should not continue to ask, he simply avoided discussing this with me. Bamboo thought, said Maybe he does not like you doubt him, you Do you really think there is a problem I listen to you say, and do not think they have any unusual relationship ah. Duo said I do not know, that is, there is the feeling that do not know. She looked up Look at the family bamboo, gently smiled I now also become a sensitive love fool, and this is not a good phenomenon, is not it Bamboo had to pull the mouth to respond to her, she worried ab.e last day, dance early in the morning went to the entrance of the examination room to wait, hands holding their own copy of the focus, bow quietly look silently back, temporarily holding the Buddha feet. Suddenly the shoulder was patted, she frowned and looked at the past. Is the column. Dancing pouting call me is it, I hat. e people to shoot me. Fang Le laughing and laughing Missy who made any temper, not well prepared Dancing shook his head Not too good, afraid of the teacher out This is the last test of our college career Oh, Come on Dancing smile, stretched out his hand and he hit a palm. Finally finished, dancing rubbing sour out of the wrist, the pencil to the trash to fling, think of the column that this is the last exam, could not help but look back at the teaching building, really, finally A door, and then no longer a test. Dancing suddenly felt wistful, as if the heart of the sky. Do not read the book, to do She silently thought, bowed to play back to the dormitory, a class of boys to catch up with her dance, you go to inform the girls about this afternoon, the instructor to start classes What time is it Said the boy, 3 pm at 3 ladder of the classroom, you have to inform the whole She returned to the bedroom, saw the three ring is to pack up, chuckle asked You go back to what Three sorts nodded the train at night, after the Sp. ring Festival will go to the unit internship. Dance Oh, Turned around and as.

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