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Cards Against Humanity Latest Expansion aching building, with cards against humanity online the bamboo said You see, every window lights are lit, so bright, every time I see this row of lights, are spontaneously good study Thinking. Home bamboo laugh side of the lazy side to say this, really have you. Chuckle laugh, stuffed a Jingsheng child home bamboo mouth Barry. Silence for a while, she said home bamboo, you said I should not go to see the tree Home bamboo back to see her, thought to say because Feng Yin s words Dancing shook his head To not because she said something, is my heart old worry about the tree, do not know how he is now, the body and The mood is not restored. Home bamboo said I see you or not to see his good, the body should have been restored, the mood Mody, you go to see he does not mean that the exposed scar it Maybe he has slowly recovered I am afraid of this. , I am afraid I went to see him, although it is kind, but look at the eyes of others, chances are to swipe him. Home bamboo shook her hand, patted dance you do not mind too soft, always so do not decide, will mess things up. Since you have made a choice to stick to the teeth, do not always worry about It s a bad temper, said Bamboo, It s not too much to criticize you. The words of the cards against humanity latest expansion words, you must be on the heart. Duo do not speak, toe toggle the ground on the ground, the family of bamboo into the Jia Yingzi to her mouth, hug the floor of her shoulder Well, go in, I have to read that chapter tonight. Aft.mbarrassed smile, opening greeting students are good Everyone boom to laugh, Xu Zhenhua said Please An teacher, now is not class time Cheng Yixing also smiled and pulled her over and said Everyone to play, called the name like. Come, introduce, this is An Su Yan. He introduced to the other four girls. The other. four girls are Xu Zhenhua s girlfriend Qi Qi, Wang Zhibin s girlfriend Li Xiuguo, the remaining two one called Zhang Qingyi, another called Luoli map. Xu Zhenhua opened the van at home, a group of young people talking and laughing on the road. An Jing Yan Jing Jing sitting at the end, some can not adapt. In the middle of this group of young children, she looked too old The rest of her mind was in the ascension and spread, so that she was shrouded in her whole. How can she think that love is no age limit How can she The Facing this Zhang Zhang in front of the youthful tender face, she felt that the distance between them is so far away Far off the galaxy Come and say right, she can not integrate into his life circle, or they are simply two generations She also clearly remember just now, Zhang Qingyi surprised to say An teacher Did not think you look so young Yes, look young It is only look only And they cards against humanity latest expansion are young, really young Because of the young, so it represents the infinite possibilities Even if Cheng Yixing again. , and then early, he was only nine years old Five years time, five years How many of the c.

eparation room reagents, to hee and drilled in, Yan Su Yan could not help but lament the sky. Sister, what is your attitude to this Hee He and dissatisfaction to say, I was the only time on the peak of instructions, to help you work An Ruyan look at him really wearing a white coat, really strange To come to the big white actually wear a big coat Well, is not you take the initiative to ask th. e teacher where the request Do you have any bad attempt Oh Sister Yeah, you really do not subtle Please do not understand your mind Give you a say, there is a little romantic factor all running light. Hee and collapse of a Junjie lament. An Yu Yan helplessly oblique him, still in the test bench before the busy from the busy. Come and take over, it is necessary to take the hands of her reagent bottle. An Su Yan hastily put down, Hey Hey Men and women do not accept you do not understand This is not the era of dinosaurs, but also so the ancient food Hee and disdain to say, and then picked up her records, really in accordance with the above record preparation. He joked with a joke, really doing things or a modest. Well, it seems that you are really sincere to help me busy. An Ruyan said. Of course Come and answer. Well, then the division decided that today all the work here all to you An Su Yan finished, we must go out. Hey Hey Come and hurry to run over to stop her, where are you going This is not the teacher brother a. sked. An.and said If you wait for another time, he feels better you go to him, this time things have not completely calm it. Dance even grace, even the ice cream are not interested in eating, in his hand, to see it a little bit of the open, melted cream drops at the foot of the cards against humanity digging hole mud. Di Qin things do not. want to say, dancing suddenly felt, as long as the home bamboo like Di Qin, know Di Qin on the bamboo, the original everything to say it They sat on the flower bed, heard the distance came a gentle song, April spring breeze blowing in the face, with do not know where to come from the rich floral. So they think of going to self study time, has 10 o clock, the classroom has been out of the light, black whirring. Said how do ah My notebook is still in the classroom. Home bamboo said We get up early tomorrow morning to get good, can not wait until the class, or else was removed. The next morning to dance up early on, home bamboo is also busy to clean up, said to accompany her to get the book. No, you are busy with you, and Dickson is waiting for you. I m going to go. She picked up something, took the lunch box, went to the classroom, all the way to the morning exercises, the girls chirp to the canteen, a few big boys pedal kicked over her side, dancing feel in the shock. To the teaching building of the turn, dancing sud. denly was taken from behind a bit, she turned around and looked, the original is Jiang Chengzhen. Do you s.s are scattered. Doudiao whispered Anyway, wrongly wrong, are my fault. Home bamboo laugh You Do not review, rest assured that your day, have been like this, do not you go back to the afternoon class must go to the class teacher is your class. Afternoon dance class there is no mood, home bamboo regulations she must take notes, dance had to fight the spirit of listening to the notes, to the next as if the heart set a little, notes can keep up with. The rest of the class. she went to the toilet, is ready to hear the toilet suddenly heard the voice of Guo embroidery ah, Lin Duo can do it, and a graduate student on the good, do not want that undergraduate, as if the man drank A night of wine, this morning into the hospital to drip. Several other girls are laughing and laughing, talking about. Dancing surprised, refused to taboo, open the door asked Guo Xiu the tree to which hospital The girls were shocked, are embarrassed up. Guo Xiu said ah, I do not know, as if school hospital. Dancing immediately rushed out, ran to the school hospital, my mind constantly repeated tears of tears, distraught. To the hospital, she inquired about the things of the tree, asked really is really, the heart immediately jumped up, as if to jump out of the throat. She went to the ward, at the door for a while breathing, lying on the door of the window to the inside looked, would like to confirm cards against humanity retail what. She saw the mother of the tree and Feng Y.

Cards Against Humanity Latest Expansion h, self centered. Suddenly feel that cards against humanity latest expansion everything is not true, she put the tree mother s words over and over again memories, think is not really just a bad tone, but in fact there is nothing Malicious And feel impossible, with the first feeling to overthrow the conclusion, a moment of resentment forgiveness, the contradiction was terrible. After a few days, dancing at home really feel depressed, all can see the novel are read again, the first 200 times to see Besieged City , the first 300 times to see arrogance and prejudice. Suddenly received a student student phone, said the school contractors college tennis competition, please also in the city of girls to do the opening guard of honor guard Duo feel that time is coming, busy promised down. She brought the package back to school to report, led a set of sportswear and flowers, only to know that they are a square aerobics. Students will advise them to concentrate on living in several dormitories and save unsafe. Dancing like the girl familiar with the same class of Guo embroidery, and Guo embroidery to discuss their bedroom to live, Guo embroidery said dance, I and Feng Yin Ting cooked, let us also let Feng Yin to our bedroom to live But also I am not familiar with it. Guo Xiu laughed ah She is Tongchuang tree class, you do not recognize Dancing Or do not know how to find a reason to oppose, had to say Well, together with it. She and Guo embroidery went to the be.own on my ability Mody. Thunder said You are such a small sheep, Not afraid of being bullied Diao laughed I was not a small sheep which, in addition, I do not believe that the community is ful. l of wolves, or a lot of good thing. Two people later pull the East, this topic on cards against humanity latest expansion this Put down. Chapter 32 Dancing and so on for cards against humanity latest expansion a long time, finally see the family bamboo put down the book rubbed his eyes, and quickly said home bamboo, we go out to stroll Tired. Do not wait for bamboo answer, column said Well, You eat, and eat what casually said. Dodo laugh Who wants you to follow me, I invite the family bamboo, and did not please you. Fangliao muttering Hey, together out of reading Well, why separate Home bamboo laugh Well, side column, do not take the opportunity to lazy, we go back, you help us look at the seat of it. Duo proudly red square smile, pull the bamboo out. Bamboo said What do you want to say I see you at night reading is not in the state ah. Diao said Ha, see I am not in the state you still ignore me You can not eat ice cream Bamboo said The weather is a bit cool, do not eat that, ice belly, or else to eat roasted chestnut Dancing shook his head do not want to go to school to go, forget, eat Yangme. i better. Two people washed down the steps, went to the canteen to go, bow for a long time, pick a pack of Jasper. They found a teaching building opposite the stool, sit down and eat. Dance up to look at the te.

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