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Cards Against Humanity Interview d wait for them to come back, and you can not sleep. Duo slowly stand up and say, Bamboo, who at night to find you Bamboo said Di Qin, nothing, looking for me to chat, I q. uickly catch the drive back, your eldest went out. Dancing at home bamboo face bo, said I sleep, and then apologize again and again. Dancing lying in the quilt, the whole people are drilling into, that head muffled pain. She thought no face to see what the. And then sleepy. Sleep in the middle of the night feel dry mouth, dancing wake up, wake up to know that he had a fever, and a move all the body bones pain. She barely opened his eyes and saw the opposite of the bamboo turned a body, she gently called out home bamboo. Bamboo actually heard immediately, turned and said to her Dancing, call me Bodhisattva quickly opened the quilt, turned out of bed, took a sweater dressed, came to touch the forehead of the dance, said Oh, very hot. She turned and poured a pot of boiling water, the towel soaked, dry on the dance on the forehead, and turned and poured a cup of boiling water on the bed of the bed, said so late can not go to the hospital, So that you go to the hospital tomorrow. She opened the quilt sitting in the quilt. and said I am here to accompany you. Diao said You go back to bed, bed so little you sleep well Bamboo said Do not matter, I am squinting just. You peace of sleep. Gradient eyelids are lifted, drowsy and sleep, and fuzzy know that.r the summary of the teacher. Finished He first applauded. An Su Yan smiled and took to the podium, smiling waiting for the students to quiet down, and then began her summary of the speech The students who are today to discuss their own views, the atmosphere is very active from which I understand the deepest is every one of our classmates, have their own independent views and ideas, some students see the unique, elaborate view of the whip into the place, let me this intern But also feel ashamed, so adults generally think that our classmates or children point of view, I think how much is biased Yes The students cheered to interrupt her. And so we all quiet. down, An Su Yan said But as the elders, they experience the vicissitudes of life, after all, much more than we, once their point of view with our conflict, we have to be scruples, it is best not to intensify the contradictions It is not advisable for us to know that the result of a rigid collision is a strong rebound, and it is not a solution to that. Is it that the students agree Agree The students are in unison. Ansu Yan glanced at the direction of Cheng Yixing, he still lug the mouth of the Nara like seems to smile, seems to be interested in watching jokes. An Yu Yan deliberately ignored his satirical smile, then said I will summarize the views of the three factions, and then said The views of the students, to moderate the largest number of people, that stude.

how warm and warm, when he became so, look at her like to see the enemy. She felt the big tree like a piece of ice, can not be close to can not touch. Feng Yin s tears are about to rush out, she was afraid of an opening to reveal the secret buried in the heart, had to continue to silence, tightly cards against humanity interview suppressed in the heart. The tree said Do not speak I tell you, you are so for the dance, everywhere embarrassing her, will only make me more disgusted with you before I also worried about the childhood friendship does not say anything to you, this time you I will not forgive you for this injury. Feng Yin really can not control, she said cards against humanity interview coldly forgive me who want your forgiveness I do not care about you, never care about you She excitedly put down his arm, palm almost fist into fist You think What kind of skill do you have any ability to let me like you Tong tree, I tell you, I Feng Yi. n what kind of boyfriend can not find Also need cards against humanity interview to destroy your so called love to fulfill myself She bite Bite the lips, a little calm and a bit, and said You reflect on your own reflection, I m dancing with you when you are with your heart Do you trust her I casually say two you doubt her, so You have the nerve to say that you can not afford to fail, Gas sprinkled on me, really funny, when I Feng Yin said to be with you You are too easy to see their own, like you so stupid, cowardly, naive, did not play the man, I do not want to He said.kly said side column, after dancing to the television station, you can let you go to the TV station to see the stars. Side laugh I do not chasing stars, if the Tang Dynasty The band came and danced to me to get a live ticket to get. Chuckle laugh You also like rock ah Really can not see. Side laugh I am full of cards against humanity cheaper than alibaba art cells, give you a paragraph. He stood up. and spoke loudly against the lake Fried along the palm of the palm of the fate of this night wake up without wine Along the fate into the dream memories back to the Tang Dynasty Tonight cup reflected in the moon paper ink ink fly words Fujiang Tonight cups in the moon show the heroes of the British Qi Jin bright Along the palm of the palm branding fate of this night sober no dream Along the fate into the myth as if back to the dream of the Tang Dynasty. This is the song of the Tang Dynasty. Dancing hold the ears, smiled and said side column, please, do not torture my ears. Fanglang sit down, proudly Said You have not heard the original song, I tell you, I sing at least 80 of the original flavor. Diaoju end of the soup group of bowls, and home bamboo touched Bamboo Such a nice song, We use wine distorted wine to the next Fanglie also bowls and they touch, three people are laughing. Chapter 45 After a few days, dancing in the school recorded cards against humanity interview the program, the end of the time saw the teacher in the glass door outside h. er beckoned her, she quickly past. Song teache.dinary Dancing and home bamboo simply can not get involved, had to squeeze the rubbing took a towel basin to the water room wash your face. All the bedroom doors are open, or else in the opening of the table or in the chat, the whole dormitory as if there is a back to the light of the excitement, while walking side feel unreal, my mind chaos. At night she did not follow the family bamboo to participate in the activities of the class shift, a person in the campus free to walk. A small restaurant outside the campus is full of people, lively like a holiday, like the upcoming graduates come and go, call friends, the air is full of beer taste, dancing in the crowded crowd to wear In the past, cards against humanity 2013 holiday pack go to the corner of the ice cream counter to cards against humanity 90s nostalgia pack amazon buy ice cream. Suddenly a boy standing in front of her, carrying a beer bottle in his hand, his mouth filled with alcohol. Dancing subconsciously step back, twisted his brow to see him, his face to prepare the color. The boy is also a step back, and dance to maintain a reasonable distance, a lit. tle awkward scratched his head, and then whispered Do you remember me I was 94 travel, we had a big class together. Shook his head and did not speak. The boy said with a wry smile, I m going to go to English classes, and I ve been crush on you until now. Duo looked surprised at him, and sometimes do not know what to say, the face becomes red, hands twisted handkerchief, staring at him. The boy.

Cards Against Humanity Interview nd holding his arm Where to go, I do not The girl is your class Diao said No, not a department, is the insurance professional. Thunder laugh I see you do not like her Well Do not like, do not like you, if you later see her, not allowed to talk to her. Thunder laugh yo, so big contradiction which. He said, What do you come to me Thunder said ah, no matter, just want to see you, ask you how to interview. Laughs This interview does not mention worth mentioning, and I am most afraid of people and people competing, a bunch of people eyebrows moving, strange scary. Thunder laugh eye eyebrows move what is the meanin. g Diao said stupid Yeah, is the words of color chanting, there are several girls powerful Thunder you laugh You are so small, and then perfunctory is also limited, it is estimated that the teacher to see out. Duo grunted Well, the teacher was the teacher was not, the teacher was perfunctory, obediently. Beautiful eyes and eyes, where can see the flaws They talk and laugh, unknowingly walked back to the dormitory downstairs. Said You want to eat it Thunder nodded Today to go to the mentor home, I have to go to dinner. Dancing nodded ah, then I go to study. Thunder laugh Well, you read the book, we tomorrow big playground see good Diao laugh ah yo, you spare me, I can not get up or the library to find you better. Dancing at night and home to go to the library. To the old position of the library, the party is a.relieved. Fe. ng Yin today is very silent, not how to speak, see the dance also turn the eyes. Diao think Is that a few words so much lethal After the meeting, Feng Yin hurried away, and did not dance and say hello. Dancing back to the bedroom, home bamboo asked Yeah, come back, did not see Feng Yin Diao said See it. Bamboo looked at her for a while Do not like, every time to see Feng Yin you are grayed out. Chuckle Do not wait for the serfs to turn over She was so strange today, stuffy boring brain, do not know how. Bamboo said Your Prince Charming came back, looking for you.You let you in the bedroom waiting for him. Dance up the mouth Oh, come back this time so fast Home bamboo laugh Look at you this She is sitting down and taking out the mirror comb, breaking the braids and greeting her mother Come and help me comb the braids. Bamboo said Well But also to change the image Diao said comb a crooked good or positive Anyway, use this red silk. Bamboo said crooked it, more playful. Combed the hair, dancing left to see the right, s. miled and said good looking, alas, really natural beauty hard to give up. Still wait for home bamboo laugh, her first laugh, turned over to cover the mouth of bamboo Well, well, my cheeky, you can not laugh. Home bamboo laugh Yeah, you know Chapter 33 Dance and thunder together to the cards against humanity interview cafeteria to eat. We have not only come together in the cafeteria, and we rarely eat together, he said.

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