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Cards Against Humanity Holiday 2016 . s, everywhere can see the kidnapped red eyes with the eyes of the graduates. Dancing the first night of the bedroom has been drunk farewell wine, 8 girls no matter how the relationship between the four years, that night or hard to get rid of, all drunk, in the bedroom crying into a ball. Dancing and home bamboo is the last two people in the bedroom, they sent away the bedroom one after another girl, to the afternoon when the eyes have been swollen, four small peach as red. Chanting for the bamboo to pack the luggage, sat down in the wire bed, whispered What is not clean up Home bamboo looked around, shook his head. Diaozhu biting his lips, take his hair clip down to clip the bamboo hair, the bamboo bamboo to his head, tearfully said Even if a good thing. Although the bamboo also contains tears, But still could not help laughing out The two of us for what keepsake, ah, not Liangshan Park and Zhu Yingtai. Two people are laughing, laughing and crying. Two girls could not help but embrace together, tears wet each other. s shoulders. He looked at the two girls, put down their luggage, hug home bamboo boo, so good , Do not cry, eyes swollen like this. Home bamboo pushed him Do not hug your hug, we are not going to go Time is almost right Diao said I want to send you Station. Bamboo shook his head You do not go, the University are today to send graduates, the station how many people ah, the weather so hot, you carefull.nd sometimes copy the tired, looked up the window familiar with the branches, squinting to cards against humanity holiday 2016 see the mottled sun in the middle of dense leaves jump. Home bamboo and the work because of a column looking for a look in the south cards against humanity holiday 2016 of the North, so special lingering, often not see the shadows, dance had to enjoy this leisure time. She was clear, a good day may soon be in the past, which left little but I do not know how to cherish the university time to make her apprehension. To the time of the first draft of the paper, danced in the library copied in the afternoon to make a good, she put down the pen, hard rubbing his sore fingers, home bamboo rushed from the outside, smiled and rushed her waving. Dancing nodded, the things are packed up in his hand, a small step out of the library. Home bamboo hold her arm, grin. ning and asked at night with me to eat it Side of their class to engage in karaoke OK game, you go do not go Dancing shook his head I do not know their class people, only Not to make up the lively. Bamboo said That can be how to do it He let me go. Chuckle smiled and poke her You heavy color light the number of young people do Well, it s so pity that you have been cards against humanity holiday 2016 wrapped around with you as if you were crazy. Dancing was originally said to play jokes, but wait for a while will not see the bamboo cavity, went back to see her, only to find the home bamboo orbital red, a bubble tears suddenly want to drop. Dance h.

ss, we also believe it is true. However, even if there is no boyfriend, it does not mean you will accept you Zhao Limin boyfriend An Su Yan thought. But can not say that, had to say I do not like the kind of place to the disco, it will not dance, whether it is one step or two steps, fox step or cat step Zhao Li Min laughed, You are the most lovely, even refused to make people laugh. He also knows is to refuse An Ruyan can not help but want to overturned. Do not wait to be reading at home, should be. appropriate activities, often do not move is unhealthy.When you go to dance what is wrong You always have the first time Well, so tonight I invite you to eat Zhao Limin did not ask her to agree, self assertion will set tonight s date. No, she said firmly, I do not go.You invite someone to go right, yes, Li Lihua likes to dance, you go to her better. Li Lihua is a foreign language group teacher, quite interested in Zhao Limin. Zhao Limin before seeing An Yan Yan, and Li Lihua had a very close, only the last to declare that layer of yarn, but this last step was the arrival of An Ruoyan to destroy, Li Lihua a sulking in the heart, so uncomfortable. An Su Yan suspected that the so called style problem , that is, cards against humanity unblocked she said, but there is no evidence, and can not be arbitrary evidence. She likes to dance, disco she will not go. Zhao Limin know Li Lihua. So I will not go.I m sorry, I want to go. An Su Yan anxious up, finished f.r. Doubt a bed to look past, with the tree, said You see, there are five to eat watermelon rind, almost every home to eat hollow stalks. The pork does not look good. The tree laughs You also The study of this ah. Diao said We eat something is good, to see someone else is really slander to eat. The tree stopped and looked What is good to eat What do you want to eat Said Otherwise, to a bowl of cold rice noodles, and then a bowl of spicy pigs red The tree laughs eat so no mood In front of Kentucky Fried Chicken, do not eat hamburgers Dancing shook his head Do not , I like to ea. t these, of course, you d better go to buy me a jar back, it is perfect. And other trees to buy the egg tube back, dancing has drunk a lot of pig red soup, small mouth spicy red swollen, his face crimson, nose and small sweat beads. She reached out to pick up the tree to the egg tube, bitter a bit, ah a cry. Tree to sit down, smile to see her, that dance is not happy, especially want to hug over pro. Dancing three mouth two eat the egg tube, the cold rice flour pushed to the tree You eat, I let the boss to add a lot of hot sprouts dry, can be delicious. Trees take over, snore chop chop finished , Wiped his lips with his back. Dancing handed him a paper towel, said Do not fight how good, could have been playing every day. Big tree staring eyes Is it I want to quarrel Who is so disdain to see me, who do a pair Do you mean to have an interestin.t did not expect is a soft nail. However, she had seen the big world of people, what tough Zhu Er did not come across She changed a topic, then said I heard that you are five years older than Xing Xing. was his teacher An Ruyan smiled and replied Yes I graduated from college to study in Hua Yi, then he went to college I gave them classes with the experiment. Well, you said, of course, you do not misunderstand, and now this time Well, what is possible, I will not Because of this against your contacts.In fact, I personally think that as long as Xing Xing like their own, after all, parents can not live with him for a lifetime. Well, I can see that Mrs. Zhang is very open person. An Suyan heart funny, but the mouth or so to say. Gao Tingya smiled and waved his hand, gotta keep up with the development of the times See An Ruyan no longer drink that cup of black coffee, she knew that Miss Ann does not like this taste Oh, said An Yan, I am not used to drinking coffee, usually only drink green tea rarely come to the cafes, generally only on the teahouse. Gao Tingya seems to this epiphany, and then disdain to say The kind of teahouse, people and more complex, messy with the restaurant is no different, not on the grade You s. hould be used to coffee Museum, Western restaurant this elegant style of the place, relatively quiet, there are taste. is it An Ruyan in the heart laugh, noncommittal. Gao Tingya see her did not respond.

Cards Against Humanity Holiday 2016 t only to be respon. sible for their own, but also cards against humanity holiday 2016 responsible for each other. Doudiao whispered Mom I will not Mama laughed I just remind you. Oh, who let the girls big mind more Where will be my silly little dance ah Do not be afraid, there are problems to solve. Dancing also Laugh Mom let me soldiers come to cover the soil cover Mom pinch her face As long as you need the help of her mother said, Mom and Dad will always be your strong backing. Dancing smile, after a while And cards against humanity next day delivery asked Mom why you do not object to me in college love people do not agree with other parents do not agree. Mom squeeze eyes and laugh Mom and Dad do not agree that you really do not fall in love Face, head buried on the mother s knee. Mother said Love is also need to practice. Sue looked up and asked What Mother you say I did not listen clearly. Mom turned and grabbed the knot, continue to dress, smiled and said cards against humanity holiday 2016 did not hear even Well, do not say it twice, you go to the glass of water to drink me. The dance has resumed the summer lazy egg life, she gave the bambo. o inside the phone described in detail the situation in the school, but deliberately did not mention the thunder of things, she did not know why, thunder things do not want to say to the family bamboo. Speaking of Guo Xiu things, dancing and vividly said for a long time, home bamboo sigh she is sleeping my bed Duo said No, is the four ring. Bamboo said You can not Four ring to men.tion is not very good Thunder said I do not know the specific situation, I think Zhang Guolin may overestimate their relationship, because Guo embroidery and now our college secretary of the Secretary in love. Dancing a moment, but turned the mind, the group secretary She said is the teacher Thunder said Yes ah, is Zhang Guolin said, it seems very sure. Chuckle Guo embroidery taste is also very strang. e, how every time like chunky I think so, really is such a thing. Diao said with a smile Zhang Guolin have not been lovelorn torture Thunder Thunder think about it, could not help but laugh Laugh always a bit uncomfortable, especially his school are Xingxing head, and suddenly know that this is the same as the thunderbolt. Dancing thought strange, Guo embroidery summer and Zhang Guolin have been together, a school only How do you fall in love with Mr. Thunder smile to see her, no rush. Dancing the hair is cards against humanity 6th expansion release date a natural volume, in front of the bangs rolled into the forehead, twist braids on the shoulders, the body is and paste the white shirt, wearing a large jeans. The sunset afterglow in her body with a layer of slightly silhouette, dancing round eyes on the thick eyelashes slightly curled, pretty nose slightly upturned. Thunder felt the heart was gently affected, and sometimes can not transfer the line of sight, fingers around the corner, especially want her hair scattered on the cheek side of the hair clip to the bac.

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