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Cards Against Humanity cards against humanity hole depth Hole Depth the corner of the shadow of the moment of expansion, all of a sudden filled the whole space, so that he felt fresh air in the danger of being filled near the atmosphere. He suddenly pulled her into his arms, tightly hoop live. An Su Yan cards against humanity spencers struggled, but he more tight hoop, she had to give up fixed. Just heard his painful whispering Do not leave me Suddenly, her heart violent spasm, twitching sharp pain A heat flow slips out from the eyes of the spring out. Chapter VII An xuyan s experiment was carried out in an intense and orderly manner. Her research desk declined all visits, so the time in the lab was completely all of the scientific experiments. An Su Yan Phone Some people in the corridor shouting. Answer the phone to the office downstairs to go to the office. Who would it be She. has long told Cheng Yixing said that she did not experiment in any form to disturb should also be not to Hee, and his next semester to write a report, now a free buried in the library gnawing book. Will it be a mentor In general, Fang Hongzhi something will personally come to the research room to see, and a guide on the basic matter no matter ah. Who would that be An Ruyan side downstairs, while speculation. Go to the department, pick up the phone, Hey I am safe, what is your job She asked. The phone came there a clear female voice, Hello I am Cheng Yixing s mother, I can talk to you Can you come out a trip Ansu Yan can not respond for.o much. Chuckle Do not know the newborn there is no military training soup Drink, the kind of vegetables and leaves of the shabu shabu that time have a good time to drink. Bamboo pull the dance turned and danced and asked Hey, do not read it Look at this session there is no beauty Yeah, it is said that we The cards against humanity hole depth school beauty was arranged in a row, a good session of the poor, this session do not know how. Home bamboo said Do not read, not a formal performance Well, the opening of the Games is the official it. They slowly go to the dormitory, home bamboo asked You do not go to the library at night Square today to occupy the seat. Chuckle laugh I thought that the column is the whim to give us the seat It was not easy, but it was not easy. She turned to her mother and said. Do you want to be cards against humanity hole depth careful I think he s meant to be clear. You do not know how much trouble in economic law, it is more than my professional time to spend more, with the review can learn from each other Well. Chuckle laugh You laugh, Hey, that is, to learn about it, not just homework. Bamboo no way, turned around and scolded You ah, do not get the same love experts. How many days do not see the Thunder Diao said Is a graduate student, where and we are the same, he and the instructor to research. Speaking strange, I heard that the university graduate students but also learn a textbook, doctoral students to engage in the subject, how thunder mentor but.

eak. Li Xiu Ge nodded, and scrape together curious whispered You really is that Cheng Yixing girlfriend She laughed maybe not You know, he looks handsome, always have to find a shield or something, or else there will be a lot of trouble. Well, said Li Xiuguo, I think so too In front of Cheng Yixing from time to time to look at the side of Yan, looking at her first to sit in the end, he could barely could not help but want to comfort her, her cold and the car with a warm young man laugh is so out of tune His voice faintly raised an. inexplicable irritability, it seems that there is an insecure premonition is invading him, he wanted to open, but no fathom. Is it strong to pull her to participate in their young combination, is simply a big mistake, completely with his purpose diametrically opposed Did he make a mistake He should not be so anxious to want her to integrate into his world, after all, there is indeed a difference between them, although he can not care, but she cares But then, he saw Li Xiuguo sat in the past, An Su Yan chat with her freely, do not see what is strange. He comforted himself, do not be more heart, her nature easy going, will not put the moment on the heart of the cold. Look, she is not the same smile is always consistent And his favorite is her that. The car opened a morning, only to the foot of the mountain, eat a simple lunch, and then began to climb. The boys were carrying a camping tent.feating. Dancing refers to the stadium immediately on the admission ceremony, you do not hurry in Thunder slightly hesitant, looked up and said Well, you g. o first Back to cards against humanity hole depth the dormitory, Guo embroidery bag is ready to go out. Where do you go Go home Guo Xiu laugh I do not go back today. Zhang Guolin these two days there is a game, begged me to stay to refuel. Um You want to go back Do not stay to the thunder I said, I told my mother I want to go back. Guo Xiu laugh cards against humanity toys r us canada You are really a good baby. Dancing suddenly thought of one thing, she was very embarrassed to say Guo embroidery, if I go back , And you continue to live in our dormitory is not convenient. Having finished her face a little red, apprehension to worry about Guo Xiu know that the actual meaning of their own. Guo embroidered looked at her, said What is it Dancing ah a cry, turned to pretend to organize the bed, heard his cowardly said If you go back to your bedroom to live Guo embroidered a cry I Do not live here to have a place to go, do not have to arrange for you. Finished on the slam out of the door. Dance to sit on the bed, want to be offended Guo embroidery, but really want to let Guo embroidery a person. living here, dancing do not know how to go back to school with water washed more cards against humanity hole depth than the floor before the peace of mind. Dance to pick up something, left and so right and so did not wait until Guo embroidered back, she can not go. Had to sit in t.f life, and every week most looking cards against humanity geek pack forward to is the weekend late twilight. Under the class, the wind is usually spinning to the dormitory, picked up long ago to clean up the packet, almost all the way from the suburbs of the school went to the county, waiting for the base of the bus to their return to these children back to the arrow Home to go. And the night in the way that noisy clamor quietly coming Every time, she was always quietly leaning against the window watching the rapid retreat of the fields, trees, mountains and the sky, until the last touch of purple glow is finally hidden into the back of the mountains, the scene becomes more To the more blurred, more and more quiet far, the last black. window can only see the two or two stars or bright or dark lights in the colony flashed between. At this time the car people are often drowsy, although obviously know that the destination is also soon after the turn of the mountain after a big bend, is lit a brilliant light to welcome their return. Gently knocked on the door came, An Ruyan slightly froze a moment, then went to the door. Who Although it has been expected who will be, she asked one. I. The door is a brief and powerful answer. An Ruyan opened the door, an early morning to stir the dream, is very impolite behavior. But it is obvious that the fact that it is disturbed is not a clear dream. Cheng Yixing smiled proudly, how Meditation was interrupted Do n.

Cards Against Humanity Hole Depth e is nothing less, but also invited the students a lot of advice Finished also gently bowed a bow. Wow The classroom opened the pot again. There is a voice of the oil slips tone quietly said advice do not have to, beautiful on the line Students are a burst of noise. An Su Yan toward the direction of the sound looked, the sound is the last row of a ruffian skinny long hair boys. Although the school did not allow stu. dents to stay long hair, but some students are on the policy, under the countermeasures , give you a cut will be the length of the card, so you can not pick his thorns around. It was because of this, the boys in a room short hair boy in the middle, it is particularly dazzling. At the moment, see An Su Yan to see him, he is proudly throwing her a provocative smile. An Su Yan heart can not help but shake his head, the most can not stand is this little riffraff. And in this little riffraffer next to the mouth hanging a touch of ridicule smile, is cold and lightly look at the joke of the boys, that is, Cheng Yixing. Well Quiet Quiet Lin principals waved again, Now is the class time Please ask the teacher to class the following class. He made a please to the security of the gesture, and then out of the classroom. Oh The classroom issued a relief of booing. We are going to talk about the movement of chemical balance. First of all, let s clarify the chemical balance of the chemical balance of the chemical bal.women, has always been the implementation of a double standard However, she did not want to pretend to succumb to herself, and she insisted on herself, and held her heart heartedly purpose, and for so many years the lon. g wait had made herself very skeptical. She waited for the man. After all, life, not like this degree in general, Raiders will always belong to you. So terrible People, after all, can not ignore the nature of their animals. Everything is attributed to the acquired power and repair. An Ruyan do not know how to go back to the dormitory, only know the hearts of a thousand things, is a mess The emotional side, struggling to resist the suspicion of the cloud from his overbearing monopoly to his affectionate money from his impassioned passion to his talent and the sensible side, but constantly remind her if not really How can Gao Tingya how can win in this hold What are their families There is a father so hard, no guarantee will not uplink under the effect Moreover, the rich family can accommodate the pure boy only fruit it Until the evening Cheng Yixing to the hostel to find her, An Su Yan is still in a state of trance. Are you okay Cheng Yixing asked, it is necessary to probe to test her forehead. Oh, she said, it may b. e too tired to experiment and some dizzy. The experiment is not put on a release, as I accompany you out to stroll He proposed. No, she hastily stopped, she lacked the courage to go o.

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