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Cards Against Humanity Generator ong time, finally find out. , and then asked is the weaver actress and the stars Thunder laugh The big star is the four star of the Cygnus in Tianjin. The big triangle is seen in the summer, only cloudy days may not see. Jumped his head and smiled at him You know to see the stars Thunder laugh Do not know, purely curious to read cards against humanity generator a few books on the left. Diao said I am Libra, what are you Constellation Thunder said I am, is Sagittarius. He pointed to the sky the south side of the triangle is the most clear galactic center, this group of white nebula, which hid Sagittarius, Scorpio, and then look to the west , You can see the Libra. Dancing with his fingers can not see anything, casually cards against humanity generator pointed a pass, asked is that Mody, is this Thunder laugh, fingers across the farther Libra is wandering on the horizon Dancing and thunder with the neck together for half a day to see the sky, feel the neck very incredibly, bow down with a chin to touch the neck, while laughing Oh, the neck must be broken. Thunder also learn her look to the neck , Two people st. anding on the open road laughed. Laughed for a while, dance feel the heart of the pain a little bit, the Thunder also stopped to see her, dancing a little uncomfortable, smile turned around and looked at the road behind. Thunder looked up and looked quietly in the distance. The campus of the road is particularly open, a white light street lamp cast one after another apertur.uttocks, dancing only gently said home bamboo, and quickly write down, November 2, 1995, Jiang Chengzhen said love me Yes, where is it In the big playground. How did you answer him I said I did not feel, do not want to find a boyfriend. Oh, cards against humanity generator you Dancing hammer home b. amboo about, What do not want to find a boyfriend, this is not broken after the way to go back Home bamboo smiled and said I did not intend to go back, Jiang Chengzhen s feelings too warm, and I imagine the love is steady, like a stream slowly flowing slowly, he and I did not how to contact so warm I like to like me, I do not like this kind of person. Besides, I like people to Jiannianqin heart, he did not sword gall bladder, no pique, how do I accept him Chanting sighed and said home bamboo, missed a cards against humanity generator good marriage which people Jiangcheng Zhen very good, I think you are in the martial arts novel poison, and tomorrow you take a look at Qiong Yao it, Jiang Chengzhen Qiong Yao aunt s taste of. Day 2, dancing in the road met Cheng Zhen, she immediately went up and said Jiang Chengzhen How are you feeling now Cheng Zhen face a little red, said What am my feelings Rejected heart now how Still bleeding Diao said with a smile. Cheng Zhen s face more red layer, said home bamboo told you ah The dance nodded and nodded, saying. , Of course, who is my family and mother Sheng sighed and said Dancing, not tell you that I am now unclear why the bamboo refused me. La.

t night I was not happy, finally get angry to pick you up And other boys together, you say I can not get angry. Dancing pouting stood for a while, hard hammer the tree about, said how do you so small ah I just last night to discuss with you, you are angry, as the boy , chase pa. use, said I am also accidentally encountered, you as to this Also when you classmate gave me no face. I m sorry if you re crying, I m sorry ah, your tears are so terrible, said the grunted, and said, I m sorry to say that I m crying. I want to tell you reason is not have to cry to say The tree quickly said is not no, you can not cry, was originally a white swan, a cry is ugly duckling. I like to see you laugh. Before stepping on his feet, said Well, look at me laugh Big tree smile a bit, said Well, well, I was wrong, with how you punish me. The big tree took the hand holding the lunch box and said, Bite it, he said, hugging his arm and cards against humanity 1st expansion looked at it, and said, The tree said in dismay how do you like holding a ham. Voice hardly ever, dancing to bite heavily, the tree desperately to hold back. After a while, the song was loose. She looked at her biting teeth, teeth have been swollen, red a clear circle. The dance was shocked and said, Oh, I bite a good weight ah. Big tree grimace grinned and said You will know the good. weight ah, I almost fainted, but in order to let you get angry, what I have to bear the pain. Dancing Puchi laughed. The tre.heard something wrong, she tempted the sentence how I did not often see you and the trees to meet it Feng Yin back and said I want to eat what I want to eat bitter gourd fried meat. Diao looked up and looked at the card I eat cucumber scrambled eggs. They play vegetables in the window next to pick a seat Relatively sit down. Feng Yin said You just did not ask me why and the trees do not often meet Dancing a bit embarrassed, feel that their questioning Feng Yin is such a repeat, it seems provocative meaning, she qui. ckly explained ah., I want to say to your tree care enough Feng Yam Ha ha laugh dance dance, you do not know all the trees every weekend to send me home to take care of what he considered a good. Dance for a while speechless, think of the tree has never been to accompany their own home to go home, always like this thing to do an excuse, the original is to send Feng Yin go home. Dancing bite the lips, and my heart to the tree, said Well, you have this hand. Feng Yin looked at the face of dancing dance, tree that problem with cards against humanity you are very independent, do not send him. But also a bit embarrassed, deprived of your time.However, Jiang aunt this stubborn, I can not see a person bag home, afraid I was too tired. Dancing cucumber scrambled eggs as if blocked in the throat, do not know how to swallow, that Feng Yin s words are hidden everywhere, but Feng Yin smile so sincere, like did not think so much, dance and feel that.aid Thunder chanting, a morning came, I told him you Sick, and bought a bunch of food to eat, noon to a trip, you just fell asleep, and did not let him up, he gave you bought a fever syrup. Dancing did not speak, turned his head to clenched his lips. Bamboo said softly I do not want to say even She got 3 5 compromise cards against humanity up and danced, one The pair of gloves fell from the body and fell to the side of the pillow. Diao took a glove looked and said You buy a new glove or skin. Home bamboo laugh is the side to buy, that is the night before that my hand cold, yesterday went to the city to buy back It s good for me, he said, he s so nice to be here. , Face affixed to her sleeve home bamboo, really envy you. Home bamboo laugh fool, a pair of gloves you are so moved Thunder is good for you, how do you not move I ll sleep for a while, and you will not talk to me. Dance at night to get up. a room girl chirp chat to eat, so terrible, dancing lying, had to get up. Home bamboo said are lying for a day, this time up for what, it is better to sleep tomorrow. Chuckle up my face to wash your teeth and then sleep well.I feel my stinky, out of several sweat. The third ring said Come on, your thunder in the afternoon so many times are not seen, come back at night, how do you have to say hello with others. Dancing do not speak, the end of the basin slowly swallow Swallowed out and heard the thunder in the corridor to call her name below. Home bamboo cards against humanity generator cha.

Cards Against Humanity Generator n take a walk back Dancing nodded, took the lunch box, the wet hair suddenly thrown back, pulled the bamboo hand out The Teacher dormitory area at the other end of the school, they walked slowly toward the sunset, breezy dressed in a dancing hair, she suddenly said home bamboo, you say it is also a picture, the campus Under the sunset, the boulevard walking two long hair fluttering white girl. Home bamboo laugh Well, especially one of them or beautiful children. Duo laughing proudly, and then tilted his head and said home bamboo, I Really l. ong look good Junior high school when I feel really good, every day to the school all very happy, and later to the high school, beautiful girls too much friends, I perennial wear aunt aunt their old clothes, get Some of the self confidence are not. Strange, to the university, but some people say that I look good. Bamboo dress to look at her look, looked for a while, said ah, long is not good, Comfortable with it. Dancing hard hit the bamboo s ass about. Home bamboo laugh You say that they are not self confidence, that you generally you are angry, really only dance and villain is also difficult to support. Duo cuckoo laugh, forehead at home bamboo shoulder rub to rub. Suddenly Diqin came from the opposite. The avenue is very narrow, dancing know there is no way to hide, she bumps home bamboo. Home bamboo has long been seen. She did not have any expression, pass by, she nodded s.g. Dancing disoriented, do not know where the pharynx of his department, all dragged by the mother bamboo. To the point to the place, the sports minister standing on a high level of the steps, busy buried in the head of the hook, surrounded by a lot of people around. Home bamboo pulled the past, struggling to squeeze into the heap, the high voice of the two of them the name. Home bamboo tall, see the Minister of Sports has been designated a hook, pull dance to quit. Dance, laughing God, this system is ridiculous, so buried in a hook, to recognize who is who Bamboo scraping her face Pooh, you this guy, got cheap but also good, Not how can the system have loophole. s, how can I pretend you Duo Nong mouth, tell the family to see the bamboo around, smiled and said You see this man looked up, I bet this bureaucratic point to the system can not be implemented to the end of the semester. Suddenly dancing was photographed, turned to see the Thunder grinning behind her standing, dancing immediately feel heart beating, shy smile greeted ah, you. Bamboo turned around to see the thunder, do not know he is Who, but look at the dance look, but also feel unusual, put the dance of the hand, standing far away waiting for her place. Jumped up to see the thunder, he seems to have just took a bath, wet hair is very casual to spread on his forehead, vibrant face in the red sun in the sun. Thunder out of hand to fall off a ray of hair.

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