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Cards Against Humanity Geek Pack Spoiler , dancing will be guessing. Feng Yin said with astonishment is it Angry She told you angry Oh, I just mention it, did cards against humanity in store near me not think she will be angry She turned to pat the tree s arm sorry ah, offended your heart child, I can really have no heart, but She laughed I did not think your heart was too small. The tree frowned Dancing is not a small person, I do not know how she is because such a thing is not happy. I just went to see her, she gave me face to see it. Feng Yin said Yes Do you have a graduate student to pursue a dance, you know you do not know The tree turned to stare at her What do you say Feng Yin waved his hand Do not stare at me, I can not be sure ah. When we live in a house, she went out with the graduate school, and later Guo embroidered with me , Who is in the pursuit of dancing. Big bite said What is the name of that person Feng Yin laughed Oh, you stared at the eyes so scary Yeah, where I. know the cards against humanity geek pack spoiler name, Said it seems surnamed Lei, I think the dance is not the kind of people who move toward the twilight, so there is no heart to go. Trees silence for a long time. Feng Yin look at him, said dance today to see you face to see you do not care, girls who are not small children Say again, so beautiful dance, the pursuit of many people, perhaps more self You have to deal with the patience of the girl Well. Trees hesitated for a while, asked Dancing this time to school there is nothing Feng Yin laughed Oh, I.ude. Then finished, he stood with arms, and so danced. Dancing Zhang Zhang mouth, would like to teach him again, and. feel that they are wrong, do not know how to speak well The trees laughed and said, Well, let s go, how do we go to the cafeteria Diao grunted and said, Do you have anything for every girl Do you practice this skill Then turned and walked a few steps and stopped and turned and said You are not allowed to follow me. Then the arrogance of the far away. To the cafeteria, dancing read for a long time, decided to come to a porridge again salted egg, and then to point fried rice noodles. She is so hard to get early, to the early to buy the delicious things are tasted. Buy a good early, dodging pick a window seat to sit down, satisfied with the Pa pull fried rice to the mouth to send. Suddenly saw the child tree came, sitting down across. Dance down the chopsticks, said You are really boring, and follow me what Do not want to talk to you. This is not a rogue look Trees do not speak, boring head to eat bread, dance hesitated a moment, also continue to eat. After eating, the dance stood up, the tree also stood up and danced. to see him, said You do not have to go, porridge has not finished it. The tree does not speak, faceless expression with her , Dub a grunted, do not know what he sold in the gourd medicine. Danced to the canteens outside the dishwashing, secretly watching next to the tree, the tree or no.

if he looked at the air, half a day hesitated to say As if the TV station and Feng Shade contract. Danced frowned at him, she thought he was well concealed, but did not know his face has been pale, panic Song teacher quickly put a cup of hot cards against humanity geek pack spoiler water to her, and cards against humanity geek pack spoiler pull the chair by her to sit down. Dancing with a cup of restraint of their own, bow did not speak. Song teacher whispered Dancing, you do not be too uncomfortable. Feng Yin s father, he hesitantly, cough and then went on to say Some things are not just to see their own, social environment is the case, you But also figured cards against humanity geek pack spoiler out. He said these words, feel embarrassed, he also side cups drank a bit hard, and said can only say that this opportunity is really good TV, and grace, such a good opportunity, Eight Immortals Of this, this You do not have to say that again. Dancing down the cup and did not raise his head I d like to call on the phone. Song teacher. quickly pushed the phone over, he paced outside to go outside. Dancing took the microphone, suppress the heart of the tumbling mood, take a few deep breath before the call to the deputy director. Deputy director heard is dancing, paused for a while on the phone before saying Dancing, you know what Dance grace grace. Deputy director sighed Oh, this thing becomes so, draw two pick 3 cards against humanity I did not think, originally Oh. Doubts asked Feng Yin s performance better than me Deputy director said Dancing, I think you are very good, Feng Yi. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/\\r\\n/\', \'.\'.chr(13).chr(10), $txt2);this is not my dream of love. He was shocked, turned and said Dancing, I remember that time you came to practice at night 800 meters, I told you how to run this evening Dancing a little irritable, she felt a flattened flat hair nowhere to vent, Bluntly said We ran back to the bar, I want to go back. She first run up. Why had to turn to follow her, approaching the time, a person suddenly went to their front, dance to stop the pace, very embarrassing. The tree looked at her angrily and said, I went to the bedroom to find you, that you did not go back, I thought you were sitting in the playground silly, he looked at what, then said So yo. u To accompany ah. He went forward and said Tong tree, you do not misunderstand, we happen to meet. You talk, I go. He ran out of the export. The tree stretched out his hand and said, Go, I send you back. Dancing off his hand, said The tree, please let me alone. She ran back to the dormitory. Chapter 9 The next morning, dancing up to wash, come back to see the bamboo sitting on her bed. Diao said Bamboo, you do not go to class You are not the first section of the morning class Bamboo said Dancing, you can escape today s class Dancing down to look up Bamboo, inquire to say You want me to skip class what We do Bamboo close your eyes, Chen Sheng said I want to go shopping on the street, we go to the city. Sound, said model students Guji bamboo students actually want to escape school in.

Cards Against Humanity Geek Pack Spoiler ry. They went to the fire of the playground, everywhere can not find the column, had to keep in the shot put the venue. What is my eccentricity, you broadcast more than she is more than she is, she always said, she said, she said, I think it can be Yeah, you are absolutely ecce. ntric, but partial too good. Home bamboo laugh for a long time, and asked Do not say that the canteen also installed TV It s still training us, it s estimated that it will be fast after the National Day. She turned and looked and said, The party is coming. Fang Zhai smiled and came, and dancing nodded, the bamboo said how do you come Home cards against humanity geek pack spoiler bamboo laugh Well, look at you out of the ocean ah. Laughs side column, you use the point Do not let the bamboo look flat. Fanglie laugh, rubbed his hand. The game began, dancing and home bamboo back to the side, when the party came into battle, two people shouting a few voice, which made the class on the class cheerleaders are cards against humanity on amazon looking at them. Chapter 34 Laughing, quietly with the family bamboo said This is where you can hang in the side of the class girls where the number. Bamboo said forget it, he is not handsome. Diao said On the handsome guy, also considered muscle male. Home bamboo hard smile, reach out in the past, even in the waist chuckle a pinch. Square column throwing th. e ball, and quickly ran to their side, grinning and said how, I am not bad Diao said that is the strength of the big blow, t.it now appears, can back one or two Tang poetry is good. Fang said This can not beat me, at least me Know the bed before the moonlight Well. Thunder back dancing said Well, your request to the level of the Book of Songs Diao laugh You do not laugh at me, I know, you must say, IPO are Do not know, light know what is the use of poetry. When they last chat, the Thunder mentioned the IPO, do not know the dance, the Thunder joke she learn financial people actually do not know this, dance. this time to mention, Thunder Did not think, and smiled and said Is it gas to today Diao said Oh, you do not say, I was shy to today. Four people talking and laughing, time flies, hear the distance came the classroom floor bell ring. Bamboo said Oh, side column, our book is also on the library, how to do Fang said It does not matter Yeah, will not throw us, it will take up tomorrow s seat. They are slowly going to the dormitory, walking and thunder walking behind, the Thunder whispered dance, tomorrow when you have the time to go, I have no class tomorrow, or else I have a seat in the library, you have time to find me Dancing nod promised, want to tomorrow In any case with the Thunder account of the tree thing. Chapter 26 Back to the dormitory, dancing directly to take clothes to take a bath, home bamboo with a few days later looked at it, only laughed and said dance, today nothing to tell me Diao turned to look at her, What do you w.

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