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Cards Against Humanity Funny , and the steps were trampled, but the heart slammed and drummed. Di Qin did not catch up, walking back to the dormitory, dormitory door to open the door to see the house is finishing bamboo, she walked over, hug home bamboo waist, the head leaning on the bamboo shoulder. Home bamboo softly said Dancing, how the matter What happened Dancing said softly Bamboo, why I love people do not love me love my people I do not love Home bamboo hand swept Her hair, said This seems to be an everlasting problem, thousands of years on the date of the day are asked. Dancing softly said home bamboo, everything is no mean. She took a look and said, Nonsense, how did not mean, your bed of beef so delicious beef, the cup of instant noodles so delicious do not mean Dancing jumped up and said You put my food Bamboo smiled and sat down and said, I said. , everything is interesting. Until the final examinations, dances are no longer see Diqin, she intends not to library self study, the family did not mention the things of Dicky, dances do not know the bamboo know things do not know things, do not know why She did not share her new secrets for the first time. Chapter 4 It is necessary to put the winter vacation that night, the bedroom to send a happy atmosphere, everyone thought to go home New Year, are very excited. Dancing lying cards against humanity funny in bed listening to the bamboo and three ring duet song, the hands of the deer in the more than half. Big rin.to the small bamboo bed, the middle of the night I woke up, scared cry, the whole family are awake. Thunder laugh how long so big courage not big Dancing smile There is no way, It s so big to have m. ustard seeds. Two people talk and laugh, went downstairs to stand cards against humanity funny upstairs. Thunder said dance, go home tomorrow Do not watch the game Daohun a cry, said too hot, and people are gone, dormitory I am afraid of. Thunder nodded Yes Ah, not safe, you still go back to the good. Diao laughed and laughed You today that field I read, great ah. Is the group stage Thunder laugh You read I did not see you Yeah, is the group stage, but not much to participate in the team, it is easy to qualify. Dancing squeeze the crowded eyes I see the flower team a lot of girls around you go, I did not keep up. Thunder smiled You are still in my dormitory, he said, the dance is watching you said Dancing, you control them called the flower team No more than you are more lovely flowers, and later not allowed Said he was not pretty. Can not help laughing, clutching his mouth and said Oh, do not boast me, there is no ceiling, I will float to heaven. Thunder and her smile for a long time. Said You go back, there are guests in the bedroom. Thunder. smiled and reached out and patted her shoulder Well, I went back, you quickly go up. Good school goodbye Dancing smile , Turned on the steps. Thunder stood without moving, watching the dance back slowly o.

hought eat sleep and eat, and then about you ou. t to play shopping, how Dancing pouting others summer arrangements for internships or social surveys, that is, what you are doing nothing, special eat and drink. Big tree a little embarrassed, the probe look at the face of the dance, said My father said that their units can give us the practice of reporting the chapter chapter, do not need us to practice. Save time to take a good blanket, out of college Summer vacation. Dancing frown, think of the Thunder vividly introduced his practice and social investigation of the situation, my heart discontent. She said, I do not want your dad unit to give me the practice of the chapter, I go to the local practice, do not you worry. You eat and drink yourself, I want to have a meaningful summer vacation. The tree scoffed You have a meaningful summer vacation, then do not know who sleep on the three pole up, eat and drink to the middle of the night to sleep, do not say ruthless spit bubble. Dancing stopped, stretched out the shoulders on the shoulders of the tree down, biting hi. s lips and said You do not have cards against humanity funny a summer vacation do not contact me, I will have a meaningful summer vacation to see you Dancing turned away and did not forget to say, Do not follow me. The pedestrians on the road looked at both of them, the trees were awkward and loudly Who is willing to follow you, see you Called the heart and regret, five heart irrit., but she did not deny, Yes, I have seen. That An Yan, although it looks quietly look, really is not a simple This deep seated girl, you and her together will suffer You are thought to be cards against humanity funny deep Cheng Yixing said with a smile, You said it The hardest people are now lying on the inside You had originally and Chen Shushu good, why later married with Zhang Bobo Not clear Gao Tingya of course clear, but Zhang Zhiyuan is also very good ah. In the Cheng Yixing turned to go when Zhang Zhiyuan rush to run out of grabbed him, cards against humanity funny small instrument to pull the needle Xingxing Even if Zhang Bo Bo you You stay S. o, Cheng Yixing has been stay to today These days, he has been struggling to find the evidence of Zhang Qingyi fake suicide, apparently her suicide is a long plan, well planned and Zhang Zhiyuan and Gao Tingya, it seems that with her heart, even with the diagnosis Are kept in sight. Until today, because of these four days since the resentment and helplessness of the house under house arrest, the diet has not been normal and stomach pain, he went to the medicine cabinet to find medicine, but was surprised to find high Tingya sleeping pills still intact on the corner In the bottle is still that a few tablets Zhang Qingyi simply do not swallow sleeping pills She certainly know that sleeping pills powerful, I m afraid she is simply eating a whole bottle of yeast At best, but also to find a bottle of similar to the pill of drugs.y began to train the game, dance finally took the time to catch the bamboo together to study. The school was quick for a month, and you were with me for the first time. Home bamboo laughed and said dance students, I have a boyfriend hey, of course, not so empty before. Dancing Pooh said, See the color of the friend. Home bamboo do not speak, hard pinch her one. They put the book in the classroom, put the seat, dancing said home bamboo, the time is still early hey, accompany me to eat ice cream is good Bamboo nodded, two people handle to school to buy ice cream, find a flower bed to sit down and eat. Bamboo said Dancing, you come back to find what it Dancing shook his head and said I know his g. irlfriend did not suicide success, save back. This kind of thing school no matter, so all right. Dancing bowed his head, fingers in the flower bed of the edge of the scraping scraping. Bamboo said You do not mention I do not mention, if you do not want to mention what it is, put up to let you sad.I asked Dickey, he said why back after the muffled, what activities They do not participate in the book, all day holding the book to study. They sleep people say he can not hear the opening.I think he encountered such a thing, although the last did not have anything, always heart irritability, may still be embarrassing, so in this way. I do not know how to do it, Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion I often want to find him, afraid he sees me upset. Home bamboo sighed.

Cards Against Humanity Funny o dance. Dancing from time to time will be melancholy look, but always can not be very long, because it is necessary to put the winter vacation, and dance began to hard to copy the bamboo notes. We have to clean up the New Year when playing crazy heart, study room and library location gradually began to crowded, and dance every day before going to bed to cry Bamboo tomorrow morning to take up the task to me But really the morning, often when she rushed to the library, the family has a good position to read bamboo bamboo. Diqin often appeared around them frequently. Speaking, Diqin and their understanding and Jiang Chengzhen buy cards against humanity online also related, Di Qin Jiang Chengzhen is the fellow, a sincere encourage them to eat when the Di Qin was a person in the improvement of food, together with the table to eat, Diqin higher than they Session, people seem to be much more stable, silence. Dance day one day in the wind holding the book back to the bedroom when asked bamboo Di Qin how old and we study together ah Bamboo said He o. ften help us occupy the seat, they dormitory from the library near. Said What people are trying, you too own when the green onion. Dancing hard I said to myself, that he had an attempt to you. Bamboo hid to the side, said Your iron palm is too much, I want to practice iron cloth Shirt he will not have any thoughts on me, he knows Jiang Chengzhen things. Dancing and grunted Then look and see. After a few days.e case, according to the plan this semester you have a teaching practice results, on this link I have to discuss with the Department, and today is for this. Fang Hongzhi said. Fang Hongzhi is the second mentor of An Ruyan, an old age, just a name only. However, the two tutors have one thing in common is are known to learn Jing Jing Jing. Oh, that is what kind of arrangements for me An Su Yan sets of white coat, went to the desk, in Fang Hongzhi around standing. Is the first year of environmental engineering experiments in inorganic chemistry. Fang Hongzhi pus. hed a handout, This is the textbook, you prepare the lesson, the experimental preparation by the inorganic laboratory Zhang is responsible for, I have greeted her I advise you to go every time, even if you can cards against humanity king help, and when you go to the lab, you will give them a note. Fang Hongzhi every time ask the students are I suggest you how, in fact, you d better according to his advice to do, because not only he will personally ask you if you do, and he asked the report Is also specific and detailed, did not do the people can not write out. An Ruyan has been a good girl good girl, this is not a problem, but the low level of her to Xi and feel miserable, repeatedly laughed wrong wrong mentor. Well, well, I will go to the inorganic laboratory to participate in the preparation of the work. An Su Yan should be Road. Um. Fang Hongzhi nodded satisfaction, the report on th.

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