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Cards Against Humanity Free eam, wake up but found that dreams continue in life the same. Home bamboo said study this idea is normal, especially his tutor so help, where a man will give up this opportunity Duo sitting in front of the window in a daze, hear this just smiled and said ancient people say I do not know the smell of urine ah, who is your husband s husband Dancing back to taste, shy Laughing, pinch the bamboo one not allowed to pick the word children. Home bamboo laugh, for her line and line sideburns Thunder is also quite easy, than we are so big a few years old, doing things so secure. You look at him while attacking the English side, while doing the case, while spoil you, all quite comprehensive, not simple ah. Chuckle laugh What is the side of the spoiled me, then listen to the strange. Do not you 10 o clock back to you to send roasted sweet potato, a pile of a bunch of you to send novels, you just mention a singer the next day the tape came, this is not enough pet And then sa. id Do not you think he is not the same as before I think he seems to desperately like me, let me kind of unreal feeling. Home bamboo patted her hand If smooth, He was gone next year. Laughing, eyes twisted Well, he wants to love cards against humanity free the next three years are compensated to me, I know. She turned to look at the sunset, tears quietly printed wet face The Home bamboo and side row progress smoothly, also began to lingering up, dancing do not want to always be ins.not, dancing had to go to the audio vi. sual building to record the program, leaving to tell the bamboo, if the Thunder came to her, let the text TV floor to pick her up. At night cards against humanity free to record several programs, dance program recorded finished, remover when you see Feng Yin hurriedly came in. Dance side to side, pack up the bag to go out. Feng Yin is chased out Dancing Dodo stopped and looked back and asked What s the matter Feng Yin laughed For a long time did not talk to you, you do not see me hide. Smiled and said yo, we are all students, and now also with a layer of colleagues, do not be too dagger. You do not know how to say, Broadcast a good thing, even the Song teachers have praised you, and when the exchange of exchange experience. Diao said Do not indiscriminately, the campus survey, your program ranked first, I would like cards against humanity zyzz to learn from you. Feng I do not know what the survey results are, he said, I did not think it was anyway. Turned to pound and ran downstairs while running Proud, feel that they are practicing out. Out of the door, the face blowing. a rain. Do not know cards against humanity free when it rains, the late autumn rain is particularly powerful, cold wind sandwiched rain through the dance sweater, she shuddered, holding the stores with cards against humanity bag, the sweater collar tree up, Neck, want to rush to the rain. But was pulled by a hand. The dance was shocked and looked back and was a thunder. She said with surprise You come Thunder wearing a bei.

e last day, dance early in the morning went to the entrance of the examination room to wait, hands holding their own copy of the focus, bow quietly look silently back, temporarily holding the Buddha feet. Suddenly the shoulder was patted, she frowned and looked at the past. Is the column. Dancing pouting call me is it, I hat. e people to shoot me. Fang Le laughing and laughing Missy who made any temper, not well prepared Dancing shook his head Not too good, afraid of the teacher out This is the last test of our college career Oh, Come on Dancing smile, stretched out his hand and he hit a palm. Finally finished, dancing rubbing sour out of the wrist, the pencil to the trash to fling, think of the column that this is the last exam, could not help but look back at the teaching building, really, finally A door, and then no longer a test. Dancing suddenly felt wistful, as if the heart of the sky. Do not read the book, to do She silently thought, bowed to play back to the dormitory, a class of boys to catch up with her dance, you go to inform the girls about this afternoon, the instructor to start classes What time is it Said the boy, 3 pm at 3 ladder of the classroom, you have to inform the whole She returned to the bedroom, saw the three ring is to pack up, chuckle asked You go back to what Three sorts nodded the train at night, after the Sp. ring Festival will go to the unit internship. Dance Oh, Turned around and as.the subject a little objection is not, really a bit overjoyed. Of course you can, he said, welcome the teacher to make a final summary. Afternoon class meeting, An Yu Yan has been quietly sitting in the final interest to listen to the students enthusiastically discussed. Hua Yi s style of study is open to encourage students to speak freely of course, this speak freely is also a prerequisite, including not advocate some reactionary remarks, can. not respect the teacher and so on, as other irregularities of the control is much more relaxed. Nevertheless, the sophomore year 3 class in the original class teacher under the auspices of the teacher, the atmosphere of the class is always a conservative statement, the students even if there are different views, but also can not say. Today, the agent class teacher is simply let go, the students can really speak their minds. An Jing Yan Jing Jing listening to the discussion on the theme of this class puppy love, students are heated debate. Conservatives adhere to the orthodox, the views held by the teacher, that puppy love should be abandoned, young students should be academic emphasis Another school is of course radical, that school parents are simply alarmist, should not be pirated as a cards against humanity free scourge to contain. There is a large part of the moderate, ambiguous attitude, both agree with this side, also agreed to the other side. The squad leader Zhu Li Zheng is the representative.hink your mother said that what is not what My self esteem is not affected The big tree whispered Of course my mother tone is a little bit, but my mother has always been so to cards against humanity free speak, you later used to. Dancing grunted, an atmosphere of anger together, she. said loudly No later I will never see your mother Big tree frown how could not see it, my mother, you and I together, how can I not see my mother Diao biting his lips nodded That s right, then we break up, so I will not see her. The tree immediately grabbed her arm how do you say so dancing Because my mother said a few words you do not ears, it is necessary to break up with me You are so I am not happy Dancing said Do not let me be unhappy, but if your explanation makes me satisfied, I can endure it, and you do not feel that I have been wronged and how can I endure it Two people in the sun shouting, the yard into and out of the people are looking at them, the tree a little bit embarrassed, dragged out of walking, dancing hard to dump his hand is also off off, had to go with him , Feel anger was breathless. Two people Deng Deng go for a long way, dancing before the tree to get rid of the arm, the tree also stopped, loudly said dance How do you Adults say you two, you are so unhappy No matter what the mother said or. her tone is what the problem, my mother is the mother You can not be so great for the elders of life Dancing hard and hum I do not know you are such.

Cards Against Humanity Free icial business in the small Cui, is indeed reduced to immoral or even criminal behavior. The school because the graduate students are adults, in the ideological and. moral aspects of the real difficult to implement what kind of education, tube can not control who would listen to ah, so I had to let the flow, personal good for themselves. Wen Jing s teacher is down the evil mold. Zuo Yu Min said, This time they have to help her clean up the mess. Who taught him to smell the old father of the students, people all the way to come here to invite him Easy child and teach , how can not be collected But never thought of this income, received a super hot potato From one after another of the peach news flying, so he was almost lifted his head, really silent asked heaven ah People sick, God knows no She pretended to make An Suyan smile out. Hey, you know Zuo Yu Min mysterious secretly Minato whispered We Deng said, some women are born from the man, cheap to the bones, I see Wen Jing is. That is the animal crazy , is a mental illness An Su Yan said, Wen Jing spirit is normal, but it is a bother. Zuoyu Min said, but then back, a slap shot, not some men Fanjian, but also sticky together to g. o This is called smelly fish to find rotten shrimp, turtle love king eight You are here where the word children Vulgar An Su Yan Jun Jun can not help. I can tell you that we have just entered school that time, Mid Autumn Festival, Wen Jin.I have gone through hard for the ideal, We have been crying also laugh together, I hope you will remember Forever remember, We used to have, Shining day. Began to sing her a person, and later people will sing to sing along, the sound is not, but the tears and hugs mixed together, this song seems to become a stirring echo. Singing for a long time, we did not say anything, all immersed in the atmosphere created by the song. The squad leader suddenly turned to dance from cards against humanity number of players the chair to hold down. , excited to give her a bear hold, shy shame to retreat, because the alcohol because of the atmosphere, cheeks burned red, she was eager to hide in a corner, the Heart all the moving and sentimental are vented out. But the cake has been pushed to the huge square cake reads dedicated to the eternal 94 financial. We all grab up a piece of the piece, not wait to eat a mouthful, a cake war on the fight, all Of the people are looking around to attack the object, the room moment cake fly together. A boy who is not familiar with the dance is also laughing and laughing, he looks at the cake watching the dance, hesitated for a long time do not know where to wipe her, laughing and put the cake to his head, The boy dodged and put the cake in the skirt of the dance. Just now sad tears of people suddenly become a laughing child, dancing on the cheeks of the tears have not been dry, and everyone laugh together, for a while before they shri.

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