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Cards Against Humanity For Teens t the table before the pen and fake book, dancing to let the bamboo side sitting next to the side, they occupied the opposite of the window of their seats, the book and notes spread a pile. Fang said Dancing, you. finally come from the study, I thought you intend to do immortal. Diao said Do not nonsense, only a few days ah. Fang from the pocket took out a pack of paper, Push the bamboo and dance eat do not eat chestnut The freshest, my father brought. Dancing open paper bag, fragrant fried chestnut made dark red attractive light, could not help but took One, peeled to eat. Home bamboo to close the paper bag, smiled and said Do not eat in the library, we will go outside to eat. Side laugh, chanting spit tongue, sit down and read. careers with cards against humanity After a while, suddenly a shadow cover to the head, dancing frown, just want to remind the attention of that person, but looked up to see the tree. The tree looks grim, thick eyebrows tangled together, as if there is a faint dark clouds shrouded, he pulled a dance of the wrist, snapped, said You go with me. Diao was he was hurt, His voice was shocked. Next to the people on the table are over, dancing embarrassed, had to stand up. Home bamboo also stood up, hand on the hands of the tree tree, you do. not do this, you let go dance. Tree staring at her home bamboo, you do not control. He turned to pull the dance Go out, dance by him made a stagger, toes knock on the wooden stool, the pain wa.

not sit, dare not jump up. Trees dumbfounding, Trolley came You are really stupid enough, do not ride actually do not ride Dancing pout I have never been sitting in the car back seat Well, so high the car, if I jump on the short Hanging on the wheels, if I jump high from the back over, will be injured. The tree laughed and watched the hair on a circle of the sun s golden light, he bite his cards against humanity white card list teeth Well, I am sick again, you sit in front of the bar up. Dance shyly smile I am so adults , But also sitting on the front bar, and others saw jokes. The tree said how to do it You dare not cards against humanity for teens sit behind, and can not sit in front, do we take the sun to go half an hour to the river Then you have heat stroke. Dancing sigh cards against humanity first expansion Wel. l Well, I sit right. She walked over to the front of the car standing in front of the bar, looking back at the tree, the tree smiled and gently put her a hug, put the bar, jumped on the car. Doubt giggle so adults sit here is not very comfortable ah. The tree said Dancing, please put your feet a little shrink, every step I met your feet. Shrink up, shout uncomfortable. Trees ignore her, treadmill. The chanting raised his head to meet the wind, long hair a strands are lifted the tree s face and neck, a touch of shampoo fragrance spread to the tree nose, he took a deep breath. Dad said Oh, really comfortable for many years do not have this car.When I sat my father s car front bar, he wrapped me inside the jack.er a few days, the dance received a notice that the television interview through, to her to a meeting. Dance, pick up a bit, with the bamboo call to go, home bamboo said Feng Yin also passed it Said the dance I do not know ah. Bamboo said If the teacher let you and Feng You can not agree. Chuckle where it s so clever, I know. To the audio visual building, dance and several other interviews with the last girl met u. pstairs, a door to see Feng Yin sitting in the studio inside. Song teacher greeted them sitting together, the contents of the program and the form discussed a bit. Dancing is assigned to broadcast news, do not need more effort, as long as the editor to prepare a good manuscript on the line. Song said, Lin Diao, you have to pay attention and the lens exchange, the last interview, your eyes look at the lens is not enough focus. Then he turned to tell you We still have probationary period, the TV has not Into the bedroom, first loaded into the canteen, this period even if the trial period cards against humanity for teens is good, do not meet the conditions or to be rinsed down. Girls spit each other tongue. A girl asked Hey, Song teacher, no male anchor it Song teacher said The boys are more difficult to pick, pick you a few are enough trouble. Up, Song teacher said laugh, I can be stronger than you. Feng Yin was arranged to do another entertainment program with the girls, and the dance program did not intersect, so that the dance greatly.angry The tree felt the softness of the body close to his back, the heart of the gas all of a sudden all disappeared. He and dance together, feel sweet and hard. Good time, the cuddly cute so that the trees feel the heart of the heart, but she hates up and let the tree feel do not care about him, the heart of the anger and transpiration uncomfortable. Trees know that they often get angry, too male enough, but the eyes of the dance did not look forward to his love, but also he can not afford. the torment. The tree sighed and turned the body to embrace the dance. Dancing is not used to hug at home and trees, feel nervous, as if all eyes have looked at themselves, she tried to push the trees, trees Buyiburao, the more hold the more tight. Murmured the name of the dance, gently on her forehead printed a kiss, and then kissed her nose, slowly to the lips, gently to kiss her. Dancing heart beat like a drum, although the limbs are soft, but still subconsciously push the tree. The big tree clasped her, her lips kissed cards against humanity for teens her earlobe, danced like a whole body numb, and she was stiff and stiff. When the lips cards against humanity for teens of the big tree moved from her ear to the neck, he drew hard to push him. Tree is also a bit embarrassed. He sat down on the couch and picked up a newspaper. Dancing heartbeat soon, she subconsciously caught the sweep of the sweep, do not say anything, look at the next sweep, recovered to feel funny, I really do not know.

Cards Against Humanity For Teens f life, and every week most looking forward to is the weekend late twilight. Under the class, the wind is usually spinning to the dormitory, picked up long ago to clean up the packet, almost all the way from the suburbs of the school went to the county, waiting for the base of the bus to their return to these children back to the arrow Home to go. And the night in the way that noisy clamor quietly coming Every time, she was always quietly leaning against the window watching the rapid retreat of the fields, trees, mountains and the sky, until the last touch of purple glow is finally hidden into the back of the mountains, the scene becomes more To the more blurred, more and more quiet far, the last black. window can only see the two or two stars or bright or dark lights in the colony flashed between. At this time the car people are often drowsy, although obviously know that the destination is also soon after the turn of the mountain after a big bend, is lit a brilliant light to welcome their return. Gently knocked on the door came, An Ruyan slightly froze a moment, then went to the door. Who Although it has been expected who will be, she asked one. I. The door is a brief and cards against humanity for teens powerful answer. An Ruyan opened the door, an early morning to stir the dream, is very impolite behavior. But it is obvious that the fact that it is disturbed is not a clear dream. Cheng Yixing smiled proudly, how Meditation was interrupted Do n.ng I have not seen such a bad guys. Dancing by his feet do not move forward to see the people around watching They are embarrassed and angry, hard to break the hands of the tree, cried, Tong tree, you think you are who ah How can you like me Trees look back at her eyes are angry, He turned around and looked around. Here is a thoroughfare on campus, surrounded by dense camphor tree, next to the artificial lake. There is a small road to the island of the island, both sides are scattered holly, in the twilight under the shadow of longing. The tree grabbed a da. nce, went to the road, stood in the middle of the road stopped. Dancing and angrily want to drop the hand of the tree, said the tree, you rookie You let me Tree hard to pull the dance of the hand, said I will not let go, You do not want to run away from me Dancing also go, she struggled to drop his hand, turned and ran, turned too fierce, almost slipped into the lake, chanting exclaimed, not yet Her voice ended, the tree had hugged her, her lips kissed her, warm sweat wrapped around her. Dancing subconsciously struggling, the trees ignore her, his arms firmly hoop her body, lingering and shy to kiss her. Dancing feel shortness of breath, heartbeat like a drum, dizziness, standing instability, she wanted to push the tree, but feel a little effort to have no effort, suddenly heard the smell of strong flowers, hear the birds return to the birds Children tweeted t.

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