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Cards Against Humanity Font mentor had done in this school visiting scholar, more familiar with the situation, recommend me to read the MBA. Dancing stopped, pulled him asked You want to study Thunder smiled, pulled Continue to walk study of course, well, especially I learn this professional, if you can systematically to study abroad, or better. Dancing thought, whispered MBA to read how many years Thunder Turned around to see her, stretched out his arm around her shoulder, tight tight tight 2 years, before and after it may take more than three years. Dancing nodded, stuffy head for a while, only to rise to laugh Said Well, I wait for you. Thunder stopped, pull the dance sitting on the roadside chair, squatting down to look at her, smiled and said So easy to wait for m. e to come back Dancing with his hands clinging to his head, smiled and said Hey, do not you want me to say you Thunder did not say anything, turn the face kiss kiss dance hands Well, I know you are me Laughter waiting for you to study abroad for two years, and now asked me, is not too afraid Thunder smiled may not wait for graduation, the instructor this afternoon Told me, or in February next year can start. Dancing put his hand, stared to see him, was taken aback. Thunder touched her chin, smiled and said how Bite bite the lips, looked down at him, for a moment before saying so fast Do not first test GMAT Thunder looked up at her, Holding her hand, smiled and said Well, fir.ith the Thunder say hello I was Gu There is no chance to meet you, he said, this morning is the home of bamboo waiting for me in front of me. Thunder, said We first meet, I treat, you want to drink something Home bamboo smiled and said Oh, to treat Well, we go to t. he island of the island to drink sour plum soup. Their school is the most famous is the artificial lake, in the center of the campus, although the lake area is not great, but the middle of the lake with a dredge of mud in a small island, the island is very narrow, only enough to build a small pavilion. Logistics Department know how to operate, in this kiosk selling colored drinks, there are a few small tables can sit down and drink. This little pavilion is the school s most romantic place, in the evening, the roof of the lanterns Yingying Yingchaochao, so that the lake surrounded by camphor trees become more vivid vision. There are many legends about the lake and the lake, and all the universities, the most famous is a variety of ghost stories, by a session of students word of mouth, add oil and vinegar, become the school s most interesting talk. Dancing and home bamboo in front of the trip, thunder and side column in the back guard, four people slowly walked through the path to the island of the island. Because the. trees, dodging on this path has a special feeling, so today, and cards against humanity font my heart did not know cards against humanity font what the taste, the mood becomes low, a little min.

d so do not come back, it is too late to share with her this news, simply go to the library to find her. Home bamboo is buried reading, suddenly saw the dance sitting opposite, she said with a smile how, come to me to eat it Time is still early. Diao laughed and said Well, I have things with you Said, you come out. about. Bamboo look at her What things ah, happy on the brow. Doubt asked Really You see out She reached out and wiped his face, and smeared to the smile, and then Woody face said quickly clean up the book. Dare to tell things to the family of bamboo, home bamboo is also very happy, she smiled and said Oh, if the big star of the more good ah. Dodo laugh go to the character is not a write it, Yes, do you like to do this kind of work Dancing thought I really did not like like do not like it, I think this is a good opportunity. She Bow to play cards against humanity font a small stone, a good time to say should not count it, I am not the ideal person without a goal, live so chaotic, fate to me what I then what. Home bamboo laugh just high There is a writer saying, Sometimes I think of myself, no ideal, nothing to pursue, wake up at night will cry. I even big Bamboo laughs stop, not allowed to say, think about if you want to test how you want to show it. Dancing at night to call my parents, tell them this thing, my mother said to try no relationsh. ip, not do not care. Chuckle laugh Mom now began to comfort me Mother also laughed We su.d chapter Bright and spacious foreign language reading room quietly, not many people, only the pages of the sound of the crash. An Ruyan sitting in a corner of the window, buried in the heavy literature. There is a gentle footsteps approached, s. itting next to her, she did not rise, although chilled chaos cards against humanity 6 the hearts of some unhappy the huge reading room there is space. A sheet of paper was gently pushed to her page. She swept the note Ann it s me She slips and turns, and the big eyes are shocked by the sight of the unique title. Cheng Yixing looked at her smile, a look of sunshine. Her heart Lengheng soon, back to ignore him. Soon, the second note paper was pushed over Go out and talk She pretended not to see. Then, the third note was placed directly on her page I am the first gift after the soldiers Oh She was furious, turned his head angrily glare at him Who do you think you are However, his face full of care, still hanging his signature smile, despite her fierce eyes of the solemn warning. Rogue She scolded in her heart. Here is the reading room, he figured out what she did not dare. The two eyes on the sight of dozens of seconds, An Su Yan defeated. For this rogue means, she really is Mozhe, although there will be boys from time to time to pursue her, but never so ro. gue insolent calm She warned herself. Took a breath, she turned away without any intention, the original on the window of a pile of heavy literature moved ov.day in the laboratory, the roots easy to old Oh You see me, daytime wine, youth song, this is to enjoy life This graduate, that is, the entrance examination is difficult, admitted It s so serious, do not be so serious An Su Yan side looked at him, no matter not serious, I am happy like, just like you, you are willing to spend days to wine Hey Hey, what is the flower of the wine Do not tell me as a playboy ah Come and anxious, slander my pure reputation Pure That is when you are three years old An Yan Yan said with a smile, Jinghua who do not know you come to the young handsome, romantic suave, you have long been outside the name, but also need me to slander Besides, just what you said daytime wine, youth song, not what is the wine Oh, wrong words, words wrong Hee hei and patting his forehead chagrin, I would like to show you now that I am also full of poetry and literature, did not expect, alas Not mentioned. Sister, I passed Those who are embarrassing th. ings, you do not have to mention the good At that time I am young and frivolous, people can not always make mistakes is not life Now as long as you Sister a word, I guarantee that change before the change, abandon evil to good, to be a real In the good man You have to do it yourself, and no one will do you do it. The lab went to the door. Fang Hongzhi turned from the side of the book case, Xiao An, come Well, Fang teacher, you find me An Su Yan asked. This is th.

Cards Against Humanity Font the house and how to do it Zuo Yu Min laughed and heard, anyway, what strange phenomenon to you have a reasonable explanation Tonight, they are to see the posters posted that there are lectures, this time to attend, did not expect that foreign teachers in the talk about their native style, the open question, and then, also amiable to step down to the students Communication, exchange of conversation on the mess up, and for the girls to talk with, the total inevitably there are so few repeated the same problem. They are going to be late, did not go to the front scrape together, a look at the cards against humanity font event is not good, and quickly slipped away how, when a full face covered with thick yellowish curly gorilla , stare Eyes ask you are you married After the negation do you have a boyfriend After the negation can we interact when, how could you not rinize layers of chicken skin Ansu Yan said with a smile You are still rare and strange. Undergradu. ate when we are foreign teachers, more than 50 years old, come to Australia, every time talking with girls, always stressed I divorced , what do you mean he said That foreign teacher later went to a school in Shandong, it is said to really married a 20 year old Chinese girl. Zuo Yu min said I certainly know that I am not an idiot, but today than this, he has enough subtle. They smiled and walked to the living area. After the open cards against humanity font water room bulletin board fork, the two will go away sep.the corner of the shadow of the moment of expansion, all of a sudden filled the whole space, so that he felt fresh air in the danger of being filled near the atmosphere. He suddenly pulled her into his arms, tightly hoop live. An Su Yan struggled, but he more tight hoop, she had to give up fixed. Just heard his painful whispering Do not leave me Suddenly, her heart violent spasm, twitching sharp pain A heat flow slips out from the eyes of the spring out. Chapter VII An xuyan s experiment was carried out in an intense and orderly manner. Her research desk declined all visits, so the time in the lab was completely all of the scientific experiments. An Su Yan Phone Some cards against humanity us treasury people in the corridor shouting. Answer the phone to the office downstairs to go to the office. Who would it be She. has long told Cheng Yixing said that she did not experiment in any form to disturb should also be not to Hee, and his next semester to write a report, now a free buried in the library gnawing book. Will it be a mentor In general, Fang Hongzhi something will personally come to the research room to see, and a guide on the basic matter no matter ah. Who would that be An Ruyan side downstairs, while speculation. Go to the department, pick up the phone, Hey I cards against humanity spanish am safe, what is your job She asked. The phone came there a clear female voice, Hello I am Cheng Yixing s mother, I can talk to you Can you come out a trip Ansu Yan can not respond for.

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