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Cards Against Humanity Expansion 1 etter, have nothing to fear, What do you say, what role do you have in it How are you guys, said the president, sighed. How can I not control, but here is the school, it is necessary to converge some.If everyone learns you this, this guide also do not want to school but also do not normal teaching students do cards against humanity expansion 1 not continue to study The impact of how bad you have considered it The headmaster was in constant trouble, and the student was obediently listening. An Suyan himself went to the sofa before sat down, waiting for the headmaster to complete the lesson. The student saw her sit down, even slightly ov. er the side of the head, smiled at her Immediately, Yan Su Yan Leng live, it is simply do not care about the irony laugh Unfortunately, the principal did not realize that he was in vain, she looked to the principal, a little sad Well, today, said this. You go back to write a review, to profoundly review their own mistakes Tomorrow to me. Go. Finally, the principal is finished. Goodbye to the president Students who are amnesty generally leave quickly. Oh, An teacher, let you wait for a long time. The principal greeted Yan. It does not matter. An Su Yan stood up, came to the principal table. Lin Kunpeng principal is a nearly a year to go back to the doctor, had studied in Germany. And the vast majority of returnees come back to run different enterprises, a strong sense of national responsibility to make him choose the.er a few days, the dance received a notice that the television interview through, to her to a meeting. Dance, pick up a bit, with the bamboo call to go, home bamboo said Feng Yin also passed it Said the dance I do not know ah. Bamboo said If the teacher let you and Feng You can not agree. Chuckle where it s so clever, I know. To the audio visual building, dance and several other interviews with the last girl met u. pstairs, a door to see Feng Yin sitting in the studio inside. Song teacher greeted them sitting together, the contents of the program and the form discussed a bit. Dancing is assigned to broadcast news, do not need more effort, as long as the editor to prepare a good manuscript on the line. Song said, Lin Diao, cards against humanity expansion 1 you have to pay attention and the lens exchange, the last interview, your eyes look at the lens is not enough focus. Then he turned to tell you We still have probationary cards against humanity buy period, the TV has not Into the bedroom, first loaded into the canteen, this period even if the trial period is good, do not meet the conditions or to be rinsed down. Girls spit each other tongue. A girl asked Hey, Song teacher, no male anchor it Song teacher said The boys are more difficult to pick, pick you a few are enough trouble. Up, Song teacher said laugh, I can be stronger than you. Feng Yin was arranged to do another entertainment program with the girls, and the dance program did not intersect, so that the dance greatly.

he was happy to laugh, went up and said Hey, handsome, and so on Thunder laugh beautiful, reward the face to eat it He reached out and grabbed the hand, Slowly go outside the playground. Sunset and clouds, orange and thick lit the sky, the cool wind about the next pull the dance of the hair, her tan face in the wind lik. e a blooming flowers. She let the Thunder pulled, dragging the pace to go out, that the playground on the transpiration of the dust and heat are so comfortable. Leaves fresh atmosphere and the grass of the fragrant mixed together, smell the mind Shutai. The Thunder is better, the autumn of October is more like autumn, and it is the most beautiful time in autumn, and it is better than the autumn of September, said the Thunder, January is warm. Chuckle October is better not because of my birthday Thunder laugh have to be so obvious it Laughing, looking up at the sky, long hair in the waist drift. Thunder said What to see Diao said The sky is a variety of blue is beautiful, deep shallow, are good looking. I like blue. She pinching Thunder s hand What color do you like Thunder laugh I like color, whatever color can be. Diao laughed Oh, what is your chaotic character ah, the color of the book did not write the character. When you eat, the Thunder asked the dance How did you plan to go over it Diao said I did not plan ah. this weekend by the Games will account, the National Day must go home trip. Thunde.ch story, certainly attracted to the many elongated ears, so the baseless assertions, rumors Intensified, until the sky is full of clouds, vegetation are soldiers. You also know the teacher ah I warn you, away from the side of Hong Hongzhi point Otherwise, do not blame me blunt Gan Xiuju aggressive aggressive. An Suyan but faint smile, I am for whom the distance, I will grasp, you still worry about your own distance. Finished, leisurely will go back. You and my husband I will not divorce, you do not do the beauty of the professor s wife I do not have to divorce I will never make you the dog and the woman Let me give way, the door is not You he. ar no door An Ruyan smile to see her roar, back up his head to prevent her face was splashed splashing his face, wiping his face, and then said The door cards against humanity expansion 1 is not there There must be a window. , I advise you ah, home to her husband with iron chain in the foot of the foot, this way more assured. Gan Xiuhuang angry Qiqiao raw smoke You do not believe that there is no one in the world to cure you You wait You wait She pointed to the point of security Plain, while walking to the stairs. You are not afraid of teaching your wife to do it Do not say that I did not remind you Gan Xiuju steeply stopped, is oh, if she went to the Department of a trouble, Fang Hongzhi professor title this time on the dangerous She also intends to do the gentleman She turned and pointed to An Ruyan, only.Diao like a stupid like all day and I go to fetch water, buy rice Who let Lin Diao military training even when only 5 minutes of rest also cross several companies come to me Who let Lin dancing all day to pull me to eat ice cream Anyway, anyway, dance and bamboo as the most pro sister as well. Dancing is always grateful to heaven, grateful to his old man to the bamboo home to the university dormitory. If th. ere is no home bamboo, never quilt quilt 4 years how to change the quilt Only home bamboo, standing on the high of the upper shop, a shake on a fake on the set of good, but also stacked neatly on the bed of the dance if there is no family bamboo, dance can eat breakfast every day Only the family bamboo, regardless of the dance is not dependent on the bed, will take the initiative to bring her a breakfast, a person carrying two lunch boxes of rice porridge to climb the fourth floor if there is no bamboo, dance those who do not know the poem ah words ah To see who, only home bamboo, serious look, serious discussion, serious criticism, serious appreciation. Dancing and home bamboo, said I cards against humanity expansion 1 do not have a boyfriend in college blame you, ah, you are simply the soul and life partner. Home bamboo playing a dance, said nonsense. Then looked at the window silently, a little mind is not. Dancing and pulling the bamboo short hair, said home bamboo, what are you thinking Home bamboo or confused look out the window, said You.

Cards Against Humanity Expansion 1 shy ah, sorry, I give you a mess of the bar, you do not have to wait for the fellow to give you something Thunder smile It does not matter, stay to me to find him good. Dancing hesitated to step down the steps, said that, or else, go Thunder laughed, then said that, or else, okay. Drink sour plum back, dancing face muscles are sore, and listen to the Thunder vividly depict her toe high gas look, dance and. embarrassing and funny, has been grinning silly music. Dancing talk to the Thunder in what to write the paper, Thunder greatly expounded on cards against humanity ecards the financing of small and medium sized enterprises, and talked about his practice in the community and a few journalists to do research together, listen to listen to him, many views are Unheard of, but also let her put a lot of books on the knowledge together. Thunder to dance to the dormitory downstairs, two people happy to say goodbye, said Thunder, a lot of questions I have not figured out, we must consult with you. Thunder laughed You can not get this way , I am more than you on the two years to learn nothing, I said that these are stolen from someone else, count the number. Dirty wrinkled nose laugh, Thunder suddenly said Dancing, you smile good look ah , To laugh more. Dancing a bit embarrassed, face slightly red. Thunder looked at her embarrassment, hearty smile twice Do not embarrassed, little girl, you have to get used to other people s praise. Well, I want to go.t for you, very waste of time.You can cards against humanity template have their own friends own space, I can have their own My own space, I now think that I am in addition to you and have no time to communicate with others.I do not like this, we are young, there are a lot of things need to absorb, and more people to communicate. She bit by bit finished, looked up at the tree, hoping to see the reflection of the tree. But the tree did not look a. little expression, he bowed to see the dance, did not carry any expression. She was a little nervous, and cards against humanity expansion 1 she shook her hand with a big tree and said, What about the tree, what Do not you agree with me I did not think I wasted my time and I liked to be with you, I was not interested in others, and I liked to stay with you and I could not see you for a while, he said. The tree sighed and said, The tree, how are you so unpromising The tree staring at the dance without fear, breaking her from the clothes to the arm of the hand, said If you think you are not love I think we should all think about it. He walked strides. One of the people standing in the open playground. Danced for a while, had wanted to sit down, find out this thing, but frogs so loud, the playground seemed so quiet, she was a little afraid, slowly bow down to the exit. Approaching the time, suddenly a shadow station to her front, she was shocked, exclaimed a cry. The shadow shook her and said, Dancing is me. Dancing heart heavy jumped, she.

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