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Cards Against Humanity Detail a walk, so good Finally finished, we relax one night. Bamboo nodded, Also climbed to bed to find clothes. End of the basin downstairs to the first floor of the shower room, the door of the low lying Department or the plot of water, dancing carefully jumped, or splashed water to the feet. Dancing screaming. Bamboo said Please, every time you splash the water you are so called, can not do not call ah, scared people. Diao complained Really, this place do not know how to design, Here, the nausea is dead. Two people put the bucket on the shelf, undressing the bath, the cold water column washed down, danced and screamed again. Home bamboo laughed. Bath, the girls are out, everyone in the hands of the end of the basin of water, across the water, the station to the door, take the basin of water feet. Said Look, this is the way we solve the problem, only I went to the General Office to say. Bamboo side of the edge of the bamboo side, said That is. not a sinking sea Dancing sigh, raised the bucket upstairs go with. Bamboo to help dance with the hair dryer blow hair, said The hair is a long time, the following a little fork. Dancing to send how much does a cards against humanity cost a little lift to the front, looked and said Yes, I want to cut points, I m not afraid of the cold in the summer, and you hastened to get the lunch box, and I almost starved to death, she said. To the teacher canteen to eat well Their dishes a little better, we eat two small fried, and the.a filial piety Why is it that my mother is so obedient to my self esteem If she is not your mother, I will not let her say that I can not give her the opportunity How can she speak to me for the first time Is the elders, I do not even have the right to angry Dancing ranging from big tree mouth, said your mother also said what Feng Yin, no matter how you and Feng Yin s relationship, she said that is clearly Tell me, do not like me, let me give Feng Yin way Big bite biting lips angry, the blue veins are burst out on the neck, dancing never seen him so hideous look, although a little nervous and fear, Or could not help but said Well, I gave Feng Yin way, your mother is also happy, and you just fine She turned away, the tree did not go to pull her. Dancing a few steps, a bit strange, as if the fist hit the inside of the cotton, she turned around to see the reaction of the t. ree, see the tree is pound to the opposite direction, dancing bite the lips, He said I do not know that you are so unreasonable, cards against humanity detail I am too lazy to talk to you. I want to go home. Dancing also Stopped, tears burst out, she directed at the back of the tree shouting I am more lazy to care about you cards against humanity detail Dancing stood sobbing for a long time, turned slowly walked back, angry and sad, tears out of non stop. Chapter 15 The tree cards against humanity two player must have been on the train. And trees together for a few months, the tree has never been angry for more than one day, every time the.

simply can not straight up, do not know why, suddenly think of why take her to the secret garden scene. feel so far can not recall, as if the time has been for many years, as if already Jump out to see that silly girl, dancing thought silly ah, thought that time was very sad it The sky is very dark when the dance before going back to the bedroom, she was a person so calm for so long, that the mood has been adjusted to see the point of bamboo. To the dorm downstairs, far to see the trees in the building under the pacing, dancing back to the side, she did not want to see the tree, do not want to explain with the tree, do not want to let the trees with sad sad eyes Myself, she just want a person to stay, do not listen to any person said sympathetic, because casually a word can once again seduce her raging tears, she did not want to cry. Dancing is finally easy to follow a group of twittering girls mixed upstairs. To the bedroom, and sure enough to see a man waiting for her bamboo. When she saw her, she stood up and looked at her face and smiled and said, Bamboo, do not do that. She shook her head and said, There is no h. ope. She wants to sign a contract with the television station. See her, softly shouting Dancing Dancing waved Do not comfort me, I know. She took a deep breath, pulled the bamboo arms of the bamboo shook Well bamboo, I know Dancing afraid of watching the eyes of bamboo, she turned to look out the win.k blue sky sketched out the faint beauty of the pattern. Zhang Guolin and Guo embroidered in front of chirp to speak, from time to time to hear Guo Xiu laughed. Dance and thunder back, dancing do not know what to say, had to walk around the sky, the sky inlaid with a bright diamond like the stars, flash, you cards against humanity detail can clearly see the Milky Way. Thunder suddenly asked What did you do in the summer vacation Sorrows sigh A little meaningful thing is dry, and a waste of 1 4 summer. She looked up at the Thunder You Thunder said I have been practicing to the ball, there is no meaning, but. fortunately the school library has been open, my draft of the paper is completed, and soon will begin to modify. Doubts asked Oh, how do you think of writing papers Thunder we laugh We have the task Yeah, a semester of a paper, we instructors more stringent. Laughing poor. I can read it Thunder said Of course you can. They shouted Dancing, Zhang Guolin said tomorrow to take us to swim, you go do not go Dancing quickly said You are welcome, I do not go. To the dormitory downstairs, we bid farewell to the Thunder out of cards against humanity detail a few steps and suddenly turned back to the dance said You did not say the last one of the ice and fire I would like to buy tomorrow afternoon to go to the door bookstore to see how Diao said Well, what time Thunder said 6 o clock, the sun is almost going downhill. Dancing nodded, pulled Guo embroidered upstairs. To the bedroo.ed protest. After consultation properly, Cheng Yixing back to school, directly on the graduate studen. t apartment to find An Yan. Since the beginning of school, An Ruyan to be dedicated to do the experimental grounds, and then let him into the laboratory, he had to come to the dormitory Fortunately, there is no access to graduate students apartment. An Ruyan this semester has been officially entered the subject, the dormitory is currently only one of her long live. Perhaps because she is only one person, so every time at 11 o clock college students before the access control time, she must Cheng Yixing away. For her preparedness of this attitude, Cheng Yixing only feel funny. Is he the kind of only the lower body thinking race Without her permission, he will not have any derailment of her move, even if he was hungry again, it will not become a foolish move, An Su Yan put him into the room. Do not wait for her to ask, Cheng Yixing open the door to the meaning of meaning Ann, we go to spring it Location I have set, is dangerous clouds. She said with some doubts However, I heard that there is no development, tourism fac. ilities are not perfect. What is this We are students, just go mountain climbing, not to high consumption. He said with disapproval. But she hesitated. Oh, do not you Put your experiment to put two days, but also how Big weekend, to their own leave, engage in knowledge should also pay attention to wo.

Cards Against Humanity Detail s in the book for a night, little heart to weave the scarf, although slow, but after a week before the beginning of the scale, close to one meter long. She and the family bamboo have no experience, the line really buy less, one night, dubbed to 9 00, suddenly no line, and she ran on the jacket ran out to buy the line. A floor of the door was found under the light rain, street lights printed. in the water, stood a soft yellow. Dance hesitated a moment, or cards against humanity detail the coat of cotton stretched up over the hair, bent out rushed out. To the school gate, she stopped to pant, a car lights suddenly shines, she quickly dodge to the side to go. The car stopped at the school gate. Duo feel cards against humanity price that the car is very familiar with, a bit like the last came back to the Mercedes Benz Thunder, she is scrutiny, saw the thunder opened the door under the car. Dance immediately laugh, just want to come forward to call him, but saw the driver s seat down a girl. She went to the trunk took an umbrella, opened to the hands of the thunder. Thunder said You quickly go back, the road is not good to go. The girl is also standing under the umbrella, the lights according to her slim silhouette, short hair and lines clear face. Dancing moment to see stay, hiding in the shadow of the school do not know moving. She heard the girl said Well, I went back, you are careful, very smooth on the road, as if the sleet. Thunder nodded smile, opened the doo. r, the gi.in the sunset with the wind slightly trembling, unknown insects jumped from the lotus leaves. to the water, dangqi a circle of small ripples. A piece of leaves foolishly playing the child fell off, fell on the knees of the dance. Dance up to pick up, rub in the palm of the hand, a Yang hand, the crisp pieces spread to the ground. Dancing did not think that the opportunity to work suddenly so quickly gave her the root of the olive branch. After a few days, she went to the studio, Song teacher is with a gang of people to visit. Danced and rushed to greet them, went in to do the program, and those who still around the glass watching the talk, and so dancing finished the program, a big beard tall man and Song teacher came together. Song teacher said Dancing, this is the TV studio production, that you are very good host. Dancing red film producer smiled, nodded his head. Zhang production is very gas, asked the age of dance ah, ah level, professional ah some common problems, and then smiled and said This program is your own do Dancing nodded Well, we are not enough manpower , The title of the interview to produce. their own to. Zhang producer back Song teacher laughed You Daoshi a lot of good seedling ah. Song teacher proudly said praise praise, Lin Diao is our top here Who does not represent the average level, haha. Zhang producer simply sit down and chatting, dancing to know that the television station is planning a f.

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