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Cards Against Humanity Decks ee the dance. Dad had to stand up, barely smiled Well, thank you teacher Zhang, then I do not delay your time. She turned to go out, stopped at the door, and turned back and asked Zhang teacher, you this time Test of the host is not Feng Yin Zhang film shocked a moment, then smiled and said ah, ah, forget you are a school, and should know. Dancing take a deep breath, Smiled and said softly So, teacher Zhang, I go, goodbye. She slowly withdrew, gently helped Zhang film to bring the office door, leaning against his office outside the wall made a while stay, eyes sour. For a while, she slowly walked out, my mind while burst of buzz, temporarily lost the ability to think. Chapter 47 To the outside of the TV station was a cold wind, dance was a little better. She looked back at the building, tears could not help Qin Shen eyes, she waved his. hand hard to wipe, and slowly go out. The mind quickly turned a variety of ideas, think of Feng Yin, my heart was a colic. She went to the bus station, stood silently, did not mind, suddenly saw a man standing in front of her subconsciously cards against humanity generator step back, hear the tree quietly shouting dance. Morning tree mother gave him a call, let him go to the television station to support Feng Yin first recorded program. The head of the tree. He ran out of the clothes, all the way to anxious tension, he did not think of Feng Yin so fast to get things on the TV station, my mind Feng Yin proud smile.er without a trace. He soon read the next sentence softly. She slips turned to see him, he actually knew that she read the Zen poetry Also changed accordingly a word He smiled and looked into her eyes, whispered I said, only the world I know you most people Looked at his deep black eyes, listening to his gentle whisper, security and once again 3 5 compromise cards against humanity lost. Suddenly Hey Xu Zhenhua s voice shouted You two Do not Qingqing me, and open it Really unpleasant Cheng Yixing angrily glared at him. And An Su Yan is red through the cheeks, however, there is a cold look at her heart can not help but heart Yi Chan, she hurried around, but can not find the source. A pedestrian began to advance to the top of the mountain. This time, Cheng Yixing has been closely followed. in the security side, the two far to the other people fall. The more the height, the less trees, the more pine. Mountain breeze, Songtao bursts, the forest is refreshing refreshing. There is a small edge of the rock, above a layer of pine needles, pine nuts, no one clean. You see Cheng Yixing walked over to hand brush off the needle, read Panasonic no one is disabled, empty mountain pine board board. Immortal own immortal, through the ages never win The poem finished, and asked how do you like Zen poetry Because you like it He approached her. How do you know I have never spoken to anyone. He stared at her eyes and said slowly, You do not need to speak with your mouth.

rd it again, The bamboo shoots her nose and pulls her out. Crowded in the pile to see the fireworks bloom. Chapter 42 Put the fireworks back to the bedroom, dancing took the washbasin to wash your face, home bamboo asked your homework review how kind There is a week to test. Chuckle laugh I was not temporary Bamboo laugh Well, forget you are endorsement hero. She stretched a lazy hey, the day was really fast, 93 of the level of the class, You want to graduate, and soon turn to us. Diaoqi asked 93 when to go Three Journey, said tomorrow, go, you do not see how much the school is difficult to get rid of the crazy men and women Laugh We. ll, again in the summer break break. Suddenly someone knocked on the door to see dancing, dancing side of the basin to see, is not aware of a girl, she said You are Lin dancing it Dancing nodded, the girl said There is a boy to find you, asked me to bring a letter. Dancing had nodded promised. She came back to put down the basin, strange to say This time who looking for me Today, downstairs do not lock the door Home bamboo said You go and see it, do not know people do not go out with him, in the hall Inside to speak, downstairs aunt seems to say that the door at 2 o clock in the evening, because the first floor to live 93, to facilitate their activities. Dancing with a handkerchief hair up, put on a dress, suspected to go to the ground floor. To cards against humanity decks the downstairs only to find the hall b.vagina, danced out of the door, took a deep breath. She wore a white vintage vest dress and the hair was glued with pink satin. Although it has been dark, heat or not dissipated, the concrete ground transpiration heat. Dancing slowly toward the auditorium. The more the more disturbed heart. Who would it be Dancing from the middle of the grass through the honeysuckle flowers issued a strong aroma, she was very nervous, stopped and took a breath. Suddenly think of the hall next to the gardenia wall, you can cards against humanity 4th expansion review see the back door from the branches, she immediately went to the side, thinking I look at the left. To the gardenia flower wall, dance squat down, put aside the branches back to see the door past. A boy is hovering at the door. He was wearing a white T shirt and jeans, short hair, holding his arm, came and went over. He took a closer look. Do not know, dance seems to have never seen this person. Dance stand up, looked up at the sky, the summer sky is very bright, deep blue cryst. al clear. She pouting, who is this man A man who does not know how to write a love letter Dancing curiosity, she bite the bullet and decide to ask. She slowly bypassed the wall, across the guardrail, standing in front of the boy. The boy was shocked and whispered loudly. Dance up his head to see his face, or did not recognize who he is, but my heart secretly chuckle, the boy is definitely a handsome guy. Danced at him, the boy frowned.omance. Home bamboo laugh, the book clean up in his hand, said You forgot I like this stream The flow of the same smooth feeling Troupe a paper group throw her, said You do not accompany me. Bamboo came over, leaned over and said dance, why do not you accompany what things are Do not do it, come up, go to study their own Ye Hao. Doud a grin, Lai said in the bed I am a person to study to feel lonely. Want to eat ice cream but also to buy their own. And said Then please see the first 300 days of the dragon eight bar. Dancing also laughed and said loudly ah, Qiao Feng When did you come to save me Bamboo to dance up, said I used to accompany you to eat ice cream before you Dancing cheers, immediately up and wear shoes. To the downstairs, they are ready to turn, suddenly saw the tree pedal pedal to run here, see the dance, and hard cards against humanity decks to waved. Home bamboo laughed and said Tong tree is the most happy people I have seen, how he was so strong all day ah Well, I d. o not accompany you, you and he go. Dancing pouting stood, watching the house bamboo turn away. The tree rushed to her front, panting, said Dancing, you pouting doing Who provoke you unhappy It s cards against humanity decks you Who told you to come, and she would have been with me to eat ice cream. The tree smiled and said, Ha, I am not the same with you. You do not eat, he said. Well, you can not eat this ice cream, he said. He took the dance and pedal to move forward, while walking mutteri.

Cards Against Humanity Decks early Thunder laugh because that night I went back and thought for a long time. Diao turned his head, could not help but smile. So, the thunder bragged over I know you, after July 2, 1996 you, your previous things I will not care. You do not have to explain to me. Dancing to see him , A moment do not know how to speak. Thunder laughed So it was so pizza, but also made me worry for several days, that you regret and I together. Dancing suddenly feel relaxed, as if to unload a heavy burden, she looked down, brow gradually stretch. Afternoon class, home bamboo and dance. in a class, they occupy a corner of the seat to sit down. Bamboo said He really remember the day you met for the first time Dancing smile Yes ah, I can not remember anymore. Home bamboo said on the tree, he does not care Said Well, he said do not care about my past. Home bamboo laugh You count the past when you do You do not and the tree completely clear enough to be considered now when the pout pout, at home Bamboo arm twisted one. The bamboo came out and smiled and said, You are right for me. Evening dance early to hide in the account, the Thunder morning to her book over the unpacking, is a thin Zhang Xiaofeng prose , dance open the page, the title page on the thunder reads Dancing, this is your favorite Zhang Xiaofeng. If not your introduction, I do not know the writer. Summer vacation the rest of the time, I bought this book, I want to know what.hop to buy ice cream All the way to eat all the way to kick back to the bedroom. Opened the door a look, the bedroom only a bamboo family, she was lying in bed, made cards against humanity decks a stay. Dance to quickly put down the book, moved a stool stand. up, hard to push the family bamboo, home bamboo, bamboo, how today Jiang Chengzhen told you nothing Home bamboo did not do sound, turn over toward the inside, ignore the dance. Dancing hard to push the family bamboo, said say ah, curiosity has to burn me. Home bamboo simply pull the pillow cover on the face or do not speak. I have to eat a big torch ice cream in order to quiver the curious flame, and you do not say that I only have to buy one again, buy good chocolate or vanilla Home bamboo Puchi laugh about the whole iron bed began to tremble. Dancing also laughed, a lift off the bamboo pillow, said fast, Jiang Chengzhen how Home bamboo turned over and danced, smiled and said He said I like you hey. Dancing immediately jumped off the stool, a man excited to walk around in the bedroom, said The first one, our bedroom was the first to pursue the Oh. Bamboo , dance and jump on the cards against humanity decks stool, said Do not promise him, let him come to shoot us ass, we promised you can promise. Jiang Chengzhen actually is so passionate of a p. erson, it is beyond the dance and home bamboo unexpected. Dancing their dorms have a very strange equipment big horns, girls bedroom as usual is not allowed boys up, but can.

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