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Cards Against Humanity Christmas of tea bones pound to drink a big mouth, only to breathe to sit down. Face uphold the red. Home bamboo put down the clothes, came and said see who is it I can not wait for myself to laugh and laugh. Home bamboo was her laugh, chasing asked What are you laughing Little crazy There was no time to speak, and the trumpet rang 421, dancing, 421, dancing. Dancing lying on the table smile straight body, home bamboo said Call you, you do not laugh, this is who ah Sound so strange Dancing is not easy to stop laughing, migraine listen to the child, and began to laugh, laughing away so I come to tell you ah. She pedal down the floor and saw the thunder pacing outside the glass door. She stretched her face and walked over and said, Are you looking for me Thunder turned around, two people touched the eyes, cards against humanity christmas are invo. luntarily laughed. Dancing to the ground, laughing tears are out, she holding the stomach grinning, skirts are dragged to the ground. Thunder pulled her up and smiled and said, What do you run Duo laughed and said shame death, where still remember the letter ah She wiped her tears and cards against humanity christmas said, Thank you, ah, and sent me over, this letter is inexplicable and annoying. Thunder handed her the letter What is your last name Dancing took the letter, folded Lin, Lin dance. Thunder smile I m dancing, in order to celebrate our unusual acquaintance today, I ask you to sour plum soup okay Dancing convergence of a smile, a little.switch to another new place. Suddenly, the bright red on the table attracted her attention, moved the pile of books stacked together, she found that red was originally caught in a card in the roses. Card Roses Is it for her Or someone else s She hesitated to pick up the card, some guilty to open, the card is a few lines of elegant pen words Wen Dao has successively, Xiangzhi no long and young. The enemy Mo guess, the situation can be treated. Ann Remember You ve been set up Oh God An Yu Yan Chaotian overturned, which is who joke with her The since the rise called security , then it should be to her. Who would be so boring Joke also have a limit, what is set She is not a commodity Besides, is she so low With a rose like. set her Who does he think he is Qin Shihuang or Emperor Wu what How is this phrase so familiar When did she say that She thought hard in my mind, and finally remembered in the high school 3 class meeting, which is her cold arrogant of the Cheng Yixing evaluation. Would it be him Do not impossible He is cards against humanity christmas only a seventeen year old boy only, even if he is precocious, it is impossible for her big big teacher of his interest. Besides, they did not even have any positive conversations, how could he be interested in her As far as she knows, there are a lot of girls to his heart secretly, clearly in the dark to show him, and this age boy, the most tempted temptation, although the campus did not see him had.

ary play. In the third grade of the professional class, there are always teachers to mobilize students PubMed, the original class and not a cards against humanity christmas few want to test, after the mobilization of teachers, even the emergence of a large number of applicants. And she is one of them. She knew t. hat she entered the postgraduate state too late, so did not dare to apply for first class school, anyway, according to her words, what diploma is not a diploma Are the national recognition of the new cards against humanity master s degree, even if the difference in the metropolis, to other places should not be nobody cares. Under the class, An Su Yan walk in the classroom between the corridor. An teacher Cried a young voice far. An Su Yan Wen heard, is Zhao Limin, sports group Prince Charming. Oh, Zhao teacher. She nodded in his direction, still footsteps. This Zhao Limin, since all the staff in the General Assembly to know her later, no secret to her interest, always rebelled to the chemical group chat, with her sets of almost expressly expressed to her intentionally. But even though she does not deny that he really looks good otherwise he will not get the title of Prince Charming but he is clearly far from the object of her ideal. Not her discrimination to engage in sports, but there are a lot of people like Zhao Limin engaged in sports wo. rk, indeed in the cultural quality of the lack. If even the daily conversation can not understand her language, then you ca.h, living in front of you before the spread of the stall, you You are not qualified to laugh at cards against humanity christmas me is not it Thunder look at her, looked up and smiled Yes ah, I are trembling do not dare to say this, from the School to school, what can I have to experience Should not laugh at you. He bowed his head to meet the dance eyes, squeeze his eyes You forgive me. Dance pouting ignore him, pretend to look like the stars look up to see th. e sky. Thunder also stood, and see with her. Today s visibility is so good, the stars are so bright. Thunder hand strokes Galaxy is very bright The summer galaxy than the winter light. Diao said Oh Why Thunder said Because the angle buy cards against humanity here of the earth s rotation can only see the outer part of the Milky Way s swirling arm, it looks sparse and sparse. Said Galaxy two of the two bright stars are the Cowherd and weaver right Niu Lang star left and right two stars are their children, on the basket lug, is it Thunder laugh En Who told you Dancing also laughed My grandmother told me that the hour there is no air conditioning, bamboo bed is moved to sleep outside, my grandmother side to give me fan fan I see. Thunder refers to another very bright star to dance to see, and then said These three super bright stars you see Put them together with the imaginary line, just a right triangle, so The stars of the stars to select them as the constellation of the day mark. Dancing along his fingers looking for a l.dance Guo embroidery boys to speak in front of such a big voice, her sharp voice scared a Leng Yileng, feel quiet room like a piece of silk. , Guo Xiu sharp voice marked a long hole. She felt his metaphor is very interesting, proud of the gods, even the Thunder did not hear with her to speak. Guo embroidered bucket bucket dance What do you want Dancing hurriedly recovered, see the Thunder laughing at her, dancing a bit embarrassed, and quickly with words divergence. Thunder today wearing a white T S and polished jeans, hair pushed very short, neat fresh, dancing said Thunder you like a lot of black ah. Thunder line and line up Yes ah, summer has been in school Practice, every day big sun basking. Guo embroidery asked Thunder you are where Thunder said I am Hangzhou. Diao said You are Hangzhou people You do not like southerners. Guo Xiu hee hee Laugh Yes ah, so big, you have 1 m 8 bar. Thunder laugh Who provides the southerners will be a small child Dance feel the thunder to see their eyes like a child, Must be in front of him to show a mature look. She said, are you sure to get your name The thunder clapped his hands that s how my luck is. Zhang Guolin r. ushed in, all the way shouting pick up the handle, then handle Dancing them are hurry up to pick up, Thunder took a bowl, so that Zhang Guolin put the popsicles are inside. Zhang Guolin put down the popsicles, he kept walking whirring, really frozen me. And laugh.

Cards Against Humanity Christmas e great space may be preserved bones for future generations to pay tribute, in the end who is not a handful of loess, a box of ashes, neither the name of the ancient ages, can not live forever. This life is no more than this just one side of the pillow, a meditation case, that s all. Now, and have the affectionate affectionate as you, has been far more than my he. art in the deepest hope ah So far enough Say that the woman is water, if it must be water, I only wish the mountains a stream of spring, do not have magnificent, do not have to accommodate rivers, since the self purification, self singing, there are breeze phase, This is a place between heaven and earth harmony. Everything is natural. I thought that the trickle of the distant long, is the eternal love forever the only way ah. Living in the hustle and bustle of the city s reinforced concrete jungle, could not help but think in this eyeful of floating light after the glance, there are a few people believe in love, and silly do not change this truth I m afraid there is not much left Because of this, this life has you, to the great fortune Hing, do not know if you have said This life of this world, the most moving my heart of the sentence is the highest level of love is loyal to the waiting. Those who can die for you may not be waiting for you. what you said in the first letter you wrote to me. Hing, let us wait for eac. h other loyalty Area two thousand mil.n imagine, and his love will be how strenuous Anyway, she is not enough courage to accept this challenge. So, for Zhao Limin frequent show, she is able to hide is to hide, can push is pushed, pretend not to know, it can not escape, and must pull one or two colleagues peer. However, this Zhao Limin also do not know is really slow, or perseverance, but it is put her. Now, see him getting closer and closer to her, she can not help but lament in the heart, today do not know how to send him. Not much time, Zhao Limin has come to her before, blocking her path An teacher, I have two disco coupons here, we go together tonight. Zhao Limin eager to say. I m sorry, I have something tonight. She immediately refused. She never went to any entertainment, what karaoke, dance halls, bars, all she was classified as colored trading station , never involved. Even the school ballroom, she never go. And this Zhao Li. min apparently even her this kind of good and evil did cards against humanity 2 player online not find clear, but also talk about what to pursue her You have no boyfriend, what will happen Zhao Limin said. An Suyan heart sigh. About her no boyfriend this matter, as early as her first came when those kind of uncle, aunt who inquired to do, the introduction of the object also happened, have been her high scary so called mate selection criteria Refused. In fact, there is nothing in her mind can operate the standard , but always annoyed by these trivia, jokes a pa.

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