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Cards Against Humanity 9gag wded, summer heat and transpiration, mixed with people s sweat, dancing from time to time by the people who hit, she hid and hide, simply let the fingers of the tree. The tree asked how Diao said too crowded, strange, and today on the road how the same as the film, so many people ah Trees looked Is not the film in front of Is the cinema Well. The tree pulls the dance in front of him, let the dance go forward, his arm stretched out long, so that he danced in a range of his arm stopped. Dancing back laugh occasionally a little clever ah. She simply leaning on the chest, so that the body of the tree pushed her to go. The body of the tree is sweat, separated from the T shirt can also feel his damp body divergent hot baking breath. Diao think Jin Yong novel often said shiny men breath , could not help but secretly laugh. The tree does not know the dance is still turning this brains, he enjoyed the feeling of playing soft and slender body leaning against the feeling of his arms. , from time to time gently in the black horse on the tail of a kiss gently kiss. The sky slowly and completely dark, the road is also gradually dilute the flow of people, a lot of people pulled out of the bamboo bed, placed in the alley, the family s dinner on the bamboo bed, a bamboo bed into a table, people Or sitting or standing or squatting, facing the alley in the rare to wear the wind, the United States and the United cards against humanity 9gag States to enjoy dinne.we have not eaten together. Yo, you know not change it Thunder laugh, line and line of the dance of the hair Well, I know, after the busy to call you, eat together ok Diao laugh It is not necessary, I am also very busy, or we are on the timetable, pick two people are free time it. Thunder smile without a word, reaching out to hug his arms, kissing her hair a bit. He got a big red face, and quickly get rid of his arm hey, you do not know the rules of the school Do you want the school spirit picket you exposed Thunder laugh really exposed Dancing said Is not it, but also printed criticism into a copy of each class circulation, which is. not shameful dead Two people jokingly into the cafeteria, Thunder said Do you want to go there, I hit two people Rice. Diao said No, where so squeamish They crowded into the crowd, dancing taking advantage of crowded, with the forehead against the thunder of the spine, secretly exhale, the thunder made her itch, nor Sorry to break, had their own teeth. And finally from the heap of robbed out of the cards against humanity 9gag meal, two people picked a six person table sitting opposite. Why did the school s food look so oil, but it was not hungry Thunder said I am in college when the school helped the kitchen, the dishes are fried with a shovel, where to ensure that all stick Oil, so the last end of the time, are poured a layer of Ming oil. Dancing ah a cry, nodded. Did not eat two, her attention to the next to.

vironmental engineering graduate students, graduated in April, New Year s Day after the defense, before the defense as usual to write several posters, so that all over the campus post. There is a teacher recommended that the. re is a small Young wrote a good hand word, people are also very active, is already a student of the Department of Propaganda Department of the staff, and wrote a lot of posters, looking for him to help quasi line. So, Cheng Yixing was big brother to find, to help write posters. Tian Hai Nong in the side of the poster, although that some familiar writing, but how can not remember when Cheng Yixing has not written. Until once in the football field, two people collided together, did not expect this hit, even to Tian Hai Nong bumped his head suddenly catch a line, suddenly said I know who you are His inexplicable words, only Cheng Yixing understand, he smiled and said What kind of Yan You mistaken people. Turn and run away. Causing Tian Hai Nong partners were greatly ridiculed a pass, that he is not want to feel like crazy, stunned to the beautiful guy who is a dream lover. Until the love of the two open, Tian Hai Nong s grievances was able to clear. Cheng Yixing to the graduate student run diligent, naturally and Tian. hai Nong more familiar with the up. And cooked, the natural will inevitably be asked the relationship between two people. Tian Hai Nong said This floor who do not know the eyes o.in. Mother of the tree to help the tree face, Feng Yin sitting aside. to speak. The head of the tree toward the window, can not see the face of the expression. cards against humanity 9gag Dance hesitated for a while, or slowly back, down the floor out of the hospital. She slowly walked, and thought just so, and then do not control the tree thing, since it has hurt him, but also how to heal his wound She looked up and looked at the refreshing days of blue, sighed long. Eat dinner, the Department of the group secretary of the total secretary of the trustee to find a dance, home bamboo a little worried, do not accompany her to go. To the Department of the office, dancing to let the bamboo waiting outside, she knocked into the door. Li is very chunky, very fond of smoking, dancing freshman, he taught moral education, in the classroom one by one to smoke, almost no lighter. He helped the secretary to work with the student, and he would not have anything to talk about. Dancing has never been and Li teacher had a separate contact, so a little nervous, but also guess he in the end to say what. Teacher Li greeted her an. d greeted her to sit down opposite the desk. Dancing carefully sit down and put his hands on his knees. Li said Lin Diao, today I find you, you know what things Dancing shook his head. There was a lot of things that the teacher did not often meet with you, but it was clear that everything happened. He looked at the dance and his fing.. Bamboo asked What are you talking about Dancing thought This is how summed up, his homework my homework, see the book, listen to the song, all can be said. Bamboo said Today at noon canteen broadcast your program.You read what Dancing said finally broadcast, ah, I have recorded a week. She turned around and looked at the house of bamboo How do you see the program did not know what to broadcast ah Home bamboo laughs Oh, the canteen noise how low you do not know Why TV sound so small, to see your mouth moving ah move ah, Who knows what you said. Diao laugh for a long time to say Anyway, is the school of the various notice, know that there is no use, look at my face is enough. She met bamboo home, Pull the house of bamboo arm asked Oh good ah Home bamboo said silly whirring, I do not have a good look. Chuckle I also feel ugly ugly, you later saw the bow to eat Do not look. The program broadcast, dancing in school mixed with a small fame, walking on the road a lot of people pay at. tention to her. Thunder said I did not retail stores with cards against humanity look at you this program, do not know how to look like the lens. Diao said face swollen, eyes dull. Anyway, grass cards against humanity 9gag head team, can be good to go. Thunder laugh How so arrogant Diao laughed I saw a Yishu novel yesterday, inside said, to stepped into their own first carpet, other people will not deal with you. Thunder laugh for a long time, said I have a lot of aphorisms. Thunder laugh Oh, what kind of a.

Cards Against Humanity 9gag $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);k, shady trees, what can not see, she stared stood for a while, my eyes sour, but not tears, she Gently shouted why, goodbye. Chapter 43 The first semester of senior, graduation atmosphere actually already came in advance. Although the dance is lazy, but the graduation near the fact that there is still more and more clear understanding of the fact that she inevitably timid. Home bamboo every day brave the law of the law, there is no time to stop and dance together with the spring fall autumn autumn. Dancing had a person in the campus sloshing, often holding a pile of books, stay in the lake is an afternoon. October, although the air is not cold, but the lake is full of cold, dance can not sit for a little while, calf on the cold, she put down the hands of the book, hand to shoot the calf, his mouth muttered and shouted Hey, ha hey. Suddenly heard behind Puchi smile, she hurried back, hom. e bamboo standing behind, took a dog tail grass for her cards against humanity 9gag hair to go up. Dancing and dodging, and said with a smile When did you come I did not hear it at all. Bamboo came with a smile, squeezed together and sat down with her I came for a while, Wondering what s your flower on your head, and you re practicing. Laughing, took her dog cards against humanity 90s s tail grass to take over, grabbing play. Home bamboo turned her book, smiled b&n cards against humanity and said When did you start to work hard, actually read the accounting books. Diao laughed and said 93 last year looking for.

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