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Buy Cards Against Humanity Now! g. Dancing disoriented, do not know where the pharynx of his department, all dragged by the mother bamboo. To the point to the place, the sports minister standing on a high level of the steps, busy buried in the head of the hook, surrounded by a lot of people around. Home bamboo pulled the past, struggling to squeeze into the heap, the high voice of the two of them the name. Home bamboo tall, see the Minister of Sports has been designated a hook, pull dance to quit. Dance, laughing God, this system is ridiculous, so buried in a hook, to recognize who is who Bamboo scraping her face Pooh, you this guy, got cheap but also good, Not how can the system have loophole. s, how can I pretend you Duo Nong mouth, tell the family to see the bamboo around, smiled and said You see this man looked up, I bet this bureaucratic point to the system can not be implemented to the end of the semester. Suddenly dancing was photographed, turned to see the Thunder grinning behind her standing, dancing immediately feel heart beating, shy smile greeted ah, you. Bamboo turned around to see the thunder, do not know he is Who, but look at the dance look, but also feel unusual, put the dance of the hand, standing far away waiting for her place. Jumped up to see the thunder, he seems to have just took a bath, wet hair is very casual to spread on his forehead, vibrant face in the red sun in the sun. Thunder out of hand to fall off a ray of hair.ability, bitterly turned back to the dormitory. Dancing himself carrying a heavy bag, solemn expression, valiantly to the station to go away Back home, and Mom and Dad slapstick, dancing announced a good sleep a nap. My mother said a back to sleep ah Lazy child Dancing pout There is no fan in the school, eight adults crowded a small room, I did not sleep a good feeling She rubbed her mother, Said Mom I am now asleep will give their fans fan. Mom also laugh, my father said When you are young, your mother will fall asleep you fan. Dancing mother lying on the body, bo a pro, stood up and opened the bedroom air conditioning. Woke up when she went to the kitchen to steal f. ood to eat. Mother turned to her and said There is a boy looking for you, called the child tree. Dance a kiss, peep mother s face. Mother carrying a shovel to see her This boy is your classmates Yes ah, the same grade. Is the relationship good Dance quickly said Generally general, you can. Danced back to the bedroom, out of the phone book, want to make a call to the tree, dial the number and put down, can not be so fast and good, otherwise too no face. After a few days, Mom and Dad have to go to work, and dance sleep sleep to 11 00, up a little bit of pain, she got up and wash your face to brush your teeth, the milk into the microwave heating. See my mother on the phone side of the note dance, Tong tree students gave you a phone call, you go back to.

stretched Buy cards against humanity Now! out his hand, waiting to take her small bag. Hua Yi Secondary School is still some distance from the nearest bus stop. And the boys followed her all the way, did not seem to go first. Walking in these taller than her tall students in the middle, oppression full, she felt very accustomed to. U, you have something to do, please go first. She finally opened the crowd. Oh, we are all right. Peng Yuan said. Oh, security teacher, how do your boyfriend to pick you up Xu Zhenhua asked. My boyfriend is still missing, she said with a smile. Wow Boys burst into noise. Ruffian ruffian Xu Zhenhua and not up, that the location of the Huhuashizhu temporarily non I must go Said to come over Ran Yan Yan s arm. Ansu Yan flash, do not want to escape the Xu Zhenhua s wolf claw, but hit the back of a person who, the man quickly shot to stabilize her shoulders. She looked back, but it is Cheng Yixing Wow Xu Zhenhua cried, the old way you how to g. rab my seat Cheng Yixing let go of Yan Yan, Meng Lei Xu Zhenhua punch, you do not bad mother Xu Zhenhua bustling, What is it Fake You kid do not think I do not know Well The following words, was Cheng Yixing an old fist run. An Su Yan looked at them slapstick, surprisingly found Cheng Yixing s face even a layer of flush. She smiled and persuaded You do not make trouble.I said Xu Zhenhua Yeah, you at least ten years late. What is the age of me My little mother, a few years older than.s are scattered. Doudiao whispered Anyway, wrongly wrong, are my fault. Home bamboo laugh You Do not review, rest assured that your day, have been like this, do not you go back to the afternoon class must go to the class teacher is your class. Afternoon dance class there is no mood, home bamboo regulations she must take notes, dance had to fight the spirit of cards against humanity players listening to the notes, to the next as if the heart set a little, notes can keep up with. The rest of the class. she went to the toilet, is ready to hear the toilet suddenly heard the voice of Guo embroidery ah, Lin Duo can do it, and a graduate student on the good, do not want that undergraduate, as if the man drank A night of wine, this morning into the hospital to drip. Several other girls are laughing and laughing, talking about. Dancing surprised, refused to taboo, open the door asked Guo Xiu the tree to which hospital The girls were shocked, are embarrassed up. Guo Xiu said ah, I do not know, as if school hospital. Dancing immediately rushed out, ran to the school hospital, my mind constantly repeated tears of tears, distraught. To the hospital, she inquired about the things of the tree, asked really is really, the heart immediately jumped up, as if to jump out of the throat. She went to the ward, at the door for a while breathing, lying on the door of the window to the inside looked, would like to confirm cards against humanity black cards what. She saw the mother of the tree and Feng Y.et, you can pull the zipper, then I am how small ah. 4 years old sitting on the father s car, Tang poetry is in the back of the car, but unfortunately now back but not much.I am the most glorious time Buy cards against humanity Now! can back all the Tengwangge order , once performed in primary school. The tree said, What time do you remember th. e poem of the child Laugh You want me now think of it, I remember where my mother taught songs to remember a lot red room, white account, inside sleep a white fat thousands of lines, million lines, fell into the water In Buy cards against humanity Now! the high mountains on a vine, rattan hanging on the bell, the wind rattan move copper bell move, the wind stopped rattling copper bell stopped. I remember these things I was a child can be smart, my father then with me Chai Toufeng , I think Don Wan pity, all cry. The tree interrupted how old are you Dancing thought have not gone to school, about 5 years old. Big tree laugh 5 years old to understand Chai Toufeng is enough early to get. Dodging the hands of his hand held hands, said What is precocious, is early wisdom. Trees say, Well, yes, yes, early wisdom. To the riverside, the sun is just to take, dancing in the tree under the tree bench to sit down, although the river wind, blowing over is warm. Laughter You see, a rare river no one. The tree said Of course no one, in July, 1 o clock at noon, wh. o came to this sun to heat the gas ah You re called the mood, you can not understand The.

Buy Cards Against Humanity Now! heard something wrong, she tempted the sentence how I did not often see you and the trees to meet it Feng Yin back and said I want to eat what I want to eat bitter gourd fried meat. Diao looked up and looked at the card I eat cucumber scrambled eggs. They play vegetables in the window next to pick a seat Relatively sit down. Feng Yin said You just did not ask me why and the trees do not often meet Dancing a bit embarrassed, feel that their questioning Feng Yin is such a repeat, it seems provocative meaning, she qui. ckly explained ah., I want to say to your tree care enough Feng Yam Ha ha laugh dance dance, you do not know all the trees every weekend to send me home to take care of what he considered a good. Dance for a while speechless, think of the tree has never been to accompany their own home to go home, always like this thing to do an excuse, the original is to send Feng Yin go home. Dancing bite the lips, and my heart to the tree, said Well, you have this hand. Feng Yin looked at the face of cards against humanity holiday dancing dance, tree that you are very independent, do not send him. But also a bit embarrassed, deprived of your time.However, Jiang aunt this stubborn, I can not see a person bag home, afraid I was too tired. Dancing cucumber scrambled eggs as if blocked in the throat, do not know how to swallow, that Feng Yin s words are hidden everywhere, but Feng Yin smile so sincere, like did not think so much, dance and feel that.y is not white. At the end of the night, the house was about to leave the house, and to dance in the dormitory to clean up books and things, and to consider whether or not to give them tomorrow. She picked up another one, the last one are reluctant to leave, had all pile up, tied with a rope, into the cupboard. And. the bed of the bookshelf removed, carefully thin and wiped and wiped. This bookcase is freshman when the time to buy, small and exquisite, can be placed on the bed feet, very practical. Has long been low grade children fancy, begged her to the. Dancing it to it, put it on the desk and scrutinize it, as if to return to the cold winter night, holding the cup to hide in the account to see the novel s happy Buy cards against humanity Now! time, dude sigh, picked it up to go out The The bookshelf sent to the people, but also in the children s bedroom chat for a few days, dancing out, aimlessly in the campus circle. Graduation approaching, many graduates took the message book in the campus wandering, see acquaintances on the past, dancing, but turned for half an hour, to close a Buy cards against humanity Now! bunch of graduation message book in the back to the bedroom to write. Their school s book is a unified printing, dance this week has been in many of this thick green book to write, and finished on the above affixed to their own a photo. For this photo dancing and home bamboo ba. ck camera in the campus for two days, all the interesting attractions are according to.

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